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All about industry


Fascinating work


The right environment


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It starts with opportunity

At Osborne Clarke you couldn’t be in a better environment to succeed. You’ll do fascinating work for high-profile clients, learn real-world skills through our award-winning development programmes and experience all the excitement of a fast-growing international law firm. The innovation, humour and approachability we bring to everything we do creates an exceptional working environment. We firmly believe that everyone has something valuable to bring to the business, enriching the diverse and vibrant culture that our people and clients love.



All about industry

Unlike other firms, we think sector first, organising ourselves around the current affairs and future challenges of the industries we serve.

Being a leader in advising these sectors means that our work is often cutting edge – we don’t just work to precedents, we innovate. By combining industry knowledge and technical expertise, we give our clients advice that underpins their commercial decisions. At OC there’s no sitting on the fence.

The depth of our sector knowledge and client relationships brings our work to life and keeps us – and you – one step ahead.

Digital Business Energy and Utilities Financial Services Life Sciences and Healthcare Real Estate and Infrastructure

Retail Recruitment Transport and Automotive

Read more on our sectors at joinoc.com/expertise


Connected thinking. Globally.



“I completed a banking deal in my first few weeks at the firmwhere we had Israeli, Anguillan and Jersey counsel. This involved working out various logistics due to the time zones (and different working days). I had to hit the ground running as I picked it up from the previous trainee close to completion. It was great experience as I learnt so much so quickly but was never left out of my depth.” Kate Robinson, Associate, London

“In my second seat I was negotiating directly with a large brewery’s in-house legal counsel on the release and recharge of loan security over a number of their pubs. The brewery hadn’t instructed external lawyers so I had to draft most of the documents and talk them through the transaction.” William Pullan, Trainee, Bristol


Fascinating work

With work spanning eight of the biggest industry sectors, how do you explain all the areas an international full-service law firm covers?

True, you can highlight that we’re nearly always in the top 10 for M&A deals, that our disputes practice handles some of the highest-value litigation, and that our property practice is among the largest in the UK. But that fails to mention all the areas like Employment, Pensions, Advertising, Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax, in which we’re also ranked so highly. It’s safe to say that if it’s a service you’d expect to receive from a leading commercial law firm, we almost certainly do it and we do it well.

Our key practice areas include:

Banking Commercial Corporate Employment

Litigation Real Estate

See the full list at joinoc.com/expertise



“I helped on a £50 million sale in my first seat. It’s been great to see deals that I have worked on mentioned in the national press. At OC you are given responsibility to talk to clients directly within the first week. There is a steep learning curve, but it’s rewarding and there are always people on hand to lend support when you need it.” Anisa Dudhia, Associate, London

“I helped work on the sale of an international business that involved 33 OC lawyers from six of our jurisdictions. It was a true show of our international expertise and I was pleased to receive a personal thank you as well as amention in our internal news briefing regarding the deal.” Greg McQuade, Newly Qualified, Bristol

The right environment

We’ll give you the chance to contribute to the fascinating work we do, right from the very start. A s a trainee, we’ll give you exposure to exciting, headline- grabbing deals and clients but also real hands-on experience on smaller matters that you can manage right from the start of your career. It is essential to gain a range of experience to allow you to take on increasing amounts of responsibility and grow as a lawyer. Plus it’s far more interesting. We believe small teams can do great things. Everyone’s input is valued and the scale of our trainee intake means we can offer an individualised approach that caters to your strengths and interests. We believe to get the very best out of people they should feel engaged in their work and in control of their careers. Find out more about the kind of clients you can expect to work with at joinoc.com/work

The OC training contract: Opportunities available in Bristol, London and Thames Valley Four seats, including Corporate or Banking, Real Estate or Tax and Litigation Early responsibility and client contact Mentoring from an experienced supervisor and plenty of partner access Formal practice-specific training Exposure to international work, as well as international exchange opportunities Immersion in an exciting, open culture



