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David R Holt. CEO


BGB were the first slip ring manufacturer to design a dedicated wind turbine slip ring for hub control systems. BGB is now a leading supplier in the development of slip ring solutions for this growing industry. BGB remain at the forefront of turbine technology and work closely with major wind turbine manufacturers such as Vestas.



Power & Signal

Slip ring assemblies are used for the transfer of power and data between the hub/blades and the nacelle via the slow speed main shaft. BGB can manufacture custom units that combine power slip rings with signal/optical/hydraulic rotary joints. Power channels utilise Phosphor Bronze rings in conjunction with either Copper graphite or Silver graphite brushes. Signal channels make use of silver to silver contacts, or where applicable, fibre optic rotary joints (FORJs).

Silver provides the best material for reliable signal transfer, and very low signal noise. In most cases, sealed enclosures are used to prevent the ingress of liquids or dust.

BGB can use in-house testing to meet customers required IP rating.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



Hub Control

BGB are at the forefront in slip ring design for a dedicated wind turbine slip ring for hub control systems. As leaders in the field BGB are always innovating and improving products to suit customers in the wind turbine industry. Units can be supplied with matched looms complete with quick disconnect/connect systems for ease of service.

Pitch Control (Blade Feathering)

BGB products can cater for RS232, RS485, bus systems and ethernet range up to 1gb.

BGB units can transfer high integrity digital and analogue

signals including (but not limited to); thermocouples, tachometers, strain measurement, proximity switches and relay circuits in all harsh environmental conditions (heavy vibrations, high altitude, humidity and sub-zero temperatures).

Units can be designed to incorporate encoders to determine

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



BGB provide slip ring and brush holder solutions for varying current and voltage applications. Products can be supplied with a rating to 2.5kAmps, 22.0kV & to ISO & Ansi Standards. These products can be supplied solely or as part of a packaged solution. High power units are primarily used for power take off from the wind turbine generators. High Voltage Power Slip Rings

Helical grooved slip rings are used in applications that have higher rotational speeds. The benefits of which are; • Better commutation • The build up of gas is expelled between the working faces • more uniform current distribution between brushes BGB can develop slip ring systems for new generator designs or repair solutions for existing platforms to “ as good as new ” condition.

6 * Full Technical specification available on BGB website:


Optilinc The Optilinc range of FORJs and accompanying electronic devices are adaptable for the most demanding of applications. Made to withstand the harsh environments of offshore wind farms, Optilinc has exceptional durability, protecting the unit from dust and water ingress to IP67. The Optilinc FORJ has been fully tried and tested in leading wind turbine manufacturers development suits.

As well as stand alone media converters and WDMs, BGB can build all Optilinc products into bespoke slip ring solutions incorporating connections to suit each individual requirement. Slip ring assemblies with Optilinc for data would not be susceptible through data loss due to low resistance contact on an infrequently used low power data ring. The official Optilinc E-brochure is available to download through the BGB website. Power Slip Ring Assemblies Incorporating FORJ’s

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



Bespoke Assemblies

BGB can design and manufacture total rotary solutions developed to customer specification or retrofit current solutions. The design office use the latest 3DCAD technology and work with world leading wind turbine design engineers to produce innovative solutions and bespoke assemblies. Testing can include; dynamic electrical tests, IP, EMC, HALT, Thermal shock, Vibration and Surge tests. Dynamic/static balancing is also standard practice.


BGB have been fully accredited and certified as a Schenck specialist contract balancing service provider (both static and dynamic). Imbalance can have seriously harmful effects on anything that rotates. Bearings, suspensions, housings and foundations can be subjected to very high stresses caused by vibration resulting in greater wear, failures and shorter service life. BGB offer a balancing service for new and used slip rings to ensure units are running correctly.

8 * Full Technical specification available on BGB website:


Preset Cage Assemblies Cage assemblies are mounted to the stator side of the application and are used to mount brush holders in the correct position relative to the slip ring. Brush holders can be pre- positioned to speed up assembly on the turbine. As brush positioning is critical relative to the slip ring surface, correct alignment of the brush is imperative. This allows for optimum surface contact from day of installation.

