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March 2018

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discount a program right away because of the cost; you might have another way to pay for it. Talk to your insurance company. We’re also happy to answer your questions. BOOST YOUR NUTRITION What you eat makes a dramatic difference in your overall health. We’re lucky to have a great nutritional resource located within our office suite at our Ponte Vedra Beach location. If you are ready to take your nutrition to the next level, the fine folks at Health Partners are the ones to talk to. Their functional medicine practice is a whole-body, holistic approach focused on healing. They talk with clients about lifestyle changes and focusing on positive food choices. If you’re interested in working with them, we can connect you. You can also find more information at Promote your health this year by starting slow and making small changes that will last beyond your 2018 calendar. It’s time to make your health a priority.

Consider working with your PT or a personal trainer. At Premier, we offer personal training sessions instead of jumping right in to avoid injury. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR OPTIONS With more workout options than ever, you don’t have to stick to the same boring routine. Have you ever tried a group exercise class? If you’re tired of struggling through your reps in solitude, this might be something to try this year. The energy around you keeps you motivated during a fun workout. Call our office to inquire about our new group exercise classes being offered. If you’ve suffered a knee, ankle, or foot injury, the Alter-G treadmill is an amazing piece of equipment. The machine can be adjusted for your weight and allows you to run without impact. Essentially, it’s like running in space! For those of us who are unable to bear weight yet still want to perform cardiovascular exercise, the Alter-G is something to consider. Again, call our office to set up a test run or walk. Worried about the cost of these workouts? Some programs (and most physical therapy programs) are covered by insurance. If you have an HSA through your job, these services may be paid for. Don’t

Warmer weather is approaching, and for many of us, that means setting new fitness goals.Whether you’re recovering, getting back up to speed after an injury, or just seeking a new workout, you can use the motivation of a fresh start to fuel your fitness journey. But there is one drawback to New Year’s momentum: All the excitement to get started can cause you to do more than you’re ready for, and that leads to injuries. How can you tackle your fitness goals without injuring yourself again? Before you head to your new workout class, don’t forget to warm up and ease into whatever you do. Here are some additional suggestions. START SLOW Work toward your goal one step at a time to make it achievable. Transition from physical therapy to more intense workouts slowly. Remember, small steps lead to sustainable results. Work with your therapist to determine your capabilities. If you want to engage in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), consider starting with a physical-therapy-directed fitness and wellness program. HIIT is popular right now, and it can be a great option for some people. Of course, as the name suggests, HIIT is intense and fast-paced.

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