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THE MOST INTERESTING PLANT IN THE WORLD Echibeckia ™ Summerina ® is a new series that is a true crossing between Rudbeckia and Echinacea, resulting in plants that have the appearance of Rudbeckia and the strength of Echinacea. Echibeckia Summerina brings us the best of both worlds. The Rudbeckia blood allows for the unusual amount of flowers, the great size of the flowers, the fast growing speed and the long duration of the flowering period. The Echinacea blood brings us the smaller, stronger leaves and disease resistance, as well as the longevity of the flowers—each flower can last up to 10 weeks!


quick tips

Echibeckia are fast growing plants; finishing times range from just 8-14 weeks, depending on season and size. Echibeckia can be grown in a variety of sizes. Larger sizes should be planted earlier in the season while days are short so the plant can fill the pot. Echibeckia require high levels of fertilizer for optimal performance. We recommend starting with 4 KG Osmocote per m³. Use a 5-6 month Osmocote with high Potassium (K). Add an extra amount of 200 gram Micromax trace element to the soil in addition to the normal starter mix. Echibeckia do not need to be vernalized. Save space and time by planting in the spring. Echibeckia need to be spaced in time to set a lot of side flowers. When part of the canopy is being shaded, it is time to space. More light amounts to more flowers. Echibeckia are not prone to disease. Diseases might arise, however, if they are subjected to poor growing climates such as too high moisture or too low light. Echibeckia have a long shelf life at retail.To prevent colors from fading. keep out of high shade areas.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL Who said everything needs to be planted in a 1 gallon?With the fast growth rate of Echibeckia, our 72-cell liner will easily finish a two gallon. Please see the variety descriptions in this brochure for suggested sizes and seasons. QUICK TURNS PAIRED WITH A LONG SELLING SEASON Echibeckia do not need vernalization, so they can be spring-summer planted. A healthy start from tissue culture means finishes can be as quick as 8-12 weeks for a 1 gallon if planted while the days are long and warm. Pair this with a selling season that can start as early as May and last as late as October and it’s easy to see why Echibeckia are some of the most talked about plants in years.

HIGH SELL-THROUGH Years of breeding have resulted in plants with flowers that can last up to 10 weeks as well as better disease resistance than traditional seeded Rudbeckia. These traits have led to a great presence at retail along with an extended shelf life. All of this adds up to some of the highest sell-through in the industry, averaging over 90%!


Echibeckia are not hard to grow, but because they are new to the market, there may be questions on the best methods. Not only does PP&L have experience in finishing large crops, we have also teamed with the breeder of Echibeckia to provide top-notch technical support when needed.

If you need detailed growing instructions, contact us at

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | BLAZING FIRE ™ | PP# 31,765 Blazing Fire has a two-toned yellow and red flower with interesting smaller petals or “fringles” near the center of the flower that resemble flames of a summer bonfire. This new variety has large flowers and a high flower count making it a great variety to use in larger pots. Bloom time is similar to Orange.

Suggested pot sizes: 1 gallon-2 gallon.

usda zones 7-9 | 18-22 " x 12-18 "

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | BROWN | PP# 25,206 We sometimes refer to Brown as the chameleon because it is not always brown—depending on conditions, it can look nearly identical to Orange. The difference in Brown compared to Orange is that it is more compact and is the first to bloom in the spring. In fact, Brown initiates so easily that we only recommend it for early season planting in a 2.5 quart-1 gallon container. In the long days of summer, Brown can have a little trouble filling the pot, so keep this one on the early schedule for best success or be prepared to feed heavily when planted to get some bulk in before flowers set.

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | BUTTERSCOTCH BISCUIT | PP# 29,163 Butterscotch Biscuit has bold butter yellow and orange two-toned flowers with a light-colored eye, making this variety one of the brightest in the series. Flowers are giant-sized, even surpassingYellow, getting upwards of 6" in diameter.This variety runs on the more aggressive side and is best suited for larger containers such as 1.5-2 gallon and large deco containers. The bloom time for Butterscotch Biscuit is late, similar toYellow, so it is great for late summer to fall season sales.

Suggested pot sizes: 1.5 gallon-2 gallon.

Suggested pot sizes: 2.5 quart-1 gallon only.

usda zones 7-9 | 16-20 " x 12-18 "

usda zones 7-9 | 18-24 " x 12-18 "

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | ORANGE | PP# 25,221 Orange is our all-rounder.This color tends to have the heaviest flower set and can be planted throughout the spring and summer with great results. Another plus is that we have successfully grown Orange in a range of sizes from a 2.5 quart to a 5 gallon using only one 72-cell liner.

