SEGRA Employee Brand Booklet


At the heart of every brand that succeeds is a culture that’s defined and has the support of people throughout the company. Our brand was crafted from the ground up through a highly collaborative process that brought together a broad cross-sectional team — from front-line workers to senior executives. Since its inception, our brand has continued to evolve. Yet it will always remain rooted in our brand values and our commitment to the customer. I invite you to learn about our brand. Hopefully you’ll feel the same ownership and sense of pride that I do.


There comes a time when things line up. When people come together. When agreements are made. And daring feels possible. This is where we are.

We are a company with a shared vision. By committing to each other — and to our customers — we establish a bolder way of doing business.

In the face of obstacles, we climb. In the face of objections, we overcome. In the face of challenges, we prevail.

We are Segra. And we choose to win.


To craft our brand, we engaged in an intensive process that helped us dig deep into who we are and why it matters. After much deliberation, we chose a brand platform that participants felt everyone could rally behind. This brand platform is not a tagline, nor a campaign headline. It’s a statement to ourselves and to the world that we are bold and forward-thinking. This brand symbolizes our conviction and our belief that we can make this happen. By starting from a place of true collaboration, our brand is a launch pad for a strong and resilient future. The Leap Benchmark Brands: Amazon, Netflix, Nike Adjectives: Innovative, Competitive, Dedicated, Trustworthy Celebrity: Ironman Metaphors: Rapids, Keyboard, Cheetah, Jet


We set the pace. As disruptors and re-inventors, we are unafraid of what lies ahead. Our fearlessness empowers our customers and emboldens our people.


segra / swedish / verb To overcome. To prevail. To win. Segra was formed as a “merger of equals” between Lumos, a company with a strong presence in Virginia and surrounding states and Spirit, a company with a strong presence in South Carolina and surrounding states. The merger promised great potential. But the trick was bringing everyone together as one team, united by a shared mission. It became clear through our branding process that a new name was needed to get a fresh start. One of the original brand committee members, Kate Iseman, offered up the name “Segra.” Meaning “to win” in Swedish, this name was a simple, yet powerful way to tell our story. It was also a nice way to acknowledge our investors, a private equity company based in Sweden.


Values are about culture, and culture is about people. We knew how important our core values would be to the long- term success of our company, which is why we devoted much thought and time to the formation of these values. Working in groups, we sifted through words, looking for the ones that resonated. We chose “Integrity, “Customer First,” “Teamwork,” “Flexibility,” “Empowerment,” “Innovation,” “Get to Yes,” and “Fiber- Focused” for what they mean literally and figuratively. But then we decided to take these values one step further. Putting these values through the filter of our brand platform of “The Leap,” we crafted a language that is unique to the Segra culture. We call these values our “Articles of Excellence.”


1. Stay True. INTEGRITY We are honest with

ourselves and with others. We earn their trust every day. We do what is right, we follow through, and we never compromise.


2. Be the Customer. CUSTOMER FIRST We know that without our customers, our company goes away. We listen, we have empathy, we show respect. We make every conversation count. We go the extra mile to make every experience memorable.


3. Build the Bonds. TEAMWORK 1 + 1 = 3 is what makes us great. We seek the wisdom of others. We share our talents and we collaborate in continuum. We know that “command and control” never works. For it is only as a team that we achieve common goals.


4. Embrace Change. FLEXIBILITY We adjust and we evolve. We expect shifts and we find solutions. We are fexible, open-minded, and we iterate constantly. We celebrate the victories and we learn from the losses.


5. Light the Fire. EMPOWERMENT We empower ourselves through education and self-improvement. And we empower those around us to achieve their potential. We are responsible risk takers who seek information and search for the right tools.


6. Set the Pace. INNOVATION

In our quest for innovation, we are bold, competitive, and confident. We test boundaries, we question the status quo, and we push beyond expectations. We are unafraid of what lies ahead.


7. Choose to Win. GET TO YES Whether we are laying new fiber routes, closing a million-dollar deal, or answering the phone, we take pride in all that we do. We study and understand the challenges. We strategize on a game plan. And then, we find a way to win.


8. Create a Legacy. FIBER-FOCUSED We create value for our customers, our employees, and our owners. By doing so, we establish a heritage of reliable infrastructure, constant innovation, and good stewardship.


Our surest path to success is to always put the customer first. That’s why we’ve organized our operations and established the Customer Experience Council — a team of functional leaders who make sure the customer is at the center of everything we do. In fact, our whole reason for being is to help our customers reach their full potential. We call this “freedom to grow.” “Freedom to grow” is a license for our customer to achieve greatness. It’s the freedom to stay connected with their employees. The freedom to protect sensitive data. The freedom to tap into the power of the cloud. The freedom to have access to the latest technologies.

In short, when our customer wins, we win. Which is why we do what we do.

“This brand taps into our true power.”


It doesn’t come along very often when you have quality people, an expansive footprint, a great product, and the financial capability to make it all work. I see this opportunity and I know that we can make it happen. Together, let’s take the leap.


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