High profile. High interest. Cutting edge. Testing times The name Tb535Hmight not trip off the tongue, but it could be a lifesaver for people with advanced tumours. The drug, which was developed by our client Biotecnol Limited , is now being tested through a collaboration with Cancer Research UK , which our Life Sciences and Healthcare team helped to set up. Our team is known for its sophisticated advice on cutting-edge biotech matters, so was the obvious choice for making the trial a reality. Room at the inn Our Real Estate team has a reputation for excellence at all stages of the property lifecycle. So when CBRE Global Investors wanted to sell and lease back a newly developed 494-room hotel and spa in Central London they asked us to advise them. The resulting vehicle – a £161.5 million unit trust, subject to a 199-year lease with a structured rental agreement – showed our team’s versatility and focus on getting the right result for the client. Sunny side up We’ve been advising on renewable energy projects for over 25 years and have an unrivalled grasp of the issues and opportunities facing the sector. One of our long-standing clients, Foresight, recently asked us to advise on its acquisition of the largest solar park in the UK – the 220-acre Shotwick site in North Wales. The site produces enough electricity to power around 18,000 homes. Tonic, cakes and wellington boots Our corporate finance team advises on many of the UK’s most exciting stock-market debuts. Recently we’ve been involved in the IPOs of leading brands like Fever-Tree , Patisserie Valerie and Joules . Our team has a reputation for being user-friendly and sorting out thorny issues without a fuss. All in one place Client service isn’t just about legal advice – it’s also about making life easier for our clients. Over the past few years we’ve worked with long-standing client Vodafone to develop an online system that allows them to instruct us, view key documents and track the progress of matters all through one simple portal. The system streamlines matter management so well that it’s been shortlisted for awards by FT , The Law Society and The Lawyer . Keeping their heads ringin’ Steve Wilson, who heads OC’s New York office, advises long-standing client Beats , which was established by Forbes Hip-Hop rich-list-topping rapper, Dr. Dre. The Lawyer recently reported the general counsel of Beats by Dre as saying that OC is “the only one firm I’ve hired flat out”.



“I helped advise a company where the chief financial officer had embezzled so much money that the company entered liquidation. I researched how the money was spent and where the goods purchased were hidden!” Chloe Deng, Associate, London

“Osborne Clarke is all about opportunities. Our partners have a strong track record for collaboration and believe in supporting motivated people to progress quickly. All the elements for a fabulous career are here.” Catherine Wolfenden, Partner, Head of Trainee Leadership Group

“During my first seat I assisted with the early stage investment into a biosciences company that had been spun out of a top UK university. The research carried out by the company, aided by funding from our client, has the potential to change countless lives.” Joe Roberts, Newly Qualified, Bristol

Stunning results

Helping our clients succeed in tomorrow’s world


Award-winning development

It will also help you to make an informed decision about your future specialism. And once you qualify we will continue to train and develop you. Our award-winning ongoing development programmes, Q3D and The Deal, will support you as you build a career at the cutting edge of law. Career-long support We want you to do well. Our bespoke training programme
 was recognised by the Legal Education and Training Group as being the Best Overall Training Programme – the industry’s top award for training. We have subsequently won Excellence in Talent Management at the HR in Law awards, and the award for Best Opportunities for Skill Development from AllAboutLaw. Our programme includes: Q3D – reinforces and develops the legal concepts that underpin your work, giving you external validation of your skills The Deal – helps you achieve your career aspirations and maximise development opportunities by giving you a clear structure and objectives Our training contract is designed to support your learning and help you get the very best out of your time as a trainee.



“When it comes to career progression, I’ve really appreciated OC’s openness and honesty. The focus here is merit based, not PQE, and if you have it, and you demonstrate it, you will be recognised – in terms of quality of work, career progression and financially. You can’t say fairer than that.” Claire Temple, Associate Director, Bristol

“Trainees genuinely get involved in high-quality work for some of the firm’s biggest clients; my highlights have been working on the acquisition of Naked Wines by Majestic Wines, venture capital investments for California-based Google Ventures and a high-value and highly contentious employment tribunal claim.” Laura Hanley, Associate, Thames Valley

What can you learn in two weeks?

A lot, if those two weeks are spent on our summer vacation programme.

