2022-2023 Flame

FLAME The השלהבת ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

FLAME The השלהבת ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

MISSION STATEMENT Ann & Nate Levine Academy is an inclusive, dynamic, Jewish day school which fosters leadership, creativity, critical thinking, and Jewish values while empowering its students with integrity, self-confidence, and intellectual curiosity. EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY CRITICAL THINKING We encourage exploration and intellectual and objective analysis before reaching conclusions and making judgments. GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Through the lens of Jewish tradition and tikkun olam, we promote the responsibilities and duties that come with being an ethical and humane partner in our society and world. CREATIVITY We promote the use of innovation, imagination and originality in our approach to learning. COLLABORATION Through positive, mutually respectful relationships we build effective working and learning communities. GROWTH MINDSET We believe that each person has innate talents and strengths that can be fostered through dedication, perseverance, and hard work, inspiring a love of learning and resilience. COMMUNITY We embrace the full spectrum of Jewish rituals and practices and encourage each student to value his/her unique heritage and pathway in the context of Jewish history. PREPARATORY CURRICULUM Students are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and character to succeed in all areas of life after Levine. CONFIDENCE An emotionally safe environment fosters a feeling of assurance arising from one’s abilities and qualities. ZIONISM Our school community embodies a strong connection with Israel, its people, culture and language. COMMITMENT We expect all members of our school community to embody our core Jewish middot and educational philosophy.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President: Marc Grossfeld President Elect: Julie Wilkofsky VP Finance: Neal Rothstein VP Development: Brad Behringer Secretary: Andrea Steiger BOARD MEMBERS Jonathan Blum

Nili Bueckert Chuck Butler Michael Cohen Sarah Davis Mark Fleschler Randy Fleisher Aaron Frydman Dan Gold

David Goldberg Solomon Israel Hylton Jonas Emily Kern Mark Kreditor Nate Levine Sandy Haymann Marks Yury Mintskovsky Tina Orlowski Nilly Ovadia Lee Raphael Risha Reiman Michelle Rosenberg

Shana Staub Adam Stern

Jennifer Tonini Sandra Veeder Michael Zimmermann


Community Partner of Jewish Federation OF GREATER DALLAS

Independent Schools Association of the Southwest


A LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY from the Head of School and the President of the Board of Trustees

Dear Levine Community, With confidence and jubilation, we can pronounce what we know is in all of your hearts as well – Levine Academy has emerged as a leading independent school and is gaining traction in its national reputation. Why is this? It is because of you – our core constituency of families and supporters. Your commitment to Jewish education, your spirited participation in our gatherings for Shabbat, in our many celebrations, and in our Levine Fund and Gala, and your input and feedback on how we can grow stronger. All of your dreams, your engagement, and your investment make our school’s mission come alive, and keeps all of us at school – the faculty, the leadership team, the board – working toward betterment and aiming for the highest quality education possible, each and every year. And this was a year of many achievements for Levine. Our robotics team took both first and third place at a national competition; our girls basketball team won the league championship; our school’s faculty garnered top recognition for its work with the ADL on anti-bias training – and these plaudits are merely a sliver of our achievements this past year. The top award? Our number one accomplishment? That belongs to the work that each and every teacher, specialist, counselor and coach puts into helping your children grow and learn every day: the teaching we do to elevate academic skills, the time we spend to promote social-emotional wellness, the traditions we cherish which instill Jewish values, and the encouragement we give to grow tomorrow’s leaders. Take a close look at the images and accomplishments that are on every page of this issue of The Flame. There is reason to be proud of what you are helping Levine accomplish, and you are to be thanked, profusely, for contributing to the ongoing success of our school’s community and to the strengthening of our school’s mission.

With sincerest gratitude,

TOM ELIEFF Head of School

MARC GROSSFELD President, Board of Trustees

3 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

FEDERATION PARTNERSHIP The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas is our partner in achieving important work to ensure a strong, vibrant Jewish community in Dallas, Israel and throughout the world. As a partner agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, not only are we awarded funds annually, we are also provided with programs and resources including: the Community Security Initiative, the Community Outreach and Engagement Initiative, the Center for Jewish Education and the Jewish Community Relations Council. FEDERATION GRANTS 2022-2023 TUITION ASSISTANCE: $177,863


This grant was awarded to Levine Academy as a partner organization with the Federation to be used for tuition assistance for families in need. MINDFULNESS PROGRAM - $10,000/YEAR (2 YEARS) This was the second year of a two-year grant focusing on our students’ social and emotional well-being. To fulfill this grant, we have partnered with D.O.T.S. For Kids, a company which provides a variety of individualized services for children. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM UPGRADE- $28,000 (MATCHING GRANT) This year, we raised $28,000 from our Levine community and were granted a matching $28,000 from the Jewish Federation for the installation of 65 high resolution security cameras surrounding the campus and security screens now mounted in five administrative offices.

JEWISH EDUCATION (CIJE) ENGINEERING PROGRAM • Provides a cutting- edge applied STEM Program • Makes our day school program more relevant to education and career choices in the 21st century • Increases our ability to produce future

tech innovators and entrepreneurs who will support our community

Community Partner of Jewish Federation OF GREATER DALLAS



PA OFFICERS Co-Presidents Allison Grossman & Shana Staub Immediate Past-Presidents Jacqui Felder & Petty Weiss VP Social Programming/ Grade Level Coordinator Andrea Steiger VP Internal Operations/Treasurers Teresa & Lance Rosenfield EC Faculty Rep Jessica Reese-Wilner K8 Faculty Rep Debbie Sukenic Admin Liaison Yael Twito

THANK YOU! to all of our volunteers who made the following programs possible. • Directory Ads • Back to School Grade Level Parties • Teacher Appreciation Luncheons • Rosh Hashanah Honey Jars • Amazon Wish List for Teachers • Stock the Breakrooms for Staff • Light the Night Chanukah Party • Book Fair • Stallion Swap • Spirit Wear Sales • Havdalah Under the Stars • Purim Carnival • Family Shabbat Dinners • Summer Send-off Event • Faculty & Staff Birthday and Holiday Gift Cards • PA Website

