3rd Rotary Quarter 16-17


Governor’s Message When I was a boy, we had a gas stovetop and I loved setting the flame down low, to warm up flour tortillas one at a time. When they were hot and toasty, I would flip them off the stovetop onto the counter, where I would quickly apply butter. As the pat of butter passed over the tortilla, it would disappear as it melted into liquid deliciousness; and I had a perfect snack. Occasionally, the flame was not set quite low enough, and resulted in slightly burned tortillas or tortillas on fire. My mother would caution me to respect the fire and that if I was not careful that it may jump out of control. This lesson, like so many others, made more sense to me after I actually experienced the subject first hand. On one particularly busy day of making hot tortilla snacks, one caught fire. Normally this was only a mild nuisance, remedied by turning down the stovetop and blowing out the flame on the tortilla. However, because this tortilla had been inadvertently dragged through the copious puddles of melted butter that dotted the countertop, the breath of air that would normally extinguish the flame, actually caused the fire to flare up…and then jump from dot to dot on the countertop. “Now I see,” ran through my mind as I remembered my mother’s words. Now I see the jumping flames of Rotary fellowship and good works moving through our district as we close the 3 rd quarter of this Rotary Year. I love the way our young folks are inspiring each other after their experiences with RYLA, Nicaragua & Cuba Service trips, Interact Spring Fling, and the Human Rights/Peace Symposium. It is so uplifting to see our Rotary Clubs working together on projects, fundraisers, and fellowship events. But I am most excited when our District Rotarians ignite the flames of service and fellowship by inviting others to join our tremendous organization.

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• Conference Cruise • 100 th Birthday Party • Membership Growth • Mission Trips • Preparing for the Future • And So Much More…. Rotary District 5810 5420 LBJ Freeway – Bldg 2, Suite 275 Dallas, Texas 75240 3 rd Rotary Quarter 16-17 Newsletter Produced by Rotary District 5810 Supported by DG Bill Dendy Created by Rotarian Sandra Moudy Email feedback and your Rotary story to rotry5810@gmail.com Thank you to our contributors: Ken, Tom Ryan, Karl. Melissa , Rick, Beverly, Bailey, Ean, Cheryl, Owen, Dave

We are On Fire, Baby!

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