Peoples Gas - Fueling Florida's Energy Future

Peoples Gas delivers the natural gas that fuels Florida. An abundant, natural U.S. energy source that, whether we know it or not, affects the daily lives of every Floridian. Safe, cost-effective, and reliable, natural gas is critical to our future growth and prosperity. Peoples Gas is at the heart of Florida’s energy.

Peoples Gas Fueling Florida’s energy future

Peoples Gas delivers the natural gas that fuels Florida. An abundant, natural U.S. energy source that, whether we know it or not, affects the daily lives of every Floridian. Safe, cost-effective, and reliable, natural gas is critical to our future growth and prosperity. Peoples Gas is at the heart of Florida’s energy. Vital to Florida’s future


5 reasons Peoples Gas is vital to Florida’s future: Natural gas is significantly more resilient than other energy sources, especially during and after tropical weather, due to our underground infrastructure. 1 2 3 4 5 We distribute a clean, sustainable natural resource. Natural gas is a lower carbon fuel that produces less greenhouse gas emissions than other fossil fuels. Renewable natural gas is even cleaner. Natural gas is safe, affordable, and abundant. Floridians love natural gas! We’re a reliable, resilient part of our energy mix. We help fuel Florida’s economy. Over 75% of Florida’s net electricity generation is fueled by natural gas, with increased production projected to keep pace with Florida’s growth. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the pipelines used by Peoples Gas are the safest form of energy transport. From cost-conscious customers to world- class restaurant chefs, Floridians love having the option of natural gas.



How Peoples Gas is helping shape Florida’s energy future

We’re committed to being a leader during the state’s energy evolution by delivering clean and efficient natural gas solutions in an environmentally responsible and economical way. We meet the highest safety standards, provide world-class customer service, and engage in new, advanced technologies and initiatives to help families, communities, and businesses flourish in Florida. Together, we’re making Florida a comfortable, safe, healthy, and affordable place to live, work, play, and prosper for generations to come.

What is natural gas? Natural gas is America’s largest growing domestic energy resource. Roughly 90% of the natural gas used in the U.S. is produced domestically. Natural gas has existed for millions of years underneath the Earth’s surface and is extracted, processed, transported, and distributed safely and efficiently to homes and businesses. The gross domestic supply of natural gas is enough to meet our energy demand for 110 years.


At the heart of Florida’s economy



Case Study: Transit

Natural gas fueled HART buses take off

Fueling Florida’s economic growth

How Peoples Gas is helping to drive Florida forward

Promoting growth and recovery Homebuyers and business owners choose natural gas for its reliability, performance, and cost savings. As our economy continues to grow stronger, natural gas gives Florida builders, developers, and architects a cost- effective fuel alternative for a large variety of applications, along with a wide range of service options, rebates, and incentives. 75% of Florida’s net electricity generation is fueled by natural gas EIA Sept. 2019 Big savings for small businesses Providing higher efficiency than other fuels, natural gas can produce significant savings for businesses to reduce operating costs and increase profit margins. Natural gas appliances and equipment cost less to operate and generally require less maintenance. These savings are often reinvested in the company, leading to better business for owners and customers alike. Keeping our ports competitive Florida’s ports are rapidly exploring the transition from heavy fuel oil to liquefied natural gas (LNG). LNG is a clean, cost-effective option that makes port operations more efficient and effective. Environmental benefits of LNG over traditional fuels include a significant reduction in sulfur, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions. As new cruise ships, cargo ships, and other marine vessels consider LNG, Florida’s ports and Peoples Gas are well situated to provide cleaner, cost-effective LNG options.