5 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783


STEM-15 OCULUS Experience virtual dissections and immersive experiences in both general studies and Judaic studies. WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM Students become better readers, thinkers, and learners in a discipline, by processing their ideas through writing. Increasing the amount of time students are writing also improves a student’s ability to recall information, make connections between different concepts, and synthesize information in new ways. Teachers have similar expectations for their students’ writing product across disciplines and throughout all grades in school. This encourages students to produce their best writing not only in language arts classes, but all core classes. ADL NO PLACE FOR HATE SPOTLIGHT AWARD Ann & Nate Levine Academy was the first recipient of this award, given to one of the ADL ‘No Place For Hate’ (NPFH) campuses that has done an excellent job of combatting bias by working with educators, students and parents to foster an inclusive community on their campus. They have complimented our school for all of the hard work this year with ‘A world of Difference Training’, NPFH activities like visiting the Holocaust and Human Rights Museum and sharing resources with parents. DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION We continue to perfect our proficiency in Differentiated Instruction (DI) - an initiative we started five years ago. DI tailors instruction to meet individual student needs. Teachers differentiate content, process, products, and the learning environment; they also use ongoing assessment and flexible grouping to customize the learning experience for their students.


STUDENT CONGRESS OFFICERS President: Ethan Margolies Vice President: Skylar Rosenberg

Treasurer: Neve Felder S ecretary: Jessie Gold MEMBERS 5th Grade Ellie Ehrlich

Nadav Kushnick Pierson Reiman Amiel Bueckert 6th Grade Sari Margolies Tori Zimmermann Molly Wilkofsky 7th Grade Daniel Ksabi Olivia Mintskovsky

Sophie Rubin Ethan Sadka 8th Grade

Ethan Margolies Skylar Rosenberg Neve Felder Jessie Gold Libby Stern Jacob Medows Sari Raphael Jonah Goldstein Jacob Gebhart

Alyssa Cohen Leeam Ksabi

MIDDLE SCHOOL TRIPS: • 5th & 6th Grade visit to Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum • 6th & 8th Grade visit to Sixth Floor Museum • 5th Grade overnight at Greene Family Camp • 6th Grade Texas History Trip • 7th Grade trip to New York and Washington, D.C. • 8th Grade Israel Experience

7 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

SERVICE LEARNING PROJECTS • Jewish Family Service Toiletry kit assembly • Plano Animal Shelter- made cat toys and collected food, money, and other items to donate • Kids Meals Inc.- created and decorated lunch bags for children • Water for South Sudan- a research project • Family Gateway- Snack Bag assembly • Jewish Family Service- Food Insecurity Program and Food Drive • Cleaning Jewish Cemetery in Bonham, TX- In conjunction with the Texas Historical Society • Fannin County Food Bank volunteering • Fannin County Children Services cleaning their outdoor area • Mission Waco Shelter- Donated items, worked on landscaping and organizing clothes at the thrift store • Meals on Wheels, Visiting Nurse Association meal delivery • Dallas Life Homeless Recovery Center • Pantry Packing on Israel Trip • North Texas Food Bank Pack and Box


MIDDLE SCHOOL ELECTIVES • Makerspace • Forensic Science • Amazing Race • Culinary Boot Camp • What in the World?

• Show Choir • Rock Band • My First Stage Play • Greenhouse Management & Landscape Beautification • Digital Media • Art

• Math Counts • Shabbat Club • Café Book Club • Robotics

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Writing Across the Curriculum • Mental Health in the Classroom • Veracross Training • The Happiness Project • Get Your Teach On • Sensory Integration & Instructional Practices • Environmental Education Center STEM • Now4ever Early Childhood Conference • Bishvil Ha’ivrit Curriculum Sessions at Hebrew • College in Boston • Prizmah Conference in Denver • iCon/iCenter Conference in Chicago • Schultz Fellow Program and Trip to Israel • ADL Inclusivity Staff Training • ISM Advancement Academy in Chicago • Fairy Dust Teaching Spring Summit • Harnessing the power of Open-Ended Materials • Technology and Young Children • Conscious Discipline

• Every Picture has a Story • History of Rock and Roll • Grassroots Recycling Program • Sports Management • Yearbook

9 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783


Sarah Orkin Sari Raphael

Gabriel Frydman Jonah Goldstein Neve Felder Jessica Gold Jordyn Wilkofsky Jacob Gebhart Ethan Margolies

Henry Orlowski Daniella Reiman Libby Stern Yaya Asoulin-Handelman

Jeremy Fass Danielle Ron Leeam Ksabi Jacob Medows Alyssa Cohen Jacob Stavchansky Ophir Zeltzer 7th Grade Idan Rahamim Sophie Rubin Aden Feldhendler Daniel Ksabi Shaun Nadato Ethan Sadka Ryann Cohen Mika Richardson Nathan Gokh Isaac Lemeshev Olivia Mintskovsky Avery Karp Hailey Goldminz


Daniel Ben-Porat Harel Ben-Porat Max Berenson Neve Felder

Cooper Frank Sarah Karchmer Daniel Ksabi Ethan Margolies Sari Margolies

Adrianna Marks Hadassah Moyal Daniella Reiman Idan Rahamim Danielle Ron

Adena Rosen Gabriel Rothstein Tori Zimmermann




4TH, 5TH, & 6TH GRADES • Flag Football • Soccer • Volleyball

• Basketball

• Track & Field

• Tennis

7TH & 8TH GRADES • Volleyball

• Basketball

• Soccer

• Tennis

• Track & Field

SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS • 4/5/6 Metro Athletic League (MAL) Levine team combined with Akiba Yavneh Academy athletes for our Flag Football team • Included athletes as young as 4th grade • Club level coaches • New basketball and soccer uniforms

ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS • 7/8 TAPS Girls Basketball Champions • Over a dozen medalists in Track

11 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783



5th Amiel Bueckert Nadav Kushnick Joseph Domenico Gregory Khalameizer Ellie Ehrlich

6th Tori Zimmermann Sarah Grossfeld Daniel Stavchansky Rafi Feldhendler Simon Files Erin Baskind 7th Jamie Kurtzman

Cayman Orlowski Hadassah Moyal Max Ingham

We are so proud of each and every student who competed in this year's CIJE Robotics Competition. Ann & Nate Levine Academy teams not only took 1st and 3rd place, it was also the only school in attendance with female competitors! We are so proud of our eight female competitors, as they follow in the footsteps of their science and technology educators here at Levine.

