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discount a program right away because of the cost; you might have another way to pay for it. Talk to your insurance company. We’re also happy to answer your questions. BOOST YOUR NUTRITION What you eat makes a dramatic difference in your overall health. We’re lucky to have a great nutritional resource located within our office suite at our Ponte Vedra Beach location. If you are ready to take your nutrition to the next level, the fine folks at Health Partners are the ones to talk to. Their functional medicine practice is a whole-body, holistic approach focused on healing. They talk with clients about lifestyle changes and focusing on positive food choices. If you’re interested in working with them, we can connect you. You can also find more information at Promote your health this year by starting slow and making small changes that will last beyond your 2018 calendar. It’s time to make your health a priority.

Consider working with your PT or a personal trainer. At Premier, we offer personal training sessions instead of jumping right in to avoid injury. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR OPTIONS With more workout options than ever, you don’t have to stick to the same boring routine. Have you ever tried a group exercise class? If you’re tired of struggling through your reps in solitude, this might be something to try this year. The energy around you keeps you motivated during a fun workout. Call our office to inquire about our new group exercise classes being offered. If you’ve suffered a knee, ankle, or foot injury, the Alter-G treadmill is an amazing piece of equipment. The machine can be adjusted for your weight and allows you to run without impact. Essentially, it’s like running in space! For those of us who are unable to bear weight yet still want to perform cardiovascular exercise, the Alter-G is something to consider. Again, call our office to set up a test run or walk. Worried about the cost of these workouts? Some programs (and most physical therapy programs) are covered by insurance. If you have an HSA through your job, these services may be paid for. Don’t

Warmer weather is approaching, and for many of us, that means setting new fitness goals.Whether you’re recovering, getting back up to speed after an injury, or just seeking a new workout, you can use the motivation of a fresh start to fuel your fitness journey. But there is one drawback to New Year’s momentum: All the excitement to get started can cause you to do more than you’re ready for, and that leads to injuries. How can you tackle your fitness goals without injuring yourself again? Before you head to your new workout class, don’t forget to warm up and ease into whatever you do. Here are some additional suggestions. START SLOW Work toward your goal one step at a time to make it achievable. Transition from physical therapy to more intense workouts slowly. Remember, small steps lead to sustainable results. Work with your therapist to determine your capabilities. If you want to engage in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), consider starting with a physical-therapy-directed fitness and wellness program. HIIT is popular right now, and it can be a great option for some people. Of course, as the name suggests, HIIT is intense and fast-paced.

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Education in the Kitchen

What Your Child Can Learn From Baking

in the kitchen, then, is a great way for kids to learn the importance of reading directions carefully and comprehending what they’ve just read.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you’re probably wracking your brain for the perfect recipe to bake for your loved one. There’s nothing wrong with store-bought chocolate, but there’s no topping the personal touch of some homemade baked goods. If you have kids, baking alongside them can be just as rewarding as enjoying the fruits of your labor. As an added bonus, baking is a hands-on opportunity where your child can learn all sorts of important concepts. Here is a short list of some of the educational lessons hiding in your kitchen. MATH Baking is a numbers game. Just take a look at any recipe, and you’ll recognize the importance of math in building a beautiful cake. Having children measure out ingredients helps them learn about fractions and ratios. You can also test your kids by doubling or halving a recipe for multiplication and division practice. With older kids, practice unit conversions by asking, for example, how many pints are in half a gallon. FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS Not unlike computer science, baking requires a strict order of operations. The wet and dry ingredients often need to be mixed separately and then folded together. It only takes one deviation from the instructions for a pastry to go from delicious to disgusting. Spending time

Cultural Understanding Cuisine is a fundamental part of every culture. Introducing your child to dishes from around the world will expand their horizons. Want your child to be a less picky eater? Involving them in the cooking process is the surest way to get them excited about trying new flavors and ingredients. NUTRITION Now, you might not think that baking cookies will encourage greater nutritional awareness, but hear us out. Sugar is often buried within packaged foods. When you bake something at home, a child gets to see, firsthand, just how much sugar goes into certain sweets. Meanwhile, cooking savory dishes also allows them to learn what constitutes a balanced, healthy diet.