Bus-bar assemblies are used for the termination of brushes to generator main stator cables. These are normally incorporated as part of the cage assembly. Bus-bar Assemblies

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



Small Wind Turbine Slip Ring Units BGB have designed and manufactured post top slip rings to accommodate the yawing of a turbine to many of the 3Kw-20Kw wind turbine manufacturers. These units are primarily used in remote locations, farms and small businesses to independently generate electricity in the absence of mains grid supply.

As with the larger slip ring assemblies, units can be designed and manufactured to suit any customer requirements. Slip rings can be made with protective covers to protect from extreme elements up to an IP rating of 67.

10 * Full Technical specification available on BGB website:


YawControl BGB offer a selection of slip ring assemblies designed specifically for the yaw of wind turbines, enabling full 360 degree rotation of the yaw system.

Yaw Slip Rings feature:

• Bi-directional device

• Replaces traditional cable swag

• No limitation on the number of rotations

• Very low maintenance required

• Units can be supplied for kW to MW power transfer

• All signal types transferred, Bus, Ethernet, Encoder, Optical

BGB have provided assemblies to many of the major small, medium and large wind turbine manufacturers.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



Gold Wire Gold to gold technology in the wind industry is typically suited for low speed / low power applications. It allows high data transfer and low noise to be transmitted. Gold technology is used in wind turbines for a range of compact pitch control slip rings, allowing a combination of low power and signals to be passed through the rotor and into the main electrical cabinets. A high number of revolutions and low maintenance is achievable with such units in this specific industry.

In addition to our world class carbon and fibre optic slip ring systems, BGB have been developing gold to gold technology over a number of years. Thanks to long standing research and recent accomplishments, we are now able to offer gold to gold contacts for various industries.

12 * Full Technical specification available on BGB website:


Hydraulic Unions Rotary Joints, also known as

rotary couplings or Swivels, are a mechanical device used to transfer fluid (usually hydraulic oil) from a stationary system, to a rotary system. Rotary Joints are used in wind turbines to deliver hydraulic fluid to the blade pitch actuators. Rotary Joints are also used in various industrial and manufacturing processes to transfer fluid.

BGB have designed and manufactured two variants of joint, the “Sealed” type where the chambers are separated with specially designed seals, and the “Hydrostatic” type, that does not require seals between chambers.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



Generator Brush Holders BGB offer a wide range of standard brush holders to suit all applications. Single or multi brush designs are available for generators and high power applications. Brush holders can be custom designed to suit specific customer requirements. BGB use constant force springs and non ferrous materials where appropriate. Various forms of wear detection are also available.

Brush holders provide housing for the static side of the rotational electrical contact. Generator brush holders are primarily used in high rotational speed / high current density applications.

14 * Full Technical specification available on BGB website:


Standard Brushes & Holders The range of standard brush holders are very adaptable and lend themselves to both fast and slow moving applications. Standard construction is brass with copper foil or braid connections (although variations can be requested). Double spring versions and brushes are available where specified. The range varies from simple callipers and cartridges to advanced fixed box holders with constant force springs and 22KV collectors.

BGB have been in the wind industry since 1991 and have sold many thousands of brush holder units worldwide to major wind turbine OEMs. BGB brush holders are uniquely designed to be adaptable and easily replaced when they reach the end of their usable life.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



120 Amp Brush Holder BGBs Lightning Brush holders are robust units that are designed to dissipate lightning energy and thus defend critical components (typically main shaft and yaw bearings). The 120 amp brush holders, when used as part of a total lightning and surge protection system, play a very important role in the protection of buildings, structures and equipment against direct lightning strikes.

Arc propagation brackets are also available to act as backup for overload conditions.

A low impedance path is created through the rotational interface (hub to nacelle) from the lightning protection conductor to the ground, therefore protecting the main bearing.