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | ELECTRA SHOCK | PP# 29,164 Electra Shock is a selection with unique quill type flowers giving it a spider mum appearance. In cooler weather the flowers have a bronze tinge, in warmer weather the flowers will appear more yellow in color. Electra Shock has a rounded, stiff habit and works well in 1 gallon to 2 gallons. With the mum-like appearance, this variety is great for fall sales and because flowers can last up to 10 weeks it will have a much longer shelf life.

Suggested pot sizes: 2.5 quart-2 gallon.

Suggested pot sizes: 1 gallon-2 gallon.

usda zones 7-9 | 18-22 " x 12-18 "

usda zones 7-9 | 18-22 " x 12-18 "

e c h i b e c k i a p l a n t i n g s e a s o n s




weeks 8-10

weeks 18-22

blazing fire , brown , orange , pumpernickel , sunbeat

may finish

weeks 15-16

weeks 23-26

june finish

all varieties

weeks 19-21

weeks 27-31

july finish

all varieties

weeks 24-25

weeks 32-35

all varieties

august finish

blazing fire , butterscotch biscuit , electra shock , orange , pumpernickel , sizzling sunset , sunbeat , sunchaser , sunreef , yellow

weeks 28-29

weeks 36-39

september finish

* Finished times are based on a 1 gallon pot size, one plant per pot. Growers should use the information presented here as a guideline only. For specific information on growing, please see our detailed technical guide.




Sizzling Sunset sports HUGE two-toned red and yellow flowers on a very compact habit. Flowers can get up to 6" in diameter making this is a great variety for deco containers. Bloom time is similar to Butterscotch Biscuit.

Sunbeat is the newest selection in the Summerina series boasting bright yellow flowers with a red eye, the yellow remains light and bright throughout the season. The flowers are smaller than others in the series but Sunbeat more than makes up for that with the high number of flowers. Sunbeat is on the taller side yet still fills the pot like most Summerina and works best in larger pots such as 1.5 to 2 gallon.

Pumpernickel has two-toned toasted brown with espresso flowers that more closely matches the habit of the Orange orYellow varieties vs Brown, which has a more compact habit. In warmer climates, Pumpernickel does not express the brown color as strongly as pictured and will more closely resemble Orange. The flower color will deepen with cooling weather making it great for fall sales!

Suggested pot sizes: 1 gallon-2 gallon.

Suggested pot sizes: 1.5 gallon-2 gallon.

Suggested pot sizes: 1 gallon-2 gallon.

usda zones 7-9 | 16-20 " x 12-18 "

usda zones 7-9 | 22-26 " x 16-20 "

usda zones 7-9 | 16-18 " x 12-18 "

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | SUNCHASER ™ | PP# 32,901 Sunchaser is the result of newer breeding in the Summerina program selecting for bigger, brighter and bolder flowers. This gem will not disappoint with flowers in summery yellow and orange tones, almost the size of the sun... well maybe not that big but they will knock your socks off at nearly 8 " across! Sunchaser is a beast so be sure to plant it in a larger container so it can have a little breathing room and grow to its full potential. Sunchaser looks similar to Butterscotch Biscuit in flower color but flowers and mature plant size is larger and bloom time is earlier compared to Butterscotch Biscuit.

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | SUNREEF ™ | PP# 32,892 Sunreef is very similar to Orange only it was selected for larger and more colorful flowers compared to Orange. Flowers are a beefy 6 " in diameter or more and are two-toned orange-red. Bloom time is slightly later than Orange and habit is a bit larger.

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | YELLOW | PP# 25,243 Yellow is one of the original varieties in the series and our most popular color by far!Yellow has bright yellow flowers but when light levels go into overdrive or temperatures drop, flower petals will start to show a streaking of a rich, red-brown color. Yellow produces less flowers per plant but the size of the flowers make up for this. Yellow is great for summer and fall sales since it is one of the latest to bloom.

Suggested pot sizes: 1 gallon-2 gallon.

Suggested pot sizes: 1 gallon-2 gallon.

Suggested pot sizes: 1.5 gallon-2 gallon.

usda zones 7-9 | 22-26 " x 16 - 20 "

usda zones 7-9 | 20-24 " x 16 - 20 "

usda zones 7-9 | 18-22 " x 12-18 "

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