Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

134. Name: Ji Sun Choi Title: International Television News Channels with a Vocation of “Public Diplomacy” (the Cases of CNN International, France 24, BBC World News, NHK World TV, Arirang TV and Al Jazeera English) Institution: Université Paris 2 Country: France Date: 2015 Language: English Abstract: This research aims to understand the role of international 24-hour news channels in the era of globalization. This includes the tension and balance between their role as tools of public diplomacy and the respect for journalistic principles. It also includes the role they play in shaping a global public sphere in the trans-nationalized world. The study analyzed the missions and news contents of the following six channels: CNN International, France 24, BBC World News, NHK World, Arirang and Al Jazeera English from a constructivist perspective. The findings show that all these channels implicitly realize their role for public diplomacy while explicitly emphasizing journalistic principles. The study also found that international news channels function as an infrastructure for international communication with dual goal and dual identity due to the intersection of two principle actors: governments and professional of journalisms. The efforts that professional journalists in international news channels make to show their “objectivity” and “respect for journalistic principles” lead them to play a role in the international public sphere, in particular through participatory and interactive broadcasts, as well as through interaction devices and discussion.


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