THE POETRY SOCIETY OF TEXAS STUDENT CONTEST THE HONORES PRIZE (Grades 8th – 12th) Sari Raphael, third place "Outcast Destiny" #1 MAHAN PRIZE (Grades 8th – 12th) Jeremy Fass, fourth place "Crippling Doubt" #3. NAOMI STROUD SIMMONS MEMORIAL AWARD (Grades 6th – 7th) Addar Abinun, first place “Escaping Pain” Nathan Gokh, fourth place poem “It’s A Beautiful Day” NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH PROMISING YOUNG WRITERS CONTEST FIRST CLASS Sarah Orkin DIANE GLANCY AWARD (GRADES 8-9) Jacob Gebhart- Fourth place ”Our Love and Appeasement for the Bomb.”

EXCELLENCE IN STEM 5th Grade Nadav Kushnick Sarah Karchmer 6th Grade Sari Margolies Daniel Stavchansky 7th Grade

Ryann Cohen Daniel Ksabi 8th Grade Jessie Gold Ophir Zeltzer


SOCIAL STUDIES GEOGRAPHY BEE AWARD Pierson Reiman Nadav Kushnick Daniel Stavchansky Erin Baskind PRESIDENT’S EXCELLENCE

AWARD 8th Grade

Sarah Orkin Sari Raphael

Gabriel Frydman Jonah Goldstein Neve Felder Jessica Gold Jordyn Wilkofsky


GREETER Alyssa Cohen Laurin Bernstein Libby Stern Noam Lipszyc Nathan Gokh GRATITUDE ORGANIZER Jonah Goldstein Skylar Rosenberg Jacob Stavchansky Ryann Cohen Avery Karp KINDNESS AMBASSADOR Dani Ron Neve Felder Jordyn Wilkofsky Hailey Goldminz Pierson Reiman ENVIRONMENT CARETAKER Dani Reiman Gabe Frydman Max Ingham Noah Bradley Hannah Schildkraut


Jacob Gebhart Ethan Margolies Henry Orlowski Daniella Reiman Libby Stern Yaya Asoulin-Handelman

Jacob Medows Isaac Lemeshev Adam Rosen Aden Stern Josh Gold Peyton Steinberg CLUB COORDINATOR Ariel Gurfinkel

Jeremy Fass Danielle Ron Leeam Ksabi Jacob Medows Alyssa Cohen Jacob Stavchansky Ophir Zeltzer 7th Grade Nathan Gokh Olivia Mintskovsky Isaac Lemeshev Mika Richardson Idan Rahamim Daniel Ksabi Hailey Goldminz Sophie Rubin Ethan Sadka Shaun Nadato Ryann Cohen Avery Karp Aden Feldhendler

Jeremy Fass Jessie Gold Leeam Ksabi Noam Lipszyc Ryan Israelstam Gregory Khalameizer Jett Taverniti STUDENT VOICES Henry Orlowski

Ethan Sadka Sari Raphael Nathan Gokh Molly Wilkofsky

13 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783


HEBREW AND JUDAIC STUDIES HIGHLIGHTS • Zimriyah - Musical Festival • Kehillah Kedosha and Chagigot (monthly special performances) • Veterans Day Special Assembly • Holiday Honey Cakes, Latkas, Hamantashen and Cheesecake baking • Israel Pen Pal Project • Yom HaShoah storytelling experience • Yom HaZikaron Ceremony • Yom Ha’Atzmaut Program and Parade • Annual Hebrew Spelling Bee competition • Middle School Prayer through music, meditation, and movement • Middle School Shabbaton Programs • 7th & 8th grade Rosh Hashana Seder • Middle School Tashlich trip • Tu B’shvat month-long Bracha Bee • 7th & 8th grade Challah Bake • Purim Family Experience • Purim Carnival • Shavuot student play • Weekly K-8 Parsha Sheet Competition • Buddies Program for 3’s-8th grade

MIDDLE SCHOOL JUDAIC SEMINARS • Applying the Scientific Method to Torah • The Art of Public Speaking through the Parsha • Holocaust: Facing History and Ourselves* • Megillat Ruth: Social Justice and Responsibility • Pirkei Avot: Jewish Ethics and Living • Law and Order in the Shulchan Aruch • Jewish History from Biblical to Modern Times* • Torah: An Allegorical Perspective • Chaos and Charismatic Leaders in the Prophets • Jewish Life Cycles: What, How, and Why? Thank you to Ann and Nate Levine who commissioned Solomon Schechter alumna Erin Beckstrand to paint a Jewish timeline being used by Levine Academy educators to bring Jewish traditions and history to life for students.


AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS HEBREW MOST IMPROVED Shaun Nadato | Nathan Gokh Ryan Israelstam | Erin Baskind | Joshua Gold Ayla Felder | Isaac Lemeshev HEBREW SPELLING BEE Daniel Ksabi | Hailey Goldminz | Ariel Primo Avery Karp | Rafi Feldhendler

Tori Zimmerman | Molly Wilkofsky Cayman Orlowski | Ryan Israelstam Adam Rosen | Neoray Cohen PRAYER Olivia Mintskovsky GESHMAK TO BE JEWISH Jamie Kurtzman TORAH Jonah Goldin | Erin Baskind Lathan Kopmar | Adam Rosen


Learning the Hebrew language 4TH GRADE- ALIYAH PROGRAM Celebrating the transition to middle school

15 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

CLASS OF 2023 “Today you close the door to the past and open the door to the future. Today you start a new chapter of your life. Remember there are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you set on yourself.” -LIZ LAWLOR, K-8 PRINCIPAL LIFE AFTER LEVINE HIGH SCHOOL READINESS PROGRAM • Interview skills one-on-one coaching with Head of School Tom Elieff • Resume and essay writing course with Ms. Joanie Geffen



SITES VISITED • Tel Azeka • Beit Guvrin • Mitzpeh Ramon • Kfar HaNokdim • Masada • Dead Sea • Mt. Zephachot • Red Sea • Kibbutz Yotvata • Kibbutz Yahel • Shvil Hasalat • Jerusalem • Kibbutz Lavi • Golan Heights • Tzfat • Tzipori • Tiberias • Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu • Rosh Hanikrah • Caesarea • Tel Aviv • Mediterranean Sea • Old Jaffa

“This was a great experience because of the magical views and the connections that we made.” – Laurin Bernstein

“Visiting the Dead Sea was definitely one of my favorite experiences on the trip… and is a memory I will cherish forever.” – Jordyn Wilkofsky

17 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

CAPITAL PROJECTS Thank you to our generous donors and granting organizations who made the following projects possible!

