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THE MISSING PIECE How Our TMS Therapy Can Fill the Gaps in Depression Treatment

No item in our Hope Peace Recovery (HPR) Treatment Centers of Ormond Beach office is more powerful or meaningful than the jigsaw puzzle quilt that hangs on our wall. This quilt was a gift from a patient who told us we were her missing piece, and after seven weeks of our Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy, she was optimistic about her recovery from depression. Stories of gratitude from patients are not rare for our office, as we often receive flowers, chocolates, cakes, and even big hugs from patients nearing the end of their TMS therapy sessions. Their appreciation keeps us motivated to continue supporting them as we watch them transform from a shell of a human into a healthy, functioning person. Often, when we first meet patients, they slump into our offices, avoiding the full conversations that can be so arduous for patients with depression. By the end of their treatment, we have developed a rapport, and they are often joking around with our personnel. The transformation that takes place over the course of their treatment is truly astounding, and we feel incredibly lucky that they trust us to guide them through this life-changing treatment. It’s a transformation that isn’t lost on HPR Treatment Centers’ founder Ben Klein. TMS therapy was the answer his 17-year-old daughter had been searching for nearly her entire life. Having been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, his daughter found little success with medications and had lost hope on finding a viable solution to her disorder. Almost by chance, a physician friend of Klein’s gave him a call, asking for help in purchasing a piece of medical equipment that offered revolutionary care for depression: a TMS therapy device. Taking a deep dive into TMS research, Klein discovered this treatment option offers noninvasive electromagnetic stimulation to the brain cells through a multiday and multiweek regimen. An FDA-approved treatment method, TMS benefits have been regularly studied and have offered patients like his daughter a side effect-free, healthy life. But

until recently, major insurance companies didn’t cover the treatment option. In addition, TMS devices were limited in quantity, and the marketing for this treatment plan was nearly nonexistent. Klein set out to change that, and, in the process, he changed the life of his daughter and those facing the same chronic mental illnesses by offering a readily available alternative to medicinal treatments. It’s important to understand that we do not advocate against the use of medication. We send our patients back to their physician after the TMS therapy process, and together they can decide if the patient should wean off their medication or if they should continue with medicinal treatments. We know medication can be beneficial and powerful, and some of our patients continue small dosages of their medication after treatment. But when it comes to TMS therapies, there is an edge it boasts over medicinal counterparts to treatment: the side effects. Whenever you take any medication, there are various side effects across your body that can accompany the drug. Antidepressant effects can run the gamut of weight and/or appetite issues and grogginess. When it comes to TMS therapy, only 5% of patients report side effects, which typically include headaches or mild pain at the application site. There is always the fear of the unknown, but with no sedation, 20-minute sessions, and very little effects, TMS therapy can often be the answer many patients with depression are searching for. With 36 locations in 12 different states, HPR Treatment Centers is devoted to the application of this alternative treatment option for patients with mental disorders. We believe in the power of TMS therapy and its ability to give our patients hope, peace, and recovery — just as our name and mission suggest.

– Larry Crosby


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