It’s the ideal way to experience Osborne Clarke, spending time in two different departments and getting involved in live matters. You’ll get a real feel for the work we do, the clients we work with and the sectors we work in. A trainee buddy will support and mentor you, while our brilliant and collaborative supervisors will help you achieve work of a quality that is of real use to the department and clients. With over 80% of current trainees having undertaken a vacation placement with us, this could be the start of an exciting future at Osborne Clarke.


What happens on the OC vacation scheme:

Experience real work You will get stuck into real trainee work – with all the support on hand you need from experienced supervisors and trainee buddies. Partner mentoring Group insight sessions One-to-one meetings All our partners and senior lawyers love the opportunity to discuss their practices with interested individuals. You only need to ask! Networking sessions We organise formal lunchtime sessions with partners and lawyers from across the firm as well as an optional informal social schedule. Our open-plan offices mean everyone at every level is approachable. It’s very easy to learn quickly by watching experts in action and through collaboration with other team members. Bespoke training sessions As well as training on topical legal issues, we provide an interactive insight session into wider commercial skills that will help you excel as a lawyer and have a better understanding of law as a business. Training contract interview If you enjoy your placement and we feel that we are the right firm for you, you will be invited to interview for a training contract.

Find out more about our summer vacation programme at joinoc.com/vacscheme

Helping you succeed in tomorrow’s world



“The highlight of my placement was helping a partner prepare a pitch for a high-profile prospective client in the digital business sector. From this task I learnt a lot about the firm’s international and multi-jurisdictional work, and I was able to appreciate how closely the firm’s international offices work together.” Maxine Penny, Future Trainee, London

“During my second seat, I worked on a big IPO for a London-based client. I worked from the London office for the week and was given real responsibility – I even helped to run the signing meeting. I learnt a lot very quickly and it was a fantasic experience.” Emma Wigmore, Trainee, Bristol

Vive la différence

All training contracts will give you the knowledge you need to become a qualified lawyer. But we’ll provide you with much more than that.

Fascinating work The variety of our deals and the diversity of our clients will provide you with an exciting and immersive place to work. Often high profile, always high interest. All about industry We think sector first, organising ourselves around the current affairs and future challenges of the industries we serve, rather than traditional legal practice areas. It keeps us – and your career – one step ahead. outstanding development programmes, enthusiastic and motivated supervisors, and bespoke training and progression plans based on your strengths and interests. Opportunities to shine We’ll give you the chance to contribute from the very outset, with support and guidance every step of the way. Everyone has the chance to make an impact. Confident strategy You’ll be joining a firm with coherent commercial vision, transparent leadership and a clear direction. This creates a compelling sense of purpose and identity that pulls us all together. Award-winning development We’ll foster your career every step of the way, with


Momentum and energy As the only firm to ever win both The Lawyer and Legal Business Law Firm of the Year 2015, you knowwe’re going places. We have a phenomenal track record of sustained growth and success, and you will feel the buzz and positivity when you work here. Bold, provocative thinking You have new ideas and the confidence and conviction to see them through: that’s exactly what we prize. Put it this way: we’re never afraid to take a view if it gets people thinking. The right environment Our workplaces are designed to promote collaboration, with open-plan structures that make it easy for you to get stuck in and learn from those around you. Relationships matter Integrity and fairness keep us together as a firm. We naturally build a strong rapport and enduring connections with everyone we engage with, and you’ll benefit from these relationships as your career develops. The perfect blend The working world is changing. We’ve changed with it, with flexible and imaginative approaches to everyone’s work/life needs. Plus, our connected infrastructure is adaptive and tailored to bringing out the best in you. Mutual trust mutual respect We won’t restrict your potential through any unnecessary rules or debilitating protocols. We leave that to our more institutionalised peers. United around the world With a growing network of global offices and international clients, our influence and impact – and your skills – can be applied almost anywhere.




For more information about OC and how to apply visit joinoc.com

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Our annual application dates Vacation scheme: Open for applications 1 November, Closing date 15 January Insight scheme: Open for applications 1 November, Closing date 28 February Training contract: Open for applications 1 November, Closing date 15 January

If you have any questions please email or phone us: zoe.reid@osborneclarke.com

+44 117 917 3484 (Bristol) +44 207 105 7658 (London) +44 118 925 2178 (Thames Valley)

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