2020 Poetry

WEN: 7BA537

Exhibitor Name: Art S. Tenbrink

Division: Poetry (Adults)

Class: 01 Poetry

My Wet Eyes Lift To See

Plump pomegranates bend branches beckoning to begonia blooms below.

Backyard breakfast al fresco , I settle here with the Times.

Sun beams on today’s headlines: Bird Numbers Dwindle. Three billion lost in last 50 years. North America alone- 1/3 gone.

Black silhouettes of lost birds fly off the page:

Aerial insectivores -32% Land birds -27% Water birds -32% Shorebirds -37%

Only ducks and geese increase.

Grieving Nature’s loss I hear a furious flutter nearly in reach. My wet eyes lift to see

the crimson throat and iridescent breast of an Anna's hummingbird dart among purple bougainvillea.

Art S Tenbrink

File: wpMyWetEyesLiftToSee2020-05

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