Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

99. Name: Mourad Ibrahim Abdi Title: Media Reception and Audience in the Horn of Africa:

Al Jazeera and the Djiboutians Institution: Université Bordeaux 3 Country: France Date: 2012 Language: French Abstract:

This thesis falls within the framework of Information and communication sciences. The Horn of Africa is no exception to the new global society born in the context of ongoing developments led by unprecedented advances in information and communication technologies. The aim of this study is to understand how satellite television has changed the global media and how Al Jazeera satellite channel in particular shaped the Djiboutian media landscape. The images and videos broadcast to the world by this channel are spectacular, especially in war coverage. The news aired on Al Jazeera’s screens are routinely highlighted and redistributed to different societies by means of social media, often in their original language. The Djiboutian media and society receive this content and consume, not only the information it contains, but also the language and the cultural load that come with it. The study focuses on Al Jazeera’s reception in the Horn of Africa in general and its impact on the Djiboutian media and audiences in particular. The findings show that the increased encounter of Djibouti with Arabic and Arabism is to the detriment of French language.


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