Industries throughout the state use natural gas to reduce costs, help the environment with lower carbon emissions, and strengthen resiliency. Here are three innovative fuel solutions from Peoples Gas that are helping to transform clean energy in Florida: CNG Compressed Natural Gas: A fuel alternative to gasoline, diesel, and propane, CNG is used by transportation fleets to lower costs and emissions. RNG Renewable Natural Gas: Waste from landfills and agriculture can be processed to create pipeline quality, carbon-neutral fuel that is available 24/7. LNG Liquefied Natural Gas: Technology is used to cool natural gas to liquid form with no need for pressurized storage or transport because the volume is 600x smaller than its natural state.

At the heart of our business community Peoples Gas provides natural gas to commercial and industrial customers, including builders, developers, and property owners. Natural gas is used for commercial-grade cooking equipment, water heating, clothes drying, space conditioning, fleet fuel, marine transportation, and more.

Natural gas is an abundant, domestic natural resource that fuels small and large business, and numerous industries across the state. It keeps transportation moving, construction growing, and our ports competitive. With the help of natural gas, Florida’s vibrant business community will continue to flourish.

• Florida’s economy depends on electricity and more than 75% of Florida’s net electricity generation is fueled by natural gas. • Natural gas can produce significant savings for businesses to reduce operating costs and increase profit margins. • Florida’s vast transportation fleets are making the switch to natural gas to lower costs and carbon emissions.

At the heart of Florida’s most important industries

The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) is transitioning its fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG). By making the switch, HART is able to improve its services to major employment centers in the Tampa Bay area, reduce fleet maintenance, and significantly lessen fuel cost. Since CNG burns more cleanly than gasoline or diesel, the transition greatly reduces the amount of nitrogen oxides and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. It also helps lower the nation’s reliance on fuel from overseas.

Hospitality Guests who come to Florida looking for comfortable accommodations or culinary escapes will find that natural gas is the preferred energy source for many of our top hotels and restaurants.

Tourism Clean, sustainable natural gas provides several of our state’s biggest theme parks, cruise ships, and attractions the energy savings and reliability they need to thrill, thrive, and expand.

Commercial Businesses that rely on natural gas can see significant savings on energy costs. These savings are often reinvested in the company, leading to better business for owners and customers alike.

Transportation Peoples Gas is working throughout the state to expand the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), one of the best low-emissions alternative fuels for medium and heavy-duty transportation.

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At the heart of reliability and resiliency



Hurricane Irma provides a CAT-5 stress test Case Study: Hurricane

Natural gas is a reliable, resilient part of Florida’s energy mix

years of clean, reliable natural gas service to Floridians 125 + 110 year’s worth of domestic natural gas available

In 2017, Hurricane Irma approached Florida as a Category 5 hurricane and one of the strongest Atlantic storms on record with winds of 185 mph over 35 hours, causing widespread power outages and flooding throughout Florida. Natural gas proved to be resilient. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) found only one gas pipeline incident caused by a downed power line. Critical facilities, including hospitals, were powered by natural gas to stay operational throughout the duration and aftermath of the storm.

A critical asset during storm season Natural gas is Florida’s core energy in times of storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Thanks to its underground infrastructure, the delivery of natural gas is relatively unaffected during severe weather events and is regularly used to power back-up generators and other equipment. Critical community facilities rely on natural gas Emergency electricity back-up generation fueled by natural gas is a key component to maintaining vital operations in critical care and public facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire stations, emergency shelters, and grocery stores when power outages occur.

Peoples Gas, the largest natural gas distributor in Florida, has provided reliable, affordable natural gas service throughout the state since 1895. Through constant innovation, we’ve evolved with the energy industry to provide cleaner, more affordable and reliable energy with unparalleled customer service.

their homes and businesses, Peoples Gas invests more than $200 million every year to improve and expand our extensive infrastructure.

• For over 125 years, Peoples Gas has delivered reliable, affordable natural gas throughout the state. • Peoples Gas spends more than $200 million annually to expand our natural gas infrastructure. • Natural gas is proven to be a cost-effective, reliable partner in the delivery of renewable energy. • In times of storms, peak energy demand, and even typical outages, natural gas is Florida’s core energy.

