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a stronger time in our company’s history. Melaleuca continues to grow at a terrific pace, and the management team – your management team – has taken specific care in ensuring that Melaleuca will be efficient, productive, and successful for a good, long time. Just like you, we have goals and we have ways of tracking our development toward the satisfactory accomplishment of those goals. One of our most important goals is that of continuing to establish a long-term prosperity and the prosperity of those who join us in the years to come. We are convinced that the plain and simple truths established for Melaleuca 34 years ago are still valid today. We stand steadfastly by our quest to enhance the lives of those we touch. We are more committed than ever to delivering exceptional products at reasonable prices. In recent years, we have made great strides and are now much further ahead of our competition. The same principles we’ve used for years as a prescription for success are important to us today, and they will continue to have an impact on our business for years to come. Superior and safer products continue to be the very lifeblood of our business. The grocery-store products that sell the most in North America are no match for our safe, cost-effective brands. As more people investigate and understand the tremendous value of our products, each month tens of thousands of people will continue to switch brands and begin shopping from our catalogs and website, and our business and our customers will continue to prosper as we grow our business together. It is true that Melaleuca offers a terrific business opportunity, and thousands are prospering from the fantastic growth of their Melaleuca business – but I feel the biggest impact that Melaleuca is making in the world cannot be measured in

dollar signs. People are living longer, healthier, more vibrant lives. I never once realised that we would have the kind of advantage in nutritional supplements that the Peak Performance Pack gives us. As we listen to the stories of the thousands of lives that have been

the health and well-being of thousands of families across North America. We appreciate all those who have joined us in our goal of enhancing lives. This is a great time to reawaken your dreams and establish new goals as well as recommit to the goals you used to have. When we established this company 34 years ago, we also established our mission to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. We hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to help you reach your goals – starting today.

Remember Your Dreams

“We are convinced that the plain and simple truths established for Melaleuca 34 years ago are still valid today. We stand steadfastly by our quest to enhance the lives of those we touch. We are more committed than ever to delivering exceptional products at reasonable prices.”



It is sad to witness the lack of direction and lack of purpose that some people have in their lives. I’m not talking about our youth. In fact, many of our youth seem to have plans and goals that are encouraging and inspiring. I’m concerned about mature, capable adults who used to have dreams and goals when they were young but have given up on those dreams and now seem resolved to be content with whatever life has dealt them. I believe that one of the saddest scenarios I can imagine is when someone gives up on their dreams. In many respects, giving up on our dreams is worse than the loss of a loved one. To give up on our goals may be, in essence, to not fulfill the purpose of our own creation. To allow life to happen to us as opposed to making life happen is one of possible to those who are persistent in the pursuit of their dreams. Sure, we meet roadblocks! Sure, there are hurdles. Sure, things don’t always turn out exactly how we planned. But what a tragedy when life’s greatest potential tragedies. I have learned that anything is

we interpret those setbacks as making our dreams impossible to reach – or worse yet, interpret our current failure as meaning we are failures and incapable of success. If I could issue a challenge today, it would be to have everyone remember back to when they were young, when they had goals and dreams. I would have them remember those goals and dreams in detail and wake themselves up with the realization that it is not too late. Our life can still be what we wanted it to be! We can accomplish and do everything we wanted to do. Oh sure, we are going to have to change some things. If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we’ll keep getting what we’ve been getting. But we can change some things as long as we know where we are going and know that remember your past hopes and dreams and write them down on paper as goals. Solidify them! Think about them! Decide what has to change in order to reach them. Commit to do those things, and then go for it. Be prepared for setbacks, if we keep at it, we will get there. I would challenge everyone to

but never give up until you reach your goal. I would challenge you to discover the dreams of those closest to you. Do you know the dreams and goals your spouse had at a younger age? Your best friend? A sibling, a parent, a child? Find out which dreams have yet to come true. Together, see if you can’t wake up some of those dreams. And make a plan together to make those dreams come true. If you truly throw your heart into helping someone you love reach his or her goals, I can promise you both a very rewarding experience – not only in the end result, but in the journey as well. At Melaleuca, our mission is: To enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. SM Goals start with a dream and then with writing that dream down on paper. Until it is written down, a dream never becomes a goal – it just remains a dream. Today is the day to reestablish our goals and recommit ourselves to our own and to each other’s success. This month marks Melaleuca’s thirty- fourth anniversary, and there’s never been


changed by the Peak Performance Pack , it is evident that this product has no equal in the world of nutrition. The profound findings of the Freiburg Study have given our Marketing Executives a huge advantage in the marketplace. And although the Peak Performance Pack has become our defining product, we can’t forget the advantages we also have with products like Access ®, GC Control ™, Renew ®, Sol-U-Guard Botanical ™, Diamond Brite ™, MelaPower ®, and dozens of other Melaleuca products that are having an immeasurable effect on







