Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

91. Name: Mohammed Ali Title: Al Jazeera and Arab Revolutions Institution: Kingston University London Country: United Kingdom Date: 2012 Language: English Abstract:

The launch of Al Jazeera Satellite Channel represented the birth of the first Arab media institution that produces creditable news and provides serious political analysis. Scholars noted that thezchannel has significantly revolutionized Arab media by broadcasting tabooed topics that no other outlet dares to discuss. Al Jazeera made television news both interesting and topical in the Arab world, through a combination of professionalism and controversy. In December 2010, a new fundamental chapter opened in the history of the Arab world as Arab revolutions unfolded. Arab media services, particularly Al Jazeera, lent such revolutions substantial space for coverage in order to sustain its permanence and inspire democratic change in the region. However, Al Jazeera’s objectivity, agenda setting and relation to Qatar were criticize. This research looks into this criticism and examines Al Jazeera’s responses based on media theories to put the channel’s coverage in the correct academic context. Researching Al Jazeera’s coverage of Arab revolutions aims to give a better understanding of the significant role it played in reporting these events, and in constructing a revolutionary momentum by exploring the channel’s relations to pan-Arabism.


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