Welsh Language and Culture Strategy English

Pillar 1: Our University Culture

We aim to strengthen the ways we promote Swansea University’s Welsh- language and bilingual status, ensuring that our University is home to a welcoming and thriving, multilingual and multicultural community.

• Provide training for leadership posts across the University to encompass all aspects of engagement with the language and culture of Wales, to enable our leaders to better support staff and students. • Work with the Students’ Union full-time officers and societies and local external agencies to provide a diverse, inclusive and welcoming bilingual environment which can also offer expanded Welsh-language opportunities to students who desire them.

BY 2024 WE WILL: • Amplify the awareness and understanding of staff and students of their Welsh-language rights within the University. • Enable all staff to engage with the Welsh language through free learning opportunities within working hours and through providing social spaces in Welsh. • Ensure better integration of learners and fluent Welsh speakers, promote greater levels of confidence by individuals in their abilities, and greater opportunities for staff to use their skills in the workplace. • Support staff to highlight, make known and utilise their Welsh-language skills. • Strengthen our Welsh language academic staff network through Academi Hywel Teifi and the Swansea Branch of the Coleg Cymraeg. • Work with Development and Training Services to develop an in-house mandatory Welsh language and culture awareness training course for staff (including information on compliance requirements with the Welsh language Standards), especially as they join the institution. • Provide more opportunities to introduce the history and culture of Wales to all staff.

BY 2027 WE WILL: • Strengthen the visibility of the Welsh language across the University and

emphasise its importance in our everyday activities to staff, students and the public. • Ensure staff are recognised and rewarded for their engagement with the Welsh language through the University’s PDR process and internal ‘Use your Welsh’ campaigns. • Establish a programme for academics who are learning Welsh to help them develop their confidence to teach in Welsh. • Develop measures to demonstrate and celebrate the impact of the Welsh language on our University’s success in areas such as student recruitment, retention, progression and employment; research and global connections; cultural profile and civic mission.

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