HAYMANN FAMILY PAVILION Thank you to the Haymann family for this beautiful addition to our school where legacies of Levine children can learn and explore outdoors.

K8 PLAYGROUND ZIPLINE Our new zipline has been a great hit on the K8 playground with lines of kids every day during recess to enjoy this new addition!

EC PLAYGROUND ADDITIONS The new team totter and garden crawl tunnel in the PreK playground has been very popular this year and the children are enjoying their new toys.

VERACROSS STUDENT- INFORMATION-SYSTEM As part of our participation in the OnBoard program, Ann & Nate Levine Academy was provided with the opportunity to raise matching funding for a challenge grant to increase our impact on the Jewish community by supporting the upgrade of our school software system. We are grateful for the challenge grant and the positive impact it has had on our professional leadership and on the growth of our organization.

SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS Thanks to funds from the Homeland Security Grant, the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, and our generous Levine Academy donors, we completed installation of 65 high-resolution security cameras throughout the interior and exterior of campus, with five new monitoring hubs.



WHAT IS AN ENDOWMENT FUND? An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Endowment assets are invested and each year a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose. Any earnings are used to build the market value of the fund and support its goal in perpetuity. HOW IS THE DISTRIBUTION FROM A FUND USED? The spending distribution from each endowment fund is used to support the purpose as specified in the endowment agreement between the donor and Levine Academy. WHO MANAGES LEVINE’S ENDOWMENT ASSETS? The Levine Academy endowment funds are managed by the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation (DJCF). The DJCF is a tax-exempt, non-profit with a mission to build permanent endowments, donor-advised, and named funds for the public benefit. ESTABLISHING AN ENDOWMENT FUND CREATES A PERMANENT LEGACY OF SUPPORT FOR LEVINE. LEARN MORE AT: http://www.djcf.org

ENDOWMENT DONORS Janet Bucher Benjamin Calmenson ENDOWMENT FUNDS • Waldman Teacher Excellence Endowment • Gerda Vogel Marx Israel Experience Endowment • Wende Weinberg Endowment for Jewish Education • Ian Jacoby Memorial Endowment Fund • Trevor Stokol Scholarship Fund • Roseman Memorial Early Childhood Scholarship • Helen E. Risch Early Childhood Scholarship Grant

THE ANNUAL WALDMAN TEACHER EXCELLENCE AWARD Thank you to Andrea & Loren Weinstein and their family for once again facilitating this award in memory of Sadie and William Waldman (z”l). This year’s Teacher Excellence Award winner was Middle School Social Studies Teacher Rachelle Okowita. Mazel Tov to Mrs. Okowita for being the recipient of this special award. “My family is extremely grateful that the spirit and intent of awarding Levine Academy teachers has continued to bring to the forefront the tremendous effort they make every day, thus enabling each student to be his or her best.” -ANDREA WEINSTEIN

Roni & Neil Cummings Daphna & Asaf Epstein Batya & Aaron Friedman Kari & David Goldberg Ashley & Marc Grossfeld Sharon & Barry Horn Karla & Eric Jacoby Betty & Fred Kenner Melanie & Neville Kling Melanie H. Kuhr Beverley & Peter Lewin Helen & Frank Risch* Andrea & Loren Weinstein*

19 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

LEGACY SOCIETY According to traditional Jewish belief, we have an obligation to leave this world better than we found it. It is not a choice, but rather a requirement, to make our entire community a better place for everyone. Planned Giving is people — people from all walks of life and all income levels. People like you, who want to make a difference in the world and who want to leave a legacy, who want to make the world a better place. Planned gifts to Ann & Nate Levine Academy enables you to make a lasting contribution to the school you love – a contribution that will have a significant impact even beyond your lifetime.

“ We came from Africa where neither of us had been given a Jewish education. Nelson Mandela once said: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, to combat antisemitism, and to ensure the survival of our heritage’. Albert Einstein also once said: ‘Logic will get you from point A to point B, but imagination will take you everywhere.’ At Levine, our children are taught to broaden their minds, to live with a heart, to use their imagination. It is for those reasons that we support Levine Academy.” VERONIQUE & HYLTON JONAS, LEVINE LEGACY SOCIETY MEMBERS





L’DOR V’DOR from Generation ... to Generation

This year we installed a beautiful grandparent giving tree at each side of the school. Thank you to all of our new and ongoing grandparent donors who filled these beautiful trees with leaves and helped our values grow throughout Levine Academy this year!


Lisa & Jim Albert Esther Andron Ann Bashara

Eileen & Aaron Kreisler Charmaine Lampert Steven Lampert Eileen & Steve Lee Laura & Robert Lefkovits Julie & Tibor Lefkovits Beverley & Peter Lewin Wendy & Stephen Lieman Linda Margolies Binky & Adrian Meyer Barbara & Paul (z”l) Mohl Sherilyn & Richard Mullaney Ilene & Jeff New Susan & Steve Ozer Barbara Palant Debbie & Marc Perlstein Stanley Peskind Sylvia & Glenn Rabin Alla & Gennady Rakovchik Estella & Joseph (z”l) Raphael Gloria & Lionel Reiman Stacey & Larry Robbins Evelyn & Andrew Rosemore Tema & Marty Rosenbaum Joyce & Joe Rosenfield Katty & Julio Rosenstock Marilyn & Stanley Rothstein Anonymous Lois & Gary Sazer Robin Schwarz Jeanie Siegel Karen Weinreb & Drew Siegel Karen & Graham (z”l) Silberman Laurie & David Sokolsky Marcel & Bernie Solman Barbara Spigel Lynn & Jay Staub Deborah & Myron Stayman Sheila & Larry Stern Sharon & Jeffrey Stern Barbara & Arnold Stokol Sandra & Gary Stone Monica & Jeff Susman Sandra & David Veeder Rae & Paul Wallach Debbie & Howard Weinstein Ellen & Robert Weiss Melinda & Steve Wertheim Bonnie & Jeffrey Whitman Susan & Steven Wilkofsky

