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Allison Systems Celebrates 50 Years by Greg Kishbaugh

CCL To Acquire Treofan Americas CCL Industries Inc. has signed a binding agreement to acquire Treofan America Inc. and Trespaphan Mexico Holdings GmbH from their ultimate parent, M&C S.p.A., an Italian public company. The entities to be acquired represent the“Treofan Americas”busi- ness in the United States, Latin Ameri- ca and Canada. M&C S.p.A. would continue to control the equivalent European business through Treofan Germany GmbH & Co. KG and Treo- fan Italy S.p.A, which form no part of this transaction. Industry Shift Treofan Americas is a producer of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film-based in Zacapu, Mexi- co, with capacity of 60,000 tons for specialty applications in consumer packaging and label markets. Ap- proximately 65 percent of sales are transacted in the United States from a sales office and distribution center in North Carolina, the remaining bal- ance predominantly in Latin Ameri- ca. In 2017 Treofan Americas sales

A llison Systems, Riverside, New Jersey, is celebrating an im- portant milestone in 2018 — it’s 50th anniversary.The com- pany, started out of founder Tom Allison Sr.’s house in Moorestown, New Jersey, is now a manufacturer of doctor blades and doctor-blade-related equipment for the global marketplace. In the late 1950s Allison began to design and develop con-

The Allison System team is celebrating half a century in business. The company was lead by Tom Allison Jr. ( left ) for many years.

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cepts he felt would help drive improvements to the gravure printing process. In 1963, a patent was issued for a doctor blade edge finishing machine, which was used to develop the company’s standard bevel steel doctor blade.Allison’s son,Tom Allison Jr., who was still in high school at the time, would deliv- er the systems to local customers.After decades of hand finish- ing blades, converters could now use Allison’s machines to produce doctor blades in house.

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