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July - August - September 2020

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Keeping Our Parkinson Community Connected

Connection is one of our most fundamental needs as human beings. It’s not enough to simply be surrounded by other people while shopping or running errands. Unfortunately, struggles with speech or mobility may cause people with PD and their care partners to avoid conversations and social activities. Furthermore, the helpful things we’re doing right now for safety – wearing masks, standing at least six feet apart, foregoing hugs from friends and family – can increase our sense of isolation and loneliness.

Research has shown that feelings of alienation are associated with poor health outcomes. To combat these negative effects, it’s more vital than ever to stay connected to friends and family. Another way to enhance our sense of connection is to feel like we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves, that we’re contributing to a larger effort. As someone affected by Parkinson’s, you may find deeper purpose and meaning by helping others in a PD exercise class or support group.

The Hope Parkinson Program is here for you, and we’re still discovering new ways to keep our community connected. We hope you’ll find opportunities in this newsletter that fit your interests and preferences. Please consider registering for as many as possible. If you have other ideas to share or simply want to say hello, send us an email or a voicemail. Remember that we’re always here for you and ready to help. We’d love to connect with you soon!

Contact Us • 239.985.7727 or Michelle.Martin@HopeHCS.org

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