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January - March 2021

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Member Testimonials: In Their Own Words

Glad I Found You I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you do. I would be sunk if I didn’t belong to Hope Parkinson Program. I don’t even remember how I found out about you guys. But I’m glad I did. Extremely Helpful Zoom Support Groups Thank you so much for organizing the Zoom support group meetings. This is such a difficult time for so many that this interaction is so important for

one’s sanity. These meetings are extremely helpful for me, and I know the other members are also very appreciative. Hoping Virtual Programs Continue Post-Pandemic Since we lost the ability to participate in activities in person due to the pandemic, these programs have become a very important part of my life. The classes have significantly improved my strength and endurance. I’ve improved my balance, flexibility, and especially

my mental acuity. I’ve found that by meeting the challenges posed in all the classes, I’ve gained a real sense of accomplishment. Another bright spot for me is that in “normal” times, after coming north for the summer, I would have been about six months without any of this type of support focused on PD. The virtual classes/interactions have enabled me to maintain my focus and optimism through the summer. I hope that the virtual programs will continue even after life returns to “normal.”

RSVP Phone Line Leave a Voicemail 239.425.9886

RSVP Email Send a Message PDevents@HopeHCS.org

From Our President & CEO On behalf of our Board of Directors and our Senior Team, I thank you for being part of our Hope family. During this time of pandemic and uncertainty, Hope’s compassionate care and support remains constant. Wishing you happiness, joy, and love this holiday season and throughout the New Year,

Make a Gift in Support of Our Mission Donate.HopeHCS.org/PD

Samira K. Beckwith Hope President and CEO New Lecture Series Coming Soon

We’re pleased to announce that we will be providing a six-part PD Lecture Series in collaboration with Lee Health in 2021. If you aren’t already a member, join now to receive all details by email as soon as they become available. Membership in the Hope Parkinson Program is provided at no charge, thanks to generous community support.

Become a Member HopeParkinson.org/Join 239.985.7727

Stay Active and Connected with Zoom Events RSVP at least three days in advance by phone or email (see previous page). Please list the event(s) you wish to attend, the full name(s) of participants, and a valid phone number. You will only be called back if spaces are full or if the event is canceled. If you need help learning Zoom, contact us for a private session.

Rock Steady Boxing Mondays & Fridays at 1 PM Get ready to rock with Eric! See his rave reviews on the next page. Build your strength and endurance while having fun too.

PD Exercise Tuesdays at 11:30 AM Thursdays at 11 AM

Open Group 3rd Thursdays at 1 PM Everyone is welcome at this general support group to share their thoughts, feelings, tips and tricks for coping with the challenges of chronic illness. Women with PD find comfort and camaraderie at this gender- specific support group. Care Partner Group 2nd Thursdays at 1 PM This group is designed for those who are caring for a loved one. Ladies with PD 4th Fridays at 2:30 PM

These essential classes focus on improving your overall strength, balance, voice, and cognition. Tai Chi for PD Wednesdays at 1 PM The ancient techniques of Tai Chi will help you find better balance. Try seated or standing positions. YOPD Meet Up 1st Fridays at 6 PM Our Young Onset group meets for a monthly social to share and support each other.

Laugh Club Fridays at 11 AM

In just 30 minutes, you can boost your mood and mindset, getting ready for a weekend of smiles. Meditation Practice Wednesdays at 12 noon Use this weekly window of time to commit to calm. It’s a 30 minute mood mender for everyone.

Exercise Class Reminders Exercise is critical for managing symptoms like impaired balance or decreased coordination. Some experts believe it may slow the progression of the disease. While frequent movement is critical for your well-being, it’s also important to keep these safety tips in mind: You must contact us before attending your first exercise class. Always consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

Exercise at your own risk. If it hurts, don’t do it. Listen to your body. Ask about possible modifications to make classes more accessible for all ability levels. Before you begin, clear the area of throw rugs and tripping hazards. If you’re using a chair to help

with balance, it should not have wheels. Remember, staying active is one of the keys to living well with Parkinson’s disease.

Rock Steady Boxing Testimonials “I attended the Zoom class for Rock Steady Boxing today. Wow! What a workout! Erick made the class so much fun even though I was sweating through it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering this class via Zoom. I’ve haven’t been this excited to exercise in 7 months. Erick is great!” “I have been to several other RSB classes offered in different cities. Erick is by far the best coach I have ever had at RSB! His approach is so positive, and you can tell that it is not just a job for him. He works us hard! I sweat really hard, but afterwards I am so glad I attended. He adds humor to the workouts and makes it a fun hour that passes quickly. I can’t say enough positive things about him. I only wish he was teaching the class every day.” Local Track Club Supports Hope We’re pleased to share that the Fort Myers Track Club is continuing their generous support of the Hope Parkinson Program despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. A portion of the proceeds from their annual Turkey Trot 5K will benefit our mission. Mary Bartoshuk, at left, was one of many dedicated runners who participated in this special race. This year’s Lazy Flamingo Half Marathon and 2-Person Relay will also be held virtually, with registration taking place through December 20. Runners will log their best times online to compete in this contest.

PD Book Club: Read the Latest by Michael J. Fox

Diagnosed with early onset PD before the age of 30, celebrity and author Michael J. Fox remains a tireless advocate for Parkinson’s research. In Fox’s newest memoir, No Time Like the Future; An Optimist Considers Mortality , he examines how recent health challenges are affecting his naturally optimistic attitude. In this thoughtful look at illness and aging, Fox gives his personal reflections on life, love, loss, and relationships. Readers will enjoy his trademark sense of humor as they explore this very personal account of the experience of

living with Parkinson’s disease. His relatable message can also be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. If you’ve read or plan to read No Time Like the Future , RSVP to join our group discussion: February 16 11am on Zoom “The book offers

insights into a man who knows struggle all too well, but refuses to let it get in the way of living.” ~ Time magazine

PD 101 Classes Finding Hope for Living Well with PD

If you’re newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or a related movement disorder, we highly recommend our PD 101 class to understand this complex condition. Learn how to manage symptoms, slow disease progression, and optimize your quality of life. You may have read books on Parkinson’s disease, but we’ll dive deeper with local and national resources as well as an interactive Q&A opportunity. RSVP for the Zoom link to join us on one of the following dates:

January 4, February 4, and March 1 All PD 101 Classes Begin at 11 AM



Hope Hospice & Community Services, Inc. 9470 HealthPark Circle Fort Myers, FL 33908

St. Patrick’s Day Social Wear your best green or Irish garb for this virtual social gathering. We will welcome you to share your favorite Irish wisdom, limericks, or jokes. Bring your own favorite green beverage, and we will toast each other with “Sláinte!” – which translates to “good health” in English. Wednesday March 17 2:30 PM on Zoom

The Hope Parkinson Program is a community service provided by Hope Healthcare, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Learn more at HopeParkinson.org or make a gift at Donate.HopeHCS.org/PD. Generous community support and funding from the United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades, and Okeechobee help provide membership at no charge. Additional materials are available by request, including contact details for other PD organizations, printable handouts, links to YouTube videos, and other resources. Contact Program Coordinator Michelle Martin at Michelle.Martin@HopeHCS.org .

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