More than $200 Million invested annually to expand infrastructure and meet customer needs

Reliable and responsible Peoples Gas is aligned with Florida’s Energy and Climate Plan to secure lower carbon, affordable energy and create opportunities for economic growth. We are actively engaged with communities, businesses, legislators, and other stakeholders in creating solutions and taking measurable actions to meet Florida’s growing energy needs. Partner fuel for renewables Natural gas provides redundancy, which is especially important with Florida’s increase in solar power. Because renewable energy is an intermittent energy source dependent upon weather conditions, natural gas-generated electricity is used to maintain the reliability of electricity supply on the grid.

Power’s out? Gas is on. Peoples Gas pipelines are naturally protected underground, making them safe from severe weather, falling tree limbs, traffic accidents, and other hazards.

Rising up to meet demand As Florida continues to attract more residents and businesses, the demand for electricity will grow exponentially. Natural gas, with its versatility and vast 110-year domestic supply, is valuable, abundant energy that Floridians can rely on for generations. Expanding every day Because Floridians depend on Peoples Gas every day to deliver clean natural gas to fuel

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At the heart of sustainability



Case Study: Sustainability

Fueling Orlando’s eco-friendly Green Works initiative

Leading the way to a sustainable energy future

More impactful than renewables

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, natural gas has a vital role to play in a diverse energy mix. The conversion of electric generation to natural gas has had a greater impact on reducing harmful gas emissions than renewables.

Advancing technologies Peoples Gas is investing in emerging

Sustainability is at the core of Peoples Gas’ strategy, helping to strengthen our commitment to customers, communities, and industries throughout Florida. By increasing efficiency, decreasing our own system emissions, and supporting further use of CNG, LNG and RNG, our corporate initiatives support our strategic focus of safely delivering affordable, reliable Investing in renewable natural gas Peoples Gas is advancing renewable natural gas (RNG) through supply, advocacy, research, and development. This next-generation renewable natural gas will be produced from farms, landfills, and water resource recovery facilities. Creating energy from waste is a smart, carbon-neutral energy option for Florida’s industries. We’re also investing in liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) infrastructure to deliver cleaner, more affordable fuel for marine fleets, cruise ships, trucks, buses, and trains. EPA Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Peoples Gas has a long-term commitment to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge, a voluntary program to reduce and report methane emissions. As a program partner, we transparently report energy for homes and businesses in an environmentally-sustainable manner.

systematic and comprehensive actions to reduce methane emissions and are publicly recognized for the work we do to lower emissions in the U.S.

• Mitigating climate change, decarbonization, and reducing GHG emissions is a fundamental pillar of our strategic goal to fuel Florida’s future. • Peoples Gas is investing in emerging technologies and energy system advancements to further reduce emissions and achieve efficiency gains. • We made a voluntary commitment to replace cast iron and bare steel pipelines with plastic piping to lower emissions across our system. • Peoples Gas has a long-term commitment to the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge to reduce and report methane emissions.

technologies and energy system advancements including distributed generation, combined heat and power, and gas heat pumps to further reduce emissions and achieve efficiency gains. Cutting costs and carbon Energy efficiency is the least-cost path to energy affordability. By issuing nearly 40,000 cash rebates every year for energy-efficient appliances and equipment for homes and businesses, Peoples Gas is helping to create a cleaner, more cost-effective energy future. 37% less greenhouse gases are emitted from homes with natural gas versus those with all-electric appliances American Gas Association

Electricity generation CO2 savings from changes in the fuel mix since 2013

33% less greenhouse gases have been emitted by Peoples Gas since the STAR challenge began

million metric tons of carbon dioxide



“The City of Orlando is serious about our Green Works Orlando initiative. We already have 92% of our fleet operating on alternative fuels today, and compressed natural gas is a big part of that. We rely on CNG for fueling our solid waste fleet and we continue to expand its use in ours and other city agencies.” David L. Dunn, CFM Division Manager, Fleet & Facilities Management Division City of Orlando


