Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

102. Name: Ouahiba Saoudi Title: Evaluating the Retrieval Performance Model of Addaall

Stemmer for Arabic News of Al Jazeera Institution: International Islamic University Country: Malaysia Date: 2012 Language: English Abstract:

This research investigates the retrieval performance of Addaall stemmer. Addaall is a web based Arabic search engine that uses a morphological analyzer and generator to construct different indices based on both root and stem of a word. It evaluates the Addaall prefixes and suffixes removal search (PSRS) and root search (RS) for retrieving Arabic news documents. The researcher conducted a comparison between PSRS, RS and exact search (ES) as well as explored the main obstacles attributed to indexing and retrieving Arabic information using different types of index strategies. Queries were constructed from Al Jazeera news from 2002-2007 and submitted to the two systems, Addaall and Al Jazeera search engine. The retrieved documents were relevant if they contain correct and meaningful search term with no ambiguity. Strata and random sampling were carried out to run statistical significance testing. The findings demonstrated that PSRS precision rate was significantly higher than those of ES and RS and that Addaall stemmer had improved both recall and precision compared to non-stemming. This is due to Addaall use of linguistic semantic search in its morphological analysis at different levels.


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