Thorsten Kilb General Manager

Grow your Tomorrow Today! Wow, what a great theme. It makes me think of planting a garden with my kids. We work hard at the beginning of the summer so that we can have fresh vegetables later in the year. Often times we may wonder why it takes so long for us to get vegetables after we plant the seeds. In the end we recognize that it will be worth it, but in the short term they aren’t able to understand that the price we pay today will pay off in the future. They just look at it as hard work now, with no immediate reward. They are too focused on the short term. This is also a common theme in the Melaleuca business. The current rewards, which can be achieved this month from incentives and bonuses are in focus, but what about the long-term benefits of building a residual income?! It’s important that we don’t lose focus on the end goal. The steps you take today can bring you one step closer to true financial freedom. But you have to make sure your path is heading in the right direction. Every goal begins with a first step, so act now! It doesn’t have to be “major” activity, it can start with something simple like committing to make calls today, and then committing to do it again tomorrow. That consistent daily activity adds up, and soon there is a momentum. Each call, each presentation, and each enrollment helps to grow the future. Scattering a few seeds and hoping they grow – that´s one option. Being much more specific, with a plan to create the harvest – that’s a much more efficient option. Do you agree? Advancing three times in the next two months, for example, or the achievement of a specific challenging status would be a good goal – but you have to have a specific plan to make it happen. How is Melaleuca supporting you on your path of growing your tomorrow today? First of all, we do have our outstanding compensation plan. A Marketing Revolution. Absolutely the right description! And the products! Our more than 200 outstanding, daily consumable, high-quality, concentrated, environmentally friendly, self- manufactured, and highly effective products without harsh chemicals. They are products you use every single day already. And you get them conveniently delivered directly to your home. Melaleuca is constantly launching new products as well as improving its products to stay state of the art. The 9x concentrated MelaPower shows again how Melaleuca cares about the environment. Renew Lavender is now a permanent product. There are four new permanent essential oils bringing the total to 35 PURE Essential oils and Blends. Plus, there are an additional 15 new Limited Time offers. I invite you to explore the new products, and then start sharing or continue to share them with everyone you know. Everyone you know has a need for Melaleuca’s wellness products, and it’s up to you to introduce it to them. It’s a sure way to enhance your life as well as the lives of those around you.


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Yours sincerely,








Aleksandra & Tomek Ligoccy Ireland A Melaleuca Journey

Melaleuca presents EUROPEAN


“That company had to be different from all the others,” Aleksandra says. “We’d have to feel at ease in it, and able to stay with it for life. There’s a proverb: When the student is ready the master will appear. And so we finally found the company that allowed us to do what we liked, realize our potential, help others, create time for ourselves, and create an income we could increase year after year. That company, of course, was Melaleuca.” Right from the start, Aleksandra and Tomek were captivated by Melaleuca’s commission plan and its mission of enhancing lives. They also fell in love with the products after their very first use. Despite a slow start, the Ligoccys’ why was strong and they stayed coachable. “Every day we learn something new,” Tomek says. “Melaleuca gives us the chance to help others, and that’s very important to us.” Now, looking back, the Ligoccys can see just how far they’ve come. “With Melaleuca, we have a stable, growing source of income,” Tomek says. “We get to meet many wonderful people, and we’re able to secure the financial future of our children. We learn how to cooperate and work together with others, because at Melaleuca the success of our team members is our own success.” This is just the beginning of their adventure with Melaleuca. Aleksandra and Tomek have found a company that’s aligned with their passions. It’s a lifetime opportunity that they’re grateful for – filled with continuous development, lasting residual income, and learning from great leaders. They know that with determination and perseverance they’ll achieve their goals and make their longest-held dreams come true. Best of all, Melaleuca offers a lifetime of helping to enhance the lives of everyone they touch. They’ve enrolled dozens of personal Preferred Customers so far, and their organisation is growing daily. They’re grateful for everyone in their team who has changed their lives using Melaleuca’s amazing products and building their financial independence. “Our goal,” Aleksandra says, “is to reach as many people as possible. Our mission is to help them, to share our own experiences, and to make them understand what they can achieve for themselves with Melaleuca.”

ACHIEVEMENT LEADERS The European Achievement Leaders are those businesses with the highest contribution index. The contribution index is the product of the net increase in their Organisational Preferred Customers during the prior 60 days, multiplied by the number of each leader’s personally enroled Directors, plus their number of personally enroled customers. Membership of this elite group is reviewed bi-monthly. In order to be recognised as a member of this team, leaders must submit a picture to Melaleuca.