Cleaner, safer infrastructure Peoples Gas is part of a concerted effort by natural gas utilities to upgrade our nation’s pipeline network in order to enhance safety and reduce emissions. Starting in 2011, we made a ten-year voluntary commitment to replace cast iron and bare steel pipelines with plastic piping to lower emissions across our system. Our 10-year improvement goal • Replace nearly 500 miles of cast iron or bare steel distribution pipeline, about 48 miles per year over 10 years • From this initiative, our goal is to reduce carbon-equivalent emissions (CO2 e) by 43%, nearly 55,000 tons annually over 10 years • Achieve a replacement rate of 6.5% annually. Peoples Gas exceeded its goal in 2017 with a 15.5% replacement rate





















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Natural gas-related emissions reduction

Non-carbon-related emissions reduction



At the heart of safety



Case Study: Health, Wellness, and Safety

PGS Athlete keeps our team in great shape

Natural gas is safe to use, safely distributed

Delivered safe and secure

Interstate pipelines interconnect with other pipelines and other utility systems, offering system operators flexibility in moving the gas from point to point. Natural gas eventually reaches Peoples Gas through a gate station, where it is measured and injected with an odorant for safety, then distributed to customers through our local distribution system of pipelines, mains and service lines.

Leak detection vehicles State-of-the-art leak detection vehicles

Mitigating risks and incidents The purpose of natural gas pipelines is to carry one of the nation’s most efficient and environmentally friendly fuels to businesses and homes to meet the energy needs of the region. Although gas incidents are rare, they do occur. That’s why Peoples Gas trains extensively on leak response and helps teach first responders how to effectively address pipeline emergencies. Maintaining quality control Peoples Gas maintains an Integrity Management Program that details the safety measures required to keep our pipelines safe. Barcoding our system with GPS coordinates allows us to know exactly where underground assets are located to the latitude and longitude, along with knowing exactly where the item was manufactured and when it was installed.

Peoples Gas has a proven record of delivering natural gas safely to homes and businesses across Florida. According to the United States Department of Transportation, the pipelines used by Peoples Gas are the safest form of energy transport. Proven safety record Working collaboratively with federal and state regulators, public officials, emergency responders, excavators, consumers, and safety advocates, Peoples Gas continuously meets and exceeds safety standards to protect the communities we serve. Excellence in training Peoples Gas plans and trains for emergency situations including work with first responders, local emergency management services, and other utilities across the state and country. In recognition of our efforts, Peoples Gas was awarded the American Gas Association Safety Achievement Award for Excellence in Employee Safety. Setting the standard at GasWorx GasWorx is our advanced technical training facility. Opened in 2017, GasWorx provides gas technicians and industry professionals classroom and hands- on training to ensure we install and maintain a safe gas infrastructure. This facility sets the standard for safety and technical training across the gas industry in the southeast.

• Underground infrastructure is critical to maintaining safe, consistent natural gas service, even through natural disasters. • Peoples Gas was awarded the 2018 American Gas Association Safety Achievement Award for Excellence in Employee Safety. • Peoples Gas maintains an Integrity Management Program that details the safety measures required to keep our pipelines safe. • We invest more than $10 million annually in the design, improvement, and implementation of our safety management system.

have allowed us to advance the identification of system leaks. The trucks feature high-tech super sniffers that suck in large amounts of air per minute to detect any trace of methane in the air. These innovative vehicles play a crucial role in leak surveys after storms, during emergencies and before special events. Mitigating risks and incidents. $10 Million invested annually in our safety management system $400,000 invested each year in the education and awareness of pipeline safety

Healthy team members can lead to stronger, safer communities. That’s why Peoples Gas partnered with Vimocity to create a health and wellness initiative called PGS Athlete. This important, innovative program brings the tools and practices for injury prevention and working and living without pain to our team members. “A lot of the moves and stretches not only help with greater mobility but also my focus,” said Peoples Gas Supervisor Randy Smith, “when we go through the steps as a group it also builds team comradery.”