Jo Ann & Robert Becker Linda & Leonard Behr Janet Behringer Rolene & Martin Berk Arlene & Barry Berlin Randy & Ed Berns Varna & Craig Bernstein Gail & Abraham Boms

Gloria Bookstein Susan Boorstein

Renee & Philip Borod Susan & James Bryan Jenny & Norman Charney Amy & Gene Cherrnay Trudy & Leon Cohen Joanne & Gary Croll Roni & Neil Cummings Shirley & Bill Davidoff Lois & Malcolm Davidson Sandra & David Dietz Lyn & David Ermer Arlene Jacobs & Allen Feltman Sheila & Steven Fenyves Susan & Steven Finkelstein Diane & Mark Fleschler Diana & Leon Frid Debbie & David Friedman Frances & Robert Gardner Linda & David Garner Madeleine & Mark Geller Vered & Moshe Golan Lori & Richard Golman Bonnie & Michael Grossfeld Shelly & Richard Guyer Dot & Basil Haymann Stephanie & Mike Hirsh Robert Hoffman Marcia & Norman Hoppenstein Sharon & Barry Horn Myrna & Charles Ingham Veronique & Hylton Jonas Linda & Garry Kahalnik Bobbye Shearer & John Kemeny Emily & Larry Kern Sherrie & Jeffrey Klein Marilyn & Lawrence Kohn Marcia & Jaime Kopel Lana Kramenkof & Mike Tarihi Carol & Mark Kreditor

21 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783


EARLY CHILDHOOD CURRICULUM This year one of our proudest new additions is our Emergent Curriculum approach. This is a process where teachers plan activities and projects based on the specific group of children they are working with, taking into account their skills, needs, and interests. Our students responded positively, growing and learning so much in just one year. Judaic studies in the EC teaches the children all about the Jewish holidays, the mitzvot, the blessings that we recite at meal time and some basic Hebrew words. Each class in 2’s through PreK have the opportunity to lead a Shabbat service for their friends and our PreK students also have weekly Hebrew classes.

SCHOLARSHIPS Thank you to the Helen E. Risch Preschool Scholarship Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation for supporting EC families.


STEM Science/STEM classes in the EC are all hands-on discovery based experiences which highlight the 4 most basic sciences – Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth Science. Labs include experimenting with chemical reactions, learning about sinking and floating, light, friction, parts of plants, animal habitats and life cycles, and much more! This year we even created a mini maker space/loose-parts lab in each classroom in the Threes & PreK!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION P.E. in the EC is proudly provided by PowerKids! The structured curriculum is action packed, heart pounding, fun using sports skills, age-appropriate challenges and a weekly obstacle course to promote gross motor development, strength, locomotion, vestibular coordination, confidence and a love to move! Babies through Pre-K advance through the program at their own pace to ensure success and pride in themselves. Each class experience also promotes sportsmanship, following directions, friendship, respect and inclusion.

23 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

GALA 2023 The 2023 Roaring Gala honoring Julie & Michael Zimmermann was a huge success. Thank you to all who contributed to help us raise more than ever before for our school, surpassing $530,000 raised. Levine Academy's annual gala is central in supporting our school throughout the year. From financial aid to professional development for the teachers and everything in between, these donations help our school continue to move forward to provide the best academic experience possible while concentrating on the whole child. Tuition alone does not cover the all of the many expenses associated with the education of each student at Levine. We rely on the generous support of our donors to continue all of the wonderful work that our teachers and staff do each day.

THANK YOU TO OUR LIVE AUCTION DONORS: Naomi and Raz Asoulin-Handelman

/Diamond Treasures Behringer Investments Stacey & Chuck Butler Jeffrey Kollinger/Spice of Life

Ani & Pedro Nosnik Adva & Kfir Rahamim /Shira Diamonds




Platinum Sponsors ($25,000) Barbara Spigel Julie & Michael Zimmermann Ruby Sponsors ($18,000) Ann & Nate Levine Sapphire Sponsors ($5,000) Lisa & Randy Fleisher The Frankel Family Sandy & Andrew Marks The Texas Jewish Post Diamond Sponsors ($3,600) Janet Behringer Lois & Malcolm Davidson Carol & Mark Kreditor

Rhonda Adams/PowerKids Sports and Fitness Shiva & Jarrod Beck Stacey & Chuck Butler Congregation Shearith Israel Joanne & Gary Croll Eden & Tom Elieff

Jacqui & Gavin Felder Diane & Mark Fleschler Linda & David Garner Diane & Toby Gerber and Family Ashley & Marc Grossfeld Nancy & Solomon Israel Veronique & Hylton Jonas Emily & Larry Kern Marcia & Jaime Kopel Jodi & Yan Lemeshev M5 Construction Lauren & Seth Margolies Risha & Steven Reiman Gloria & Lionel Reiman Lilach & Amichai Ron Lauren & Daniel Rothstein Paige & Neal Rothstein Marilyn & Stanley Rothstein Jackie & Steve Waldman/ IMA Waldman Andrea & Loren Weinstein

Ariane & Matt Stern Sury & David Sacher Julie & Ian Wilkofsky

Susan & Steve Wilkofsky Gold Sponsors ($2,500) Steve & Eileen Lee The Key Team/Julie Haymann & Lauren Savariego Mahra & Kevin Pailet/Marsh & McLennan Agency PlainsCapital Bank

Sandra & David Veeder Pearl Sponsors ($1,800) Carol & Steve Aaron

UNDERWRITING SPONSORSHIPS Silent Auction Sponsor ($8,000) Key Whitman Eye Center/Bonnie & Jeffrey Whitman Valet Sponsor ($6,000) Higher Standards Home Health/Tina & Marcus Orlowski Teacher Ticket Sponsor ($5,400) The Sterling Dubrof Group at Morgan Stanley Photo Booth Sponsor ($5,000) Legacy Orthodontics/Allison & Joshua Becker Registration Sponsor ($5,000) Behringer Investments Centerpiece Sponsor ($3,000) Spiro J Diamonds Dessert Sponsor ($2,000) Tara & Daniel Karp Stage Sponsor ($2,000) Janet & Jeffrey Beck

Hors D’oeuvres Sponsor ($2,000) Cindi’s NY Deli and Restaurant

25 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

naudited financials as of 7.21.2022


CAMP SHEMESH Camp Shemesh emphasized individual growth by providing each child the opportunity to contribute and grow within a group setting. Our amazing camp director, Dana Shidlofsky, personally designed weekly camps for children ages three months to rising Kindergarteners. We fostered positive feelings and Jewish ideals in a warm and nurturing environment with caring and experienced staff. Campers developed skills through arts and crafts, physical fitness, science, drama, music, cooking and sports. Weekly themes included: Dino World, Rock-n- Roll, Up Up and Away, Ballmania, Music Land, Helping Hands, Zoo Adventure and Hawaiian Falls. Weekly surprises included Kona Ice Snow Cone Truck, Petting Zoo, Bubble Truck, Train Ride, Ponies and more!

