Requirements Training V14 20231204

Training systems

Requirements for Training / V14 2023-12-04

All GWO training providers shall be registered in GWO’s WINDA platform to record, monitor and transfer training, audit and certification records. New training providers seeking to become GWO-approved training providers shall be registered by their associated GWO certified auditor and (in turn) their certification body GWO has an annual licensing fee associated with each certified fixed and mobile training site registered independently in WINDA. Upon payment of this fee, GWO grants the training provider access to WINDA. Furthermore, the training provider obtains (i) appearance of fixed training sites on the interactive map of training providers; (ii) the right to use the “Certified Training Provider Annual Badge”; and (iii) the right to use GWO’s logo. The right to use the “Certified Training Provider Annual Badge” and GWO’s logo are in accordance with GWO’s fair use policy. The policy can be found on the GWO website To obtain and maintain approval as a GWO training provider, training provider organisations shall be subject to an audit process performed by GWO-approved certification body that fulfils GWO’s Requirements for Certification and is listed as an approved certification body on WINDA. The full process requires an initial certification audit followed by annual audits for surveillance (initial) and surveillance (re-certification), as detailed in the Requirements for Certification To maintain certification, GWO training providers must be aware of, and comply with, GWOs Requirements for Certification. These include scheduling and frequency of audits, location of audits, and duration of audits to be completed by the certification body 6. SUPPORTING PROCESS The training provider must have a formally documented quality management system for assuring the quality, content and safety of training and assessment, and compliance with the GWO requirements and standards The training provider must have an explicit policy for implementing and maintaining the validity of GWO standards and modules, which must be signed by the legal duty holder. The policy must state which standards and modules the training provider is certified to deliver

As a minimum, the supporting processes shall include the following:

a. description of organisation, roles and responsibilities


handling of training records

c. risk assessment and mitigations, non-conformities and incident reporting

6.1 Organisation, Roles and Responsibilities

The training provider must:

6.1.1 Have a clearly defined organisation with documented staff roles, responsibilities and authorities for the supporting processes, equipment and physical resources, instructor competencies and delivery (training and assessment) of the GWO standards and modules

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