Before they found Melaleuca, Aleksandra and Tomek Ligoccy had explored various avenues of creating an income. They worked full time but had their own businesses as well. Over time, they realised that their life wasn’t matching up to their dreams. “We were constantly passing each other,” Aleksandra says. “Our children were practically being raised by their grandmothers. We didn’t like it – and that’s why we made a very brave life decision.” That decision was to move to Ireland to find time for their family and take on quiet, well-paying jobs. Moving was difficult: they missed family and friends, and struggled with their new surroundings and the unfamiliar language. “Fortunately,” Tomek says, “I found a good job quickly with a reputable company. We finally had time for ourselves and our children! We thought, ‘It’s finally OK.’ But we soon found that while there was time to raise our children in person, there just wasn’t enough money.” Aleksandra and Tomek began trying out various income opportunities available on the Internet – and learned many of what Aleksandra calls “life lessons” in the process. None of the companies they associated with met their expectations. But in trying them out, the Ligoccys discovered the direction they wanted to go and began looking for a company that had everything they needed.

Magdalena Gwóźdź Senior Director 6 United Kingdom

Agnieszka Dambska Wardęga Director 9 United Kingdom


Justyna & Jacek Kołodziej Directors 8 Netherlands

Valerija Raupiene Executive Director 5 Germany



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics

Announcing our newest triumph in product concentration .

This advancement kept us in our leadership position – well ahead of the competition. Even the so-called “green” companies were nowhere close. More importantly, it made a massive, measurably positive difference for the environment. Consider all the good you have accomplished since then by choosing our concentrated products! You – Melaleuca customers – have saved over 118 million kg of virgin plastic from glutting our landfills. You have saved over 170 million litres of fuel from being used in the transportation of products, and 6.35 billion kg of greenhouse emissions from being released into the atmosphere. But as you probably know, satisfaction with the status quo is simply not in Melaleuca’s DNA. While our 6x- concentrated formulas were still being celebrated as an environment-saving innovation, we were already thinking ahead. We discovered that if we were to advance from 6x- to 7x-concentrated laundry products, Melaleuca customers would save 17% more plastic than before. That’s millions and millions of kg of plastic and millions of gallons of saved fuel! It would have been significant to move from 6x to 7x concentration – a big accomplishment – yet we dared to bypass these limits and enter the challenging realm of possibility with one bold question: “What concentration would save an additional 50% in plastic?” Our scientists went to work finding out. The answer was 9x. Too difficult? Impossible, even? Not for Melaleuca! Our leadership in the wellness industry is inspired by our desire to reach the world with total wellness. Every advance along the way is attained by perseverance in reaching that goal. Something is only impossible until someone does it. So we do it. Our future is limitless, the present is clear: choosing Melaleuca is one choice that can change everything! Together, we will make a world of difference. In 2008, we did something no company had ever done before because they thought it was impossible. We created a 6x concentration for our laundry products.

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Introducing our new 9x-concentrated laundry family!



MelaPower ® 9x Targets and lifts away stains and dirt with our triple enzyme formula.

BIG THINGS come in small packages!

For years, many have faithfully practiced the three Rs of reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic. But for many reasons, these are becoming more difficult to do. For example, there is less and less demand for recycled materials as contaminants increase. In fact, only 34% of Americans are now actively participating in reducing, reusing, and recycling. It’s time for manufacturers to step up and take this burden off of the consumer. Just as Melaleuca leads the way in product concentration, we are now taking on the responsibility of a fourth R – redesign. Product redesign is the only viable path to significantly reducing plastic. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE REDESIGN

In redesigning our laundry products, we had multiple benefits in mind. A smaller bottle size means you save an additional 50% on virgin plastic – a necessity becoming more urgent every day. It also saves on fuel costs and reduces emissions. The bottle is lighter and easier to lift and use. The colours featured on each product make them easier to select off the laundry shelf, where they save space with their smaller size. The fact that the flowing lines and colours make the bottle pretty is just a bonus, but a very nice one! Every time you lift one of these light, little bottles from the shelf and use it to take ultimate care of your laundry, you can know you are helping the environment in big, meaningful ways. Every time you refer a customer to do the same, you’re amplifying the impact. Your choice of EcoSense ® makes an unmistakeable statement: you want to use less plastic, less fuel, and reduce emissions. We consider it both our privilege and our responsibility to partner with you to achieve these noble goals and make it easier for you in every way we can. Our groundbreaking 9x concentration and compact packaging redesign are our newest ways to support your efforts to preserve our beautiful world as you keep your clothes fresh and clean! Expect more dynamic innovations in the future. Because we’re just getting started!

MelaBrite 9x Keeps colours vivid and looking newer longer.

