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That’s Not Fair and Neither Is Life Success Story Do These 3 Things to Make 2018 the Best Year of Your Life! Book Review: Get People ‘Oversubscribed’ to Your Business

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Biggest Marketing Fail Ever ... Maybe

AMAZON AND SILICON VALLEY Want to Put YOU Out of Business! Here Is What You Can Do About It

“They are coming. They want to take your business and money. And you can wait until they get here and likely lose it all, or you can simply take action now and be ONE OF THE FEW WHO SURVIVE .”

Do you think Amazon doesn’t matter? Do you feel they could never branch into your business? That’s exactly what local and mega pharmacies thought until Amazon announced they may be getting into the pharmacy business. Since then, all hell has been breaking loose. Out of fear of the possibility of Amazon entering the marketplace, CVS is buying Aetna health insurance for $69 billion. This purchase will entrench the two companies deeper into the health insurance space and make them much larger customers for key suppliers and partners.

If you’re a lawyer, you have Avvo and others starting to compete in your space.

If you’re an orthodontist or a dentist, you now have at-home braces to compete with.

And maybe your business isn’t affected yet, but it is coming. Thousands of people read this article each month, and you know what? Until it reaches their doorstep, most will do nothing. Most won’t give another thought to this issue after the three minutes it takes to read it. But that would be a mistake.

But this isn’t happening in your business, so no worries, right?

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