SUMMER @ LEVINE Summer@Levine provided a summer of fun, learning, and choice to children ages 6-12 throughout our community to engage critical thinking skills, enhance sports abilities and launch children’s creative mindset. Our focus on sports, creative arts, and STEM enabled each child to choose from various daily activities including Mass Media Art, Portrait Art, Cartooning, Baking, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Soapy Science, Cooking, Magic, Robotics & much more! The campers enjoyed a special field trip around the metroplex on Fridays including water parks, museums, and arcades.


FINANCIALS 2022-2023



65% Faculty & Administration 17% Tuition Assistance 10% Education & Technology 7% Building Occupancy & Security 1% Other Operating Expenses

85% Tuition & Fees 6% Grants & Capital Projects 7% Annual Fundraising 2% Other Operating Income



Annual Gala ............................................................................. $533,276

Levine Fund ............................................................................. $334,751

Grants ....................................................................................... $271,469

$238,000 spent on technology

Capital Projects . ...................................................................... $100,000

Endowments ................................................................................ $4,524

Other Funds .............................................................................. $94,071

$1,780,415 awarded in Tuition Assistance

TOTAL. ....................................................... $1,338,093

27 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

Unaudited financials as of 8.31.2023

ALL GIVING 2022-2023

Barbara Palant Nicole & Jay Post Lily & Maor Primo Jessica & Adam Ringgenberg The Ruthy and Steven Rosenberg Philanthropic Fund Rithy & Steven Rosenberg/The Ruthy and Steven Rosenberg Philanthropic Fund Ortal & Gilad Rubinsky Lauren & Joseph Savariego Karen & Jonathan Schildkraut Karen Weinreb & Drew Siegel Laura & Joshua Skora Lynn & Jay Staub Stephanie and Mike Hirsh Fund* Barbara & Arnold Stokol Monica & Jeff Susman Samantha Lauren Sweet Scholarship Fund* Jennifer & Andrew Tonini Rae & Paul Wallach Melinda & Steve Wertheim Stallion Circle ($500 - $999) Lisa & Jim Albert AmazonSmile Meagan & Dan Avnery Aylee & Solomon Azouz Sol and Estelle Barzune Endowment Fund* Rebecca & Paul Bashara BBYO

Nilly & Ruben Ovadia Debbie & Marc Perlstein/D and M Perlstein Family Fund Stanley Peskind/Stanley M Peskind Charitable Fund PlainsCapital Bank Gloria & Lionel Reiman/Reiman Charitable Giving Account Helen & Frank Risch/Helen E. Risch Preschool Scholarship Fund*/The Frank and Helen Risch Philanthropic Fund* Stacey & Larry Robbins Sarah & Chad Rosen Michelle & Daniel Rosenberg Katty & Julio Rosenstock Staci & Paul Rubin Marilyn & Michael Rutner/Marilyn and Michael Rutner Philanthropic Fund* Esther & Jacques Sardas/The Sardas Family Foundation Andrea & Brett Steiger Lori & Adam Stern Amy & Anson Switzer Yuliya Berman & Aharon Tarnavsky Texas Instruments Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program Yael & Bar Twito Mor & Barak Volner Jackie & Stephen Waldman Cynthia Nelson & Barry Waranch Brandy & Mark Wayne Beth & Seth Weinstein Ellen & Robert Weiss Petty & Steven Weiss Julie & Aharon Yochananov Etz Chayim Circle ($1,000 - $1,799) Orit & Yaniv Amsellem Sol & Juan Arango Suzanne Azoulay Janet & Jack Baum/Janet and Jack Baum Philanthropic Fund*

Lauren & Seth Margolies Morgan Stanley - The Sterling & Dubrof Group Janis & Allan Peiser/Peiser Family Philanthropic Fund

Double Chai Circle ($36,000+) Janet Behringer Dot & Basil Haymann/Haymann Family Charitable Foundation Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas Ann & Nate Levine/Ann and Nate Levine Family Foundation Fund Julie & Michael Zimmermann David Weinreb Mitzvah Circle ($25,000 - $35,999) Mandi & Chad Albert Barbara Spigel Chai Circle ($18,000 - $24,999) Anonymous Claudia Lampert Frankel & Brian Frankel Karlyn & Grant Herlitz Tina & Marcus Orlowski/ Orlowski Family Fund Scholarship Circle ($10,000 - $17,999) Lisa & Randall Fleisher/Randall and Lisa Fleisher Philanthropic Fund 2* Melissa & Dani Golan/Golan Family Philanthropic Fund Bonnie & Michael Grossfeld/Bonnie and Michael Grossfeld Philanthropic Fund* Carol & Mark Kreditor/The Kreditor Family Charitable Fund Sandy & Andrew Marks Yana & Yury Mintskovsky Risha & Steven Reiman Jeanie Siegel Brittany & Benjamin Sokolsky Bonnie & Jeffrey Whitman Schechter Circle ($3,600 - $9,999) Naomi & Raz Asoulin-Handelman/ Diamond Treasures Behringer Investments Jacqui & Gavin Felder Amy & Adam Fenster Linda & David Garner The Goetz Family Philanthropic Fund* Kimberly & Daniel Gold Ashley & Marc Grossfeld/Ashley and Marc Grossfeld Philanthropic Fund* Suzanne & Howard Hacker Nancy & Solomon Israel/Israel Family Fund Veronique & Hylton Jonas Joleen & Mitchell Julis Emily & Larry Kern Marcia & Jaime Kopel Eileen & Steve Lee Legacy Orthodontics Jodi & Yan Lemeshev/Lemeshev Family Charitable Fund* Diana & Bradley Behringer Andrea & Jonathan Blum Stacey & Chuck Butler CITRA Urgent Care Jaime & Michael Cohen Joanne & Gary Croll Lois & Malcolm Davidson Eden & Tom Elieff

