Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

133. Name: Karima Amri Title: Al Jazeera’s Penetration of the French Media Market: Content Analysis of the 2007 Presidential Elections Institution: Université Grenoble 3 Country: France Date: 2015 Language: French Abstract: This thesis aims to understand the new strategy adopted by Al Jazeera in attempting to penetrate the French market, as well as maintain a continuous presence in this market. After the success of its strategy to become a symbol for the liberalization of Arab media, and its significant contribution to the emergence of a public opinion capable of resisting the propaganda of Arab regimes, the pan-Arab broadcaster is facing a new challenge at the international level. At the beginning, the reasons for establishing Al Jazeera seemed mainly to counter the effect of western media, such as CNN, which monopolized the coverage of the US war on Iraq and manipulated the public opinion in favor of this superpower. However, after the launch of Al Jazeera English, more questions started to rise about the real objectives behind the internationalization of this channel. The idea of a broadcaster aiming to become an influential global player is increasingly questioned, especially regarding the way Al Jazeera covered the Arab spring. Among these questions is the role of Al Jazeera in the relations between Qatar and the United States.


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