Welsh Language and Culture Strategy English

• Deliver increased inclusion of elements of Welsh studies within the curriculum across the board. • Provide embedded employability and academic skills through the medium of Welsh in courses offering Welsh-medium provision. • Solidify our offer of adult learning short courses through the medium of Welsh across a range of subjects, in particular to adult learners without Level 4 qualifications. • Increase the number of Academi Hywel Teifi undergraduate scholarships per academic year to 80, and the number of bursaries to 20.

services, focussing particularly on the greater transition needs of students (including those impacted by Covid19). • Strengthen the Academic Mentor scheme’s partnering of Welsh-speaking mentors and tutees and encourage conversations about the benefits of multi-language skills between all students and their mentors. • Implement an opt-out registration approach to Welsh-medium modules for Welsh- speaking students. BY 2027 WE WILL: • Have reached 750 students studying 5+ credits in Welsh.

Pillar 2: The Learner Experience

We aim to enhance the number, range and quality of opportunities to support Welsh language learners across our student and staff communities. We will proactively engage with other Higher Education Institutions, further education colleges and schools and the Coleg Cymraeg to collaboratively explore, develop, deliver and promote Welsh-medium education. We will also work to provide further employability and academic skills support through the medium of Welsh.

• Intensify our activities with respect to engagement and recruitment in areas ranking highly on the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation. • Provide an opportunity for Welsh speakers who don’t necessarily study through the medium of Welsh to enrich their bilingual employability skills and to realise their potential as prospective bilingual employees. • Establish a programme of fieldtrips, talks and online content to provide greater opportunities for students, especially international students, to engage with the language and culture. • Intensify our Cymraeg i Bawb programme to provide greater integration of adult learning opportunities for staff and students to learn Welsh for free, on a credit and non-credit bearing basis. • Continue to offer 55 scholarships and 10 bursaries per academic year on a competitive basis through the Academi Hywel Teifi UG scholarship programme for all undergraduate students. • Further promote the Coleg Cymraeg’s Scholarships and Welsh Language Certificate to students, with a focus on supporting non- confident speakers of Welsh to improve their skills and to speak it on a daily basis. • Further strengthen our student experience for Welsh-language students by developing our academic skills support and well-being

BY 2024 WE WILL: • Recruit or convert more students to our Welsh-medium provision, exceeding our HEFCW targets for students studying 5+ credits and 40+ credits per year and working to an 8% increase on current numbers per year. • Offer broad and innovative Welsh-language provision across a range of subjects in all three Faculties at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral level, in addition to a five-credit inclusive provision that supersedes Faculty boundaries. • Support all three Faculties, in collaboration with Academi Hywel Teifi, to commit to the delivery of and responsibility for achieving the University’s annual Welsh-language teaching and learning objectives and targets and to strategically resource those efforts. • Continue to build on our 40+ credit provision in Welsh in partnership with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol across a range of subjects, but with clear priority on degree schemes offering vocational routes (e.g. Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work, Law, Education, Medicine and Pharmacy) and areas of specialism (e.g. Paramedic Science and the sciences). • Reinforce the delivery of and promote our programmes offering 60+ credits delivered in Welsh, which include Welsh, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages and Media Studies.

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