Legend Interstate Pipelines Operator FGT

Gulf South Gulfstream Sabal Trail Southeast Connection Southern Natural

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The American Gas Association has recognized Peoples Gas as a leader in accident prevention. The company’s DART incident rate was below the industry average in 2019. DART, or Days Away/Restricted or Job Transfer Rate, reflects the number of recordable work-related injuries or illness per 100 full-time employees that resulted in lost or restricted days or job transfer.



At the heart of our communities



Case Study: Community

The cost-effective option homeowners demand

Making Florida an even better place to live, work, and play

More reasons Floridians love and choose natural gas

#1 in customer satisfaction Peoples Gas has been ranked #1 in

Families who have natural gas, love natural gas. They love how cooking with natural gas makes their food taste better. They love that natural gas is cleaner for our environment than other fossil fuels. And they love the savings they see on their energy bill every month. Natives and transplants alike—Floridians love natural gas! Our domestic, natural resource Domestic natural gas is discovered, produced, and refined right here in America. Currently, the United States has more than 110 years of natural gas supply. Access to this vast natural resource means we never have to be dependent on foreign fuel. And the money spent on natural gas stays right here, helping to feed the American economy and keep our communities prosperous. Doing good in our communities Peoples Gas is focused on building innovative, healthy, and vibrant communities. Our annual funding strategy is channeled into four specific priorities to ensure meaningful and impactful engagement with our partners and stakeholders: Growth & Innovation, Youth Programs & Education,

Wellness & Well-being, and Cultural Vitality. Peoples Gas executives also participate on various community organization boards to foster relationships while providing advocacy and synergy. Over 7,000 hours volunteered each year by Peoples Gas employees Advocating at local, state, and federal levels Maintaining a culture of integrity, Peoples Gas builds relationships with Florida stakeholders based on our stellar reputation, respect, and trust. These stakeholders exist within all governance of legislative, regulatory, and community bodies and encompass elected officials, influencers, community leaders, shareholders, and even customers. Policy decisions at every level of governance can impact our ability to deliver reliable, efficient natural gas services as well as our ability to invest in infrastructure, making stakeholder relationships crucial to accomplishing our mission of improving the quality and comfort of people’s lives.

• Discovered, produced, and distributed in America, access to natural gas reduces our dependence on foreign fuel. • Peoples Gas has been ranked #1 in residential customer satisfaction by J.D. Power for numerous consecutive years. • Our employees contribute more than 7,000 volunteer hours each year to support nonprofit community organizations across the state. • Peoples Gas builds strong, trusted relationships within Florida’s professional and government organizations.

customer satisfaction by J.D. Power for numerous consecutive years. We do everything we can to satisfy our customers and work hard every day to remain one of the most trusted utility companies in America. Most Trusted Brand Peoples Gas has once again been named a Most Trusted Brand, posting the highest score among 140 of our utility peers. We are proud to be the most trusted utility brand in the U.S. for a sixth consecutive year according to Escalent’s Cogent Residential Study.

“Bringing natural gas into our community has been a great decision. Providing homebuyers the option to choose their energy source is important, but giving them the most cost-effective option is key. We are confident this amenity has contributed to Nocatee being the third best-selling community in America, and we appreciate working with Peoples Gas.”

Home Value

Convenience Enjoy reliable service for the way we live, work, and play

Florida homebuyers want to buy houses equipped with natural gas

Richard Ray President and Chief Executive Officer The Parc Group & Master Developer of Nocatee

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Once a home is connected to gas, it’s easy to add on additional appliances and amenities Versatility

Easy Maintenance Natural gas equipment generally means less repairs over the years



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Peoples Gas is part of Emera, a worldwide energy services company, delivering cleaner, affordable and reliable energy sustainably.

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