MelaSoft 9x Adds snuggly softness to your sheets, towels, and clothes.


the best products ever and we have the best compensation without first clarifying their why . Remember this: crabgrass and weed killer. If they don’t understand about their crabgrass – they’re behind on their mortgage, don’t have money saved for their kids to go to college, and don’t have a retirement plan – then your weed killer won’t matter to them. In your strategy sessions, discover their need – their why – and then give them the Melaleuca solution.

3. MAKE THE DECISION From 2002 to 2008, I dabbled with Melaleuca. But at Convention 2008 some of us made a decision. We wrote a 90-day plan for myself, my “DON’T TRY TO BUILD THIS BUSINESS – MAKE THE DECISION TO BUILD THIS BUSINESS. WHEN YOU DO THAT, THINGS CHANGE.” brother Phil, my nephews Christian and Phil Jr., Todd Washington, Joe Lam, and Miranda Plowman. Today Phil is a National Director 6, Christian is a National Director, Miranda is a Senior Director 3, and Phil Jr., Joe Lam, and Todd Washington are Executive Directors. We made a decision – we were serious about the form we handed in that day and the why it started with. We went backstage at Convention, gave it to President McKay Christensen, and said, “This is what we are going to do.” The point is that when you make that decision, you will do it no matter what. It’s different than try . Don’t try to build this business – make the decision to build this business. When you do that, things change. Adding up these three lessons I learned over 18 years, you have the formula for a winning mindset: teach your new enrolees to set a goal; help them discover why it’s important to them and why it’s

1. START WITH WHY Early in my career, I would roll my eyes when people started telling me about the why . Everybody was talking about it, but I didn’t totally understand it. So here’s what I learned over the years. First of all, you have to really internalise your why and be really clear on it. At a recent Leadership Celebration, I interviewed a young lady about her why for wanting to make an extra $2,500*. When we got into the details, she became emotional, and by the time we got to the heart of it, she was full-on crying – in a good way! Ever since she and her husband met, they wanted to take a trip to Banff, Canada. Sixteen years later, with her second- month Melaleuca check for $2,600*, their dream trip was finally coming true. It is a universal principle that when you’ve internalised your why, you will tell people about it in an inspiring way. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream.” He was vocal about his why , and a million people “LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES OF OTHERS. YOU CAN’T LIVE LONG ENOUGH



Here’s what I go through in every Strategy Session. I ask the newly enrolled builder what their options are to continue their current life, take care of their kids, work their job, and make an extra $4,000* a month. First I say, “You can get a second job and work two jobs your whole life, then wake up and realise you’re 70 years old and you worked two jobs your whole life. Do you want to do that?” They always say no . For the next option, I say they can open up their own conventional business, which we glamourise, but it means investing everything they have and working three years just to get their money back – if they are successful. They respond that they don’t want to do that either! Then I say, “If you have a million dollars under your mattress, you can open up a Panera Bread. Do you have a million bucks under your mattress?” That’s another no from everyone. “Well,” I go on, “you could try multilevel marketing, but ‘been there, done that,’ right? So, what did I miss?” Now they understand that the Melaleuca option is clearly, logically the best one.

National Director 9 Dave Crescenzo

National Director 9 Dave Crescenzo’s road to Melaleuca started with a seven-year detour through 10 different MLMs. As mistakes go, it was a whopper! But mistakes are great teachers according to Dave, so in his presentation at the August ADVANCE, he generously shared his top 10 lessons learned from his own mistakes and experiences. As he told the packed auditorium of Marketing Executives, “Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.’ So today I’m going to tell you some of the significant mistakes I made and the lessons they taught me so you can learn from them without making them yourselves.” It was a once-in-a-life opportunity to have the gain without the pain! Read on to learn and live out Dave’s hard-earned wisdom.


showed up in Washington without the internet or email or any of the technology we have today. Your why may evolve and change, but it’s really important to internalize it and help your team do the same. In the beginning, the mistake I made was telling people we have




building and growing my contact list.”Willie Sutton was an infamous bank robber who was arrested and jailed so often, he was asked, “Willie, why do you keep robbing banks?” He replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Your ability to do the first four Critical Activities is where the money is. Make sense? Okay!

lose, then don’t go to Convention. Otherwise, go to Convention. And ADVANCE meetings. And Leadership Celebrations. You have to stay plugged in because you’re human. You can almost predict someone is going to hit a flat spot when they stop plugging in. It’s an 18-year learned lesson, so don’t make the mistake of not staying plugged in. If you are advancing, you need to go because the Marketing Executives at the events need you and you’ll earn more. If you’re not advancing, you need to be there even more! Everyone needs to stay plugged in.