Jenalee & Lee Raphael Lilach & Amichai Ron Lauren & Daniel Rothstein/Daniel Rothstein Fund* Paige & Neal Rothstein/Neal and Paige Rothstein Philanthropic Fund* Marilyn & Stanley Rothstein/Marilyn and Stanley Rothstein Fund* Sury & David Sacher

Einat & Gil Sadka Lois & Gary Sazer Laurie & David Sokolsky Hadar & Gadi Spiro Ariane & Matthew Stern Sandra & David Veeder Andrea & Loren Weinstein Julie & Ian Wilkofsky Susan & Steven Wilkofsky

Nichole & Steven Zimmermann Sara & Andrew Zimmermann Leadership Circle ($1,800 - $3,599) Carol & Steven Aaron Rhonda Adams Jayme & Evan Altemus Anonymous Shiva & Jarrod Beck Janet & Jeffrey Beck/Janet and Jeffrey Beck Family Foundation Nili & David Bueckert Cindi’s NY Deli & Restaurant Communities Foundation of Texas Congregation Shearith Israel Roni & Neil Cummings Sarah & Ethan Davis/Sarah Kreditor Davis and Ethan J Davis Charitable Fund Diane & Toby Gerber Vered & Moshe Golan Kari & David Goldberg Lori & Richard Golman Shelly & Richard Guyer Julie & Gary Haymann Priscilla & Bryan Hoffman Tara & Daniel Karp The Key Team - Allie Beth Allman & Associates Lana Kramenkof & Mike Tarihi Eileen & Aaron Kreisler Steven Lampert Liz Lawlor Brittney & Jeffrey Lefkovits Legacy Heritage Programming IV LLC Sandra & David Dietz Sarah & Michael Fisher Diane & Mark Fleschler Eve & Daniel Frid Diana & Leon Frid Regina & Aaron Frydman

Allison & Joshua Becker Linda & Leonard Behr Michelle & Douglas Berger Rolene & Martin Berk Anne & Robert Blanshard Anne & Johnathan Brownlee Benjamin Calmenson CBRE Shelley & Mark Cohen Farra Kahalnik & Michael Cohen Dana Abrams & Stephen Cohen

Dia & Barry Epstein Becki & Brad Fleury Shawn & Michael Frank Edith Blanco-Frankfurt & Joshua Frankfurt Mary & Yair Frenkel Debbie & David Friedman Ilona & Eric Friedman/Friedman Family Philanthropic Fund* Melissa & Casey Gendason Shira & Steven Gersten Judy Glazer

Varna & Craig Bernstein Brehm, Havel & CO, LLP Alison & Lindsay Caplan Jenny & Norman Charney Congregation Anshai Torah Sara & Kevin Dym Arlene Jacobs & Allen Feltman Rachel & George Ferguson Tootsie (z”l) & Peter (z”l) Fonberg

Frances & Robert Gardner Madeleine & Mark Geller

Laurie & Dan Goetz Elina & Boris Gokh Lisa & Neil Goldberg

Kerri & David Goldfarb Sarah & Brett Golman Kelly Herson Stephanie & Mike Hirsh Beverly Bond & Stephen Ingham Jeffrey and Sherrie Klein Giving Fund Linda & Garry Kahalnik Sherrie & Jeffrey Klein/Jeffrey and Sherrie Lee Financial Corporation Wendy & Stephen Lieman Donna & Doron Nadato Mahra & Kevin Pailet/The Mahra and Kevin Pailet Philanthropic Fund* Klein Giving Fund Erica & Ari Kopmar

Rachel & Darrin Goldin Lynne & Mike Guillot Katherine Veeder & Michael Hutshneker Mark E. Jacobs

Karam Pediatric Group Julia & Aaron Kaufman Krisztina & Geil Klein Avivit & Moshe Ksabi The Legacy Midtown Park Levine Academy Class of 2023 Levine Academy Class of 2024 Levine Academy Class of 2025

Michelle & Bryan Lurie Emily & Brett Luskey Marsh & McLennan Agency Irena & Jakob Medve Julie & Bret Miller


ALL GIVING 2022-2023

Megan Hyman Myrna & Charles Ingham

Peta-Ann & Gary Silansky Marcel & Bernie Solman Kim & Jonathan Spigel Stanford M. Kaufman Family Fund*

Alysha & Blake Frieden Batya & Aaron Friedman Havy & Max Friedman Julia & James Gebhart Susan & Michael Gerson Tobe & Arlin Goldberg/Goldberg Family Giving Fund Pamela & Jonathan Goldminz

Levine Academy Class of 2030 Levine Academy Class of 2034 Elaine & Michael Lowenkron Shaun & Jeremy Medows/Medows Family Philanthropic Fund Mercury Communication Services

Laurie & David Judson Jenna & Elan Kahalnik Barbara & Colin Kawalsky Bobbye Shearer & John Kemeny Jackie & Dustin Kirkendall Melanie & Neville Kling Jennifer & Randall Kramen Melanie H. Kuhr Hillary Kurtzman Theresa & Jeffrey Kurz Talia & Rabbi Michael Kushnick Julie & Tibor Lefkovits Jolene & Avron Levin Elaine & Jeff Levitt Albert Lorem Linda Margolies Barry D. Mellman Barbara & Paul (z”l) Mohl Jodi & Joshua Music Devorah & Rabbi Nasanya Zakon Ilene & Jeff New Lauren & Seth New Eli Nissel Rachelle & Garry Okowita Deborah Outhavong Debra Polsky Louise & Barry Krieger The Kroger Company Stephanie & Daniel Prescott Alla & Gennady Rakovchik Estella & Joseph (z”l) Raphael Rikki & Wilson Rapp Yogi Robkin Shani & Jeff Romick Carly Rosemore Joyce & Joe Rosenfield Loren Jacobson & Moises Rudelman Debbie & David Schweig Dana & Mark Shidlofsky Cynthia & Ronald Shipper Georgiaanne Siegel Karen & Graham Silberman Sandra & Arturo Singer Phyllis & Mike Smith Joyce Garber-Sondheimer & Lenny Sondheimer Jackson Salasky Robin Schwarz

