Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

57. Name: Ahmed Abdurrasul Title: Factors Affecting News Selection in Arab Satellite Channels: Comparative Study of Sudan Television and Al Jazeera Chanel Institution: Sudan University of Science and Technology Country: Sudan Date: 2010 Language: Arabic Abstract: The importance of this study stems from the fact that, it is one of the few works in Sudan, which seeks to understand the factors affecting the process of news selection. To this end, it compares Sudan TV and Al Jazeera satellite channel. The study employs descriptive analytical approach, using interviews and questionnaire as tools to collect data and answers the research questions. The first chapter details the methodological approach, while the second chapter discusses television as a news medium. The third chapter examines the factors affecting the selection of news and the fourth chapter focuses on the applied study. The fifth and final chapter includes the findings and recommendations. The key findings show clearly that the political authority interference with the editorial policy of Sudan TV is clear, unlike Al Jazeera, which is far from the interventions of the Qatari government. The study also found that international news agencies influence the selection of news in Sudan TV, unlike Al Jazeera, which relies primarily on its own news sources and on the reports of its correspondents spread in most countries of the world.


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