that sometimes we focus on the wrong thing. Melaleuca is the best business model I’ve ever seen, but some customers are going to cancel. However, we have a 96 percent monthly reorder rate! If you focus on the 4-percent cancellations, you will stop. Get over it. It’s a part of


life. It’s what people do. Move on. I always say that if you work a job in corporate America, you work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and then they pay you. What’s your cancellation rate? One hundred percent. You just cancelled one hundred percent of the work CONVENTION?” IT’S “CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO GO?” you did last week. On Monday morning you have to get up and do it all over again. Be accountable. Not being accountable is one of the big mistakes. Here’s what’s interesting! Potential customers are drawn to the Melaleuca business model because of


Author Pete Sampras said in his book, “Consistency is the essence of greatness.” Here’s what I love about consistency. When we’re born, God is not standing up above saying, “Let’s see. Krista is going to be great at consistency, but that guy is going to be a slouch when it comes to consistency.” No, consistency is a choice. Anybody can make the decision to be consistent. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it – drastically worth it! Once you master the first four Critical Activities, it all becomes about being consistent.

mode at a different points, but it is the pothole you have to avoid at all costs. Here’s how it happened in my life. In 2004, I just missed my goal by two product points – by a Whitening Tooth Polish I missed a significant goal! Three months later I missed that same goal by three product points – by one Tub & Tile ™. So what did I do? I started to think things like, “If Sally had “BE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR DECISION AND YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” enrolled one person, I would have hit my goal,” and I slipped into management mode. What would have been a better, easier solution? Build a Director and enrol personal production. Inactivity breeds fear and failure. Personal production builds confidence and success. So if you want to feel good about your business, get out there, enrol a customer, build a Director, and watch what happens!

their best option; and then help them make a decision to achieve the goal no matter what. We all have 24 hours in a day, we all have the same products, and we all have the same Compensation Plan. Most of the time what determines success is between your ears – in your mindset. Be serious about your decision and you can absolutely change your life.


DANGER ZONES On the New Jersey Turnpike, you can take some exits and see some really beautiful areas, or take the wrong exit and you might not get back on the turnpike. What are some of the exits that you want to avoid in Melaleuca? Be careful what you focus on. Author Mark Victor Hansen is a friend of mine, and he wrote a book on the power of focus. He explains it’s not that we don’t focus, it’s

5. MASTER THE BASICS Vince Lombardi was hired by the Green Bay Packers, and what he did in his first meeting with the team is on video with old, grainy footage. He walks in the room, holds up a football, and says, “Gentlemen, this is a football.” He spent the whole first year teaching professionals the basics! In every profession, every sport, every business, there are the basics. It’s the basics that win, always. It’s a universal rule. In football, it’s block and tackle. In Melaleuca, it’s the first four Critical Activities. Every BEST Series that comes out is on one of those four Critical Activities. Listen to them all, study them, master them. It all comes down to how well you can do the basics. Are you great at building your contact List? Outstanding! Are you great at presenting? Present until you can’t talk anymore! If you have a strength, maximise it. If not, one of the biggest ways you can grow in your life is to turn a weakness into a strength. So if growing your contact list is a challenge, say, “I am going to become a master at



PRODUCTION If you invited 300 guests to a party at your home and you knew you had a giant pothole right at the front of the driveway that would ruin their cars, would you tell them, “Hey, come on over! Oh man, that’s a shame you busted up your car”? No, you would tell them there’s a pothole! So here’s the pothole you should teach your team about: management mode. At some point, many business builders start to think like this: “I now have ten Marketing Executives in my organisation, so I’ve got to start managing my team.” Everybody may be tempted to get into management

A mobile device is an amazing piece of equipment that becomes worthless if you leave it unplugged. With Melaleuca, what do you plug into? Melaleuca events! It’s what you learn after you “know everything” that makes all the difference. Convention is a nonnegotiable. It’s not “Can you afford Convention?” It’s “Can you afford not to go?” My nephew Christian tells everyone it would have cost him $2.4 million to not go to Convention because if he didn’t go to Convention, he wouldn’t be a National Director. So if you have an extra $2.4 million lying around that you don’t care if you




PARIS FAST TRACK TRIP Qualification Period: 01. January 2020 - 30. April 2020


freedom. When you love freedom, you may tend to fight against accountability, but that’s a mistake. We all need to be accountable to someone – it makes all the difference. So be accountable. Sharpen the saw. Stay plugged in, listen to the BEST Series, show up at events, and keep getting better. This is your profession. This is a rest-of-your- life business. How many of you are going to wake up tomorrow and say, “You know what? I’d rather drive to the store, wait in line and pay retail for toxic chemicals.” Anybody? No! How many of you are going to say, “You know, I don’t want that 200* bucks a month that they send me. I’d rather not have it. I don’t want it anymore.” Anybody? No. Then this is a rest-of-your-life business. So if you’re going to be here for the rest of your life, sharpen the saw. Take it seriously – make yourself better. And what should you work the most at getting better at? What’s the key? The first four Critical Activities.


