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67. Name: Abdullah M. A. Alwazan Title: The Role of News Bulletins on Al Jazeera and CNN in

Addressing the Palestinian Issue Institution: Ain Shams University Country: Egypt Date: 2011 Language: Arabic Abstract:

This study examines the way in which the Palestinian cause is treated in Arab and foreign satellite channels’ news bulletins. The researcher chose to compare between Al Jazeera and CNN channels due to their widespread influence on the Arab and international news scene. For decades, the Palestinian issue has been at the heart of the Egyptian, Arab and international media coverage. It is a central issue in the Middle East and it attracts the attention of many Arab and foreign media professionals and researchers. Given the limited number of academic research on media coverage of this issue from a comparative perspective, especially between Arab and foreign news outlets, this study fills some of the existing gaps in this research area. Methodologically, the study uses a descriptive approach with content analysis of a selected sample of news bulletins from both Al Jazeera and CNN channels. The sample consists of 24 news bulletins, 12 bulletins from each channel. To analyze the content of these bulletins and the data collected through a questionnaire tool, the researcher used a mixed approach combining the quantitative and qualitative methodologies.


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