After injuring my elbow, I was referred to Premier by my daughter and by a friend. I’m glad for their recommendation. Everyone at Premier was very friendly, and the physical therapy they provided helped me recover from my injury. This was the second injury to my elbow, which added a second set of plates and pins to my arm. After the first injury, scar tissue had to be removed with surgery. Because of the care I received at Premier, I had no scar tissue this time. I also believe my arm is in better shape this time. Thank you, Curtis and everyone at Premier, for helping me heal! –Cathy Menendez

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Beat the Post-Holiday Blues During the holidays, there is so much going on that we aren’t able to think about anything else. This can leave us feeling exhausted after all the festivities are over. Then, January and February can usher in a bout of the “holiday blues.” How can you avoid them? TRY A NEW CLASS OR ACTIVITY You’ve been wanting to try yoga after reading about its calming effects. The challenge of trying something new, and the accomplishment you’ll feel when you complete it, will keep the positive vibes going. Make a date with a friend to try a new class so you’ll be accountable to one another, having a comrade to get through the hard parts with. IDENTIFY YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM Whom do you turn to when you need support? Who among your family and friends makes you feel good about yourself? Who’s there for celabrations and when you need a shoulder to lean on? Identify these

people, and strengthen your bonds with them. The people who contribute to your happiness and well-being are the ones to surround yourself with.

LEAVE BEHIND THE MIND READING Don’t make people guess how you’re feeling. Learn to share your feelings before they overwhelm you. Like identifying your support system, being able to share your feelings with a loved one can relieve stress. You might also find it helpful to talk with an unbiased professional who is simply there to listen. They can assure you that what you’re feeling is okay and help you process those feelings. As always, talk to your doctor and physical therapist before starting a new exercise program. Reinjuring yourself is the surest way to get the blues, so ease into a new program and stop if you feel pain. We’re here for you as you embark on these new adventures. Be well and healthy in 2018!


There’s nothing like curling up under a blanket with a warm mug and a novel that finally came out in paperback. Break out the slow cooker and let the sweet aroma waft through your living room as your start Chapter 1.


Premier Fitness and Wellness WITH PRATEEN PATEL, PTA Announcing the launch of

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1 cup white chocolate chips

• • •

2 tablespoons powdered sugar

14 ounces sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

4 tablespoons raspberry liqueur or syrup

• •

2 cups heavy cream, divided 3 cups milk (any variety will do)

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Directions 1. In a slow cooker, combine white chocolate chips, condensed milk, 1 cup cream, and milk. Cover and heat on low about 2 hours. 2. In a large bowl, mix remaining 1 cup cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla. 3. Using a hand or stand mixer, whip until stiff peaks form. 4. Serve mugs of hot chocolate with about 1 tablespoon of raspberry liqueur or syrup to taste and a dollop of whipped cream.

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THE SCIENCE BEHIND SUPPLEMENTS What Works and What to Avoid If you walk into your local nutritional supply store, it won’t take you long to realize there are way too many supplements on the market. Some contain basic essentials like vitamins and fish oils. Others advertise themselves with wild names like “MassiveMuscle” or “Core CRSHR,” and they contain a laundry list of chemicals. It would be hard for an expert to figure out the benefits of each supplement, let alone a regular person trying to boost their nutrient intake and get the most out of their workout. However, there are a few solid rules of thumb to follow if you don’t want to buy a jar full of placebos. RULE 1: YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH VITAMINS Vitamins and minerals are the catalysts for nearly every process in your body. Without a solid foundation of vitamins, higher-octane supplements won’t work as well. Unless you are the strictest eater around, you’re probably not getting all the nutrients you need from your diet. Look for natural or organic vitamins that contain a variety of useful compounds, like vitamin D, vitamin B complex, iron, and magnesium. RULE 2: READ THE INGREDIENTS (ALL OF ‘EM) According to Harvard Health, supplements are the “Wild West of American health.” Companies have to do very little to get their products approved

and on the shelf. Because of this, the buyer needs to be vigilant to avoid getting duped. Before you toss a supplement into your cart, be sure to read every ingredient, including the inactive ones. Alternatively, do some research before you shop to find trusted brands. RULE 3: DIFFERENT BODIES NEED DIFFERENT SUPPLEMENTS Many supplements are tailored to specific types of workouts. If, for instance, you are doing high-intensity workouts, you may want to consider adding some whey or creatine to your regimen. Your body metabolizes these compounds quickly during workouts, so keeping your levels high will enhance growth and speed up recovery. Except for basic multivitamins, there are no one-size-fits-all supplements. RULE 4: DON’T OVERLOOK NATURAL COMPOUNDS Natural supplements, like fish oil, bone broth protein, and probiotics, provide well-researched health benefits. As an added bonus, you rarely need to worry about side effects, provided you don’t take more than is recommended. Take a look at your supplements and ask yourself where synthetic compounds can be replaced with natural ones.

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