10. PERSEVERE One of the saddest mistakes I’ve seen in my 18 years at Melaleuca is made by builders right at the point of getting to the pot of gold, and they stop. In business, sometimes people don’t place a value on the learning curve. They go through learning how to set appointments and how to do the presentations. They’re great at the business now, they understand the products, they’ve paid their dues, and they’re one step away from striking gold. Then, because they’re not exactly where they think they should be by this time, they turn around and go home. It’s tragic. They were so close! You never, ever want to do that. The best thing I’ve seen in my 18 years is so many people winning! Learn the lessons. And become one of them.

Sacrifice is necessary, but it’s also temporary. One of the things I see people really battle with is their desire to be there for their children. Well you know, as I was first building my business, I was there for my children. But I also missed some things here and there, and made some sacrifices. But it was temporary. These days, in the middle of the day, I’ll say, “You know what? That’s it.” I shut the phone off, go grab my grandson, and have a blast with him. I can take my wife or daughter to lunch. I treasure the freedom of being able to spend time with my family and friends whenever I want want. The point is sacrifices were made, and ultimately it was worth every second and then some. So is it easy? Of course not. But is the temporary sacrifice worth it? Absolutely. Anything worth anything requires sacrifice and consistency, and it will be the best and most valuable sacrifice that you ever make.

Qualification Period: 01. January 2020 - 30. April 2020 The following activities are required in order to qualify for the Fast Track Trip Incentive

January 2020 Activity

February 2020 Activity

March 2020 Activity

April 2020 Activity

Enrol 2

Enrol 1

Enrol 1

Enrol 1

Trip without Spouse

Enrol 10 Quality Customers who shop for 3 Consecutive Months Develop 1 (one) Pacesetter Director 2 or 1 (one) Pacesetter Director 3

Enrol 2

Enrol 1

Enrol 1

Enrol 1

Trip with Spouse

Enrol 10 Quality Customers who shop for 3 Consecutive Months Develop 2 (two) Pacesetter Directors 2 or 2 (two) Pacesetter Directors 3

Commission Rate in April 2020 - Minimum Director 3

Enrolment Requirements: • Have a Membership Kit on file. • Have their own primary method of payment on file.

For Trip Winners: • Trip Earners must be minimum Commission Rate Director 3 by the end of the qualification period and at the trip. • The Fast Track Trip is non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash or other prices. • The Fast Track Trip includes activities, meals, accommodation and return airfare. The departure point will be determined by the Company and qualifiers are responsible for obtaining valid individual travel documents.

• Have their own shipping address on file. • Have their own phone number on file. • Have submitted all necessary paperwork to Melaleuca. • Must be from Europe only. • Fulfill their monthly product point commitment for three (3) consecutive months with NO Back-up Order from the month of enrolment.

Personally Developed Pacesetter Director 2 Or Pacesetter Director 3 Requirements:

• Enrolee must advance to Director 2 or Director 3 for the first time in January 2020, February 2020, March 2020 or April 2020 in pacesetter time. Enrolee must be from Europe; Must maintain their qualifying Commission Rate Director 2 or Director 3 for 3 consecutive months.




It‘s back ‑ for GOOD!


DATE: 21 st of March 2020 MCC Mazurkas Conference Centre & Hotel Poznańska 177, 05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki, Poland CONFERENCE SPEAKERS:

TIME: 12:00 PM to 6:30 PM (Doors open 11:30 AM)

• EU company representatives • Marketing Executive leadership

REGISTER TODAY! Please register online in the „Business Centre“ at eu.melaleuca.com or via the link in your monthly sales email. End of registration: March 6, 2020


*Melaleuca covers the entrance fees for you and your guests.


Everyone knows that exercise is critical for optimal health. It keeps our hearts healthy and our muscles strong. But you may be surprised to learn that the benefits of exercise go beyond the physical. Our minds, our character, and our relationships can also grow and thrive through exercise. Randall Bell, an author and researcher who has studied successful people for 25 years, says exercising is a habit of the most successful people. Here are a few reasons why.



1 EXERCISE DEVELOPS DISCIPLINE. The 5 a.m. alarm goes off and you would scream, except screaming is too difficult. You made a commitment to be on the 5:30 team call, but your body has turned to lead. At this moment, there is only one thing that will get you out of bed: discipline. Discipline is a skill. It’s something that needs to be trained and built before the need for it arises.Because working out is physically and mentally difficult, it’s the perfect discipline builder. Regular exercisers are really good at keeping commitments to themselves. They commit to work out regularly, even when they get busy. No one would know if they didn’t complete the 50 pushups or 5 miles they committed to do. But they committed. So they do them. In return, they get strong bodies and disciplined minds. Use exercise as a tool to increase your discipline and self-mastery. If you can keep squatting when your legs are full of pure fire, you can make the calls you promised you would.