Deborah & Myron Stayman Bethsabee & Marshall Stone Debbie & Craig Sukenic Monica & Eduardo Tanur

Marlo & Menachem Michaeli Sherilyn & Richard Mullaney Susan & Michael Nilevsky Elyse & Ryan Panitz Karen & Isaac Posner Robin & Igor Rakovchik Melissa & Brandon Richardson

Gayle & Fred Grinnell Alyssa & Shane Grodin Allison & Bryan Grossman Karen & Reid Heller Debra & Erman Hensel Michal & Bernard Hirsch

Sahar & David Weil Debra Weinberger Gail Weisblatt

Lauren Withrow-Edgar Esther & Harold Wolf Ellen Holtzman & Joe Wolfson Lance Yeaman Friends of Levine (up to $180) Kelli & Andy Alhadef Allison & Richard Anderson Enav & Isaac Antebi Fonda & Jay Arbetter Efrat & Hezi Avraham Becky Barmak Nurko Janice Lurie & Gregory Baskind Susan & Daryl Beck Jo Ann & Robert Becker Chana & Eily Ben-Abraham Arlene & Barry Berlin Randy & Ed Berns Gloria Bookstein Susan Boorstein Renee & Philip Borod Jessica Driscoll & Michael Brown Janet Bucher Anna & Konstantin Chernikov Esther Andron Anonymous (6) Amy & Gene Cherrnay Linda & David Clorfeine Trudy & Leon Cohen Pauline Cynkus Kayla & Eric Davidoff Amanda & Andrew Domenico Jamie & William Eisenberg Nancy Emerson Lyn & David Ermer Lauren & Patrick Fabry Megan & Ilan Fehler Nadine & Michael Ferranti Susan & Steven Finkelstein Sandy & Howard Frysh Joanie S. Geffen Lisa & Philip Gerstenfeld Karen Glanger Shira & Matthew Goldberg Nina & Jonathan Goodman Karen Gottschalk Terri Grossman Vanessa & Andrew Gwisdala Brettne & Andrew Hemley Courtney Hensel-Quintana Bertta & Scott Herstein Kathryn & Selwyn Hill Robert Hoffman Marcia & Norman Hoppenstein

Evelyn & Andrew Rosemore/Andrew and Evelyn Rosemore Charitable Foundation Tema & Marty Rosenbaum Teresa & Lance Rosenfield The Ike and Fanny Sablosky Foundation Salesforce Sharona & Nedim Saul

Jacqueline & Michael Hoffman/Jacqueline B. and Michael G. Hoffman Charitable Fund Pati Hunter Derek Israelstam Karla & Eric Jacoby Jewish National Fund (JNF)

Layne & Adam Katz Julie & Joshua Kern Frieda & Edward Khalameizer

Liat Kaver & David Schultz Deborah & Jeffrey Shenkman

Leora & Larry Short Shana & Derek Staub

Marilyn & Lawrence Kohn Patricia & Howard Kraines Leslie & Larry Krasner Jessica & Zachary Krochtengel Charmaine Lampert Shira & Mordechai Langer Shiran Cohen Langman & Jonathan Langman Laura & Robert Lefkovits Lepley Orthodontics Levine Academy Class of 2026 Levine Academy Class of 2027 Levine Academy Class of 2029 Levine Academy Class of 2031 Levine Academy Class of 2032 Levine Academy Class of 2033 Levine Academy Class of 2035 Beverley & Peter Lewin Lisa & Joshua Rothstein/Lisa and Josh Rothstein Charitable Fund* Augustus Lyons Cynthia & Randall Marchant Lynda Mc Innes Shayna & Michael McKim

Michelle & Michael Stein Hillary & Kevin Steinberg Karla & Lawrence Steinberg/The Lawrence E. Steinberg Foundation

Hilary & Josh Stern Felicia G. Traub, Esq. Waldman Teacher Excellence Fund Kay Weinmann Brittany & Daniel Zeltser Tzedakah Circle ($180 - $499) Olga & Igor Alterman Anonymous (5) Michelle & Michael Barnett Ann Bashara Alisa & Jordan Beck Erin Beckstrand

Heather & David Behr Gail & Abraham Boms Faiza & Jason Boorstein Rebecca & Guy Bradley Buffalo Specialties Sabrina & Kevin Burck Camp Sabra Camp Young Judaea

Binky & Adrian Meyer Jana & Robert Milstein Sheryl & Howard Mintz Lindsay Oshman & Daniel Moss

Yana & Richard Charney Allison & David Cohen Complete Landscaping Shirley & Bill Davidoff Development Corporation for Israel Emily & Ido Doron DOTS for Kids Shera & Michael Dressman Amy & Michael DuBois Lee-Ann & Sean Effune Rika & Yaniv Ehrlich Elina Yuabov & Daniel Elyashiv Nicole & Joshua Emmett Daphna & Asaf Epstein Erica & Eric Feldman Sheila & Steven Fenyves Whitney & Jonathan Fleschler The Frame Smith

Irit & Rabbi David Moyal Jolie & Michael Newman

Sheila & Larry Stern Sharon & Jeffrey Stern Sandra & Gary Stone Annlyn & Jimmie Stufflebeam Stephanie & Scott Sulzer Susan Swartz Ilana & Jonathan Swerin Kelly & Jared Swofford Ilana & Mehrdad Tabaria The Ben and Molly Cohn Memorial Library Fund* UBS

Susan & Steve Ozer Liora & John Peiser Zona Pidgeon Sabina & Scott Pincus Renee Palombo & Eitan Podgaetz Sylvia & Glenn Rabin Adva & Kfir Rahamim Nicole & Steven Rosenbaum Rabbi Amy Rossel Elaine & Morris Rutchik Kate & Keith Sazer Amy & Steve Schachter

Debbie & Howard Weinstein Marlene & David Weitman Pamela & Steve Widom Sally (z”) & Lawrence Wolfish/Lawrence M. and Sally Brenner Wolfish Fund

Stephanie & Ezra Schwartz Nonie & Melvin Schwartz Samantha & Kyle Siegel Henry G. Siewert

Sharon & Barry Horn Alexis & Nathan Hurst

29 ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023 | 5782-5783

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