16 * Full Technical specification available on BGB website:


Electrostatic Charge Dissipation System One of the main problems OEM’s experience on a wind turbine is the gradual build up of electrostatic charge, if this issue is not

addressed with a professional solution the electrostatic energy can cause detrimental damage to key nacelle components. It is not uncommon for energy to be discharged through the main shaft bearings. Over time this creates defects in the main bearing races leading to a turbine failure and in offshore environments, changing main shaft bearings can be a very costly exercise.

BGB have many years of assisting major OEM’s eliminate any electrostatic generation, and in turn, protecting the key components ensuring the turbine stays in operation. BGB have been able to do this by developing a specific brush composition that discharges any electrostatic energy down to earth operating on the main shaft and providing a reliable solution. The Ground Contact design is retro- fittable to the main shaft of a turbine. Partner this product with BGBs dedicated lightning brush holders to help protect sensitive components within the nacelle.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



Paratec ® Paratec is a BGB designed parallel action brush system that provides high contact integrity and system stability for both signal and power applications. The non-metallic body ensures suitability for operation in corrosive environments (such as marine) whilst captive screws improve serviceability. BGB now fit this product as standard for specific applications to eliminate the problem of fretting corrosion which can occur with conventional metallic brush holders.

Paratec’s success has warranted it’s name to be trademarked.

BGB work closely with global customers to develop more efficient, cost effective brush holder solutions. Custom Brush Holders

Benefits include longer brush life, reduction in service time, improved cooling and minimal brush contact face area by using the optimum brush compound.

18 * Full Technical specification available on BGB website:


Cable Looms & Harnesses

Looms and harnesses for transmission of power/signals/fibre optic can be manufactured using customer specified cables and connectors. BGB can supply low quantity prototype loom assemblies, through to production batches. An extensive range of cable looms and connector systems are available to provide complete rotary solutions.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



Spares BGB have designed and manufactured slip rings, brush holders and full slip ring assemblies for almost all the major wind turbine manufacturers in the world. Vestas, Gamesa, Suzlon, WinWind, Siemens, ABB, Guodian United Power and Nordex to name but a fewwind turbine manufacturers that have used BGB parts: Vestas: V47, V52, V80, V82, V90, V105, V112, V117, V126 NEG Micon: NM43, NM44, NM48, NM52, NM54, NM60, NM64C, NM72C, NM82 Gamesa: G4X, G5X, G8X, G9X Gamesa: G52 & G58 Turbines. 850kW Slip Ring Gamesa: G80, G87 & G90 Turbines. 2MW Slip Ring GE: 1.5 (various), 1.X, 3.X - Pitch Control Slip Ring Assembly MHI: 300 Suzlon: S88 Turbines. Slip Ring, Tacho Drive Assembly and Brush holders GUPTC: 1.5MW Turbines. Slip Ring Assembly Siemens: Most model of Turbines. Lightning Dissipation Brush Bonus: Most model of Turbines. Lightning Dissipation Brush, Slip Ring & Retrofit ABB: ABB Bravo Turbines. 3MW Power Slip Ring Assembly and Brush Holders WinWind: 1MW Turbines. Power & Signal Slip Ring Assembly WinWind: 3MW Turbines. Power & Signal Slip Ring Assembly & FORJ Nordex: S46 (Sudwind) Turbines. Power Take-Off Slip Ring Assembly, Brushes Unison: Aerodyn Turbines. Pitch Control Slip Ring Proven: 3.2kW, 6kW, 15kW & 40kW Turbines. Power & Signal Slip Ring

Wincon: P750/49 Senvion: Brushes


ABB Guodian WinWind Nordex Bonus Siemens

Gamesa Vestas


* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:




BGB can repair, refurbish or replace all types of slip rings. The refurbished slip ring will be returned to a similar “as new” condition, even if the slip ring is physically damaged. If the unit is beyond repair, BGB can provide brand new slip rings complete with new brush gear (if damaged or functioning incorrectly) to the same spec as originally designed. Replacement brushes and other parts commonly used in repairs, such as micro switch systems, can also be supplied.

BGB can perform the following tasks:

· Electrically test for any faults, including flash test @ 13kV and load test to check for any build up of resistance in the slip ring. · Fully clean to remove excess carbon dust build up. · Machine rings back to correct surface finish and address any concentricity