2 EXERCISE INCREASES MENTAL ENDURANCE. college student ever. Mentally demanding tasks drain you like physically demanding tasks do. Research shows that physical fortitude is linked to mental fortitude. In a 2016 study on professional and recreational cyclists, researchers discovered that the professional cyclists outdid their recreational counterparts in a mentally fatiguing task – and weren’t as tired afterward.1 Though the researchers think that this mental toughness could be hereditary, they also speculate that the intense physical training regimens of the athletes strengthen their minds and their willpower. Working out can do more than increase your physical endurance. It can improve your mental and emotional toughness as well, helping you stay engaged in your business-building efforts, even in the face of challenges. “A learned mind is a tired mind and body,” said every

3 EXERCISE BOOSTS ENERGY. In our fast-paced society, fatigue is all too common. People aren’t getting enough sleep, aren’t slowing down enough, and aren’t moving their bodies enough. And though you may be sick of hearing this, exercise is the answer. A 2006 study at the University of Georgia concluded that exercise is more effective in reducing fatigue and increasing energy than a prescription stimulant for narcolepsy. The study covered a wide variety of groups – including healthy adults, cancer patients, and even those with diabetes and heart disease. Exercise reduced fatigue in nearly every group. Increased energy could help you put more time into building your business or even allow you to build with more heart and enthusiasm.

4 EXERCISE BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS. relationships, what doesn’t kill does actually make you stronger. Couples who survive a trying time usually end up closer, knowing that their partner will always be there to help them through anything. Think back to team sports from your youth. Remember how close you were with your teammates? You pushed through sweat and tears to victory or defeat. And it bonded your team. Conquering together, suffering together, sweating together, and crying about soreness together created team intimacy and true friendships. Create fun, trusting relationships with your team members, your customers, and the soccer momwho takes your son to practice by surviving a grueling workout together. Join a running club, a CrossFit gym, or a yoga studio and expand your contact list. Enhance lives (including your own) by improving health while building meaningful relationships. Cue the Kelly Clarkson because when it comes to

5 EXERCISE IMPROVES CONFIDENCE. Working out can increase confidence in more than one way. Trimming down and hitting weight goals can increase your confidence in your appearance. But it also goes much deeper than that. Working out is hard. Often your energy-conserving body would rather lay on the couch than go for a run. But overcoming your natural impulses creates a sense of self-worth. You’ve conquered the lazy human inside day after day. You’ve turned your body into a healthier, stronger machine. Is there anything you can’t do? Take this confidence

6 EXERCISE GIVES YOU A SCHEDULE AND GOALS. One of the most challenging aspects of building a home-based business is the lack of a formal schedule. Without a boss telling you to get to work at 8:00 a.m. sharp, it’s easy to let the day slip away from you. Creating a schedule for yourself and following through with it is critical for your success. Successful exercisers know the power of a good routine. A workout that isn’t scheduled is probably going to be a workout that never happens. A consistent exercise routine stabilizes your day and gives you a daily goal to accomplish. Every time you create a goal, work toward it, and accomplish it, you personally improve and your ability to accomplish goals increases. Plan a morning workout. Get up and crush the morning workout. Then take that goal-achieving momentum, set a goal to make ten calls, and start enhancing lives.

7 EXERCISE HELPS couldn’t develop new neurons. Recent studies have confirmed that adult neurogenesis, the development of new neurons in adult brains, does happen and actually increases with exercise. Adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus, the part of the brain in charge of memory, slowly digresses with age. Exercise can slow or stop this age-related decline, helping to preserve your memory as you age. Not only can working out fight the physical decline of our aging bodies, it can fight the mental decline as well. Do your brain a favor and hit the pavement or a gym a few times a week. IMPROVE MEMORY. It used to be a widely held belief that adult brains

When life gets hectic, try to not sacrifice your workout. Exercise is a super tonic for the health of body, mind, and spirit. It builds good habits and discipline, both critical for success. It keeps our memories sharp and our mental fortitude tough. It increases confidence and helps us bond with new and old friends. So next time you’re about to skip exercising for something that’s “more pressing,” think of yourself, your family, AND your business and lace up those sneakers. L

and use it to share your passion for Melaleuca.

1. Kristy Martin and Walter Staiano, “Superior Inhibitory Control and Resistance to Mental Fatigue in Professional Road Cyclists,” Plos One, July 21, 2016. doi:https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0159907. 2. University of Georgia. “Regular Exercise Plays a Consistent and Significant Role in Reducing Fatigue,” Science Daily, November 8, 2006. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/11/061101151005.htm. 3. Jose Ramon Alonso, “Adult Neurogenesis and Physical Activity,” Mapping Ignorance, January 4, 2018. https://mappingignorance.org/2018/01/24/adult-neurogenesis-physical-activity/.




15-17 november 2019, Frankfurt


Agnieszka Dambska-Wardęga Director 9 , United Kingdom This was my second time attending the Road to Senior Director Event,

Aleksandra & Tomek Ligoccy Directors 4 , Ireland We participated in Melaleuca’s Road to Senior Director Event for the first time.

Any Marketing Executive who attended Road to Senior Director in November 2019 can tell you that this event was more than a 3 day seminar. It’s one of the most important events to qualify to attend. Road to Senior Director has the power to change your business and change your life. It’s fueled by many likeminded, mission driven, everyday folk come together, learn together, and enhance lives together. Each day contributed key principles on how to accelerate and grow your business, sharpen their leadership skills, recommit to their why, and map a path to reach their goals. Road to Senior Director is a place where excitement solidifies into commitment. Lifelong friendships are forged. And destinies are redefined. Don’t miss out: start today and qualify to the next “Road to Senior Director” now, taking place in Autumn 2020.

and it was again an extraordinary experience for me. This reinforced my decision to commit more to this outstanding company and their unique values. Once again, I was captivated by the professionalism and engagement of this event which created an atmosphere of inclusion no matter what status you are. Such meetings are a great dose of motivation, inspiration for upcoming work and action. After these three days I came back home full of new energy and ideas. I thank the organizers and I will see you on the next "Road to Senior Director". I can't wait to see you. “

Initially we didn’t know what to expect from this three- day event, but it left us feeling great about our journey. The level of organisation, training and the overall course of the conference was extremely professional. To have the opportunity to visit the company headquarters in Frankfurt and meet the people working there personally was a great experience. Everything that we have learned and all the knowledge gained will now help us to build our business. Everyone who is serious about their business in Melaleuca must attend this event. We would like to thank Melaleuca and the people responsible for the organisation for being part of this fantastic meeting.





Qualification Period: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020 ParticipatingMarkets: Europe

International President’s Club Minimum Qualifications 1. All qualifying Marketing Executives must develop a minimum of two (2) new “in-country” Personally Enrolled Directors by October 31, 2020 that have been enrolled and achieve the status of Director or above for the first time during the qualification time period. a. The qualifying Marketing Executive must personally enrol the new Director. b. Inherited personals will not count towards this qualification. c. These qualifying Directors must maintain their status for three months in the qualification period (not necessarily the first three months). 2. All qualifying Marketing Executives must develop at least one first-time personally enrolled Director 3 during the qualification period. 3. All qualifying Marketing Executives must have a minimum of +1 True Growth (enrolments + reactivations – cancelations) of “in-country” Preferred Customers during the qualification time period (excludes roll- ups &moves). 4. All qualifying Marketing Executives are required to have a minimum Commission Rate of Executive Director or above on the last month of qualification (December 31, 2020). 5. All qualifying Marketing Executives must achieve a Status of Senior Director or above by the end of the 1st month of the qualification period (January 31, 2020). 6. All Marketing Executive’s qualifying activity will be based on the country of registration and they must be in compliance with all Melaleuca policies during the qualification period. 7. Melaleuca reserves the right to change the President’s Club rules and qualifications as necessary. “In-Country” Definition “In-country” calculations will be based on the following country: • Austria, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom

Qualifying Positions Marketing Executives who advance to Corporate Director Status for the first time AND any Corporate Director who advances to a new high status within the Corporate Director ranks in the qualification period will automatically qualify. In addition to these automatic new and advancing Corporate Director qualifying positions, each country will be allocated the following number of positions: • Europe - 1 • In order to secure these positions potential qualifiers must meet all the criteria listed above and be in good standing with the company during the qualification period and at the time of the trip. International President’s Club Calculations NewGrowth X Average Commission Rate X Personal Enrolee Advancement Factor (D-ED) X Number of Personal Enrolees who Advanced (D3-ED) President’s Club Score • New Growth: In-Country • Average Commission Rate: A factor of 3 will be given to all Commission Rate Executive Directors; a factor of 3.2 for Executive Directors 2; a factor of 3.3 for Executive Directors 3, etc. Marketing Executives below Executive Director will receive a factor following a similar pattern. • Personal Enrolee Advancement Factor: In-Country. For each Personal Enrolee advancement, from Director to Executive Director, a factor will be awarded. Director advancements will be given a factor of 0.5, Director 2 advancements will be given a factor of 0.7, Director 3 advancements will be given a factor of 1.3, Director 4 advancements will be given a factor of 1.4, etc. • Number of Personal Enrolees who advanced: In-Country. Count of Marketing Executives and not a total of advancements. If no personal enrolees advance, a score of zero will be awarded.


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Melaleuca reserves the right to modify the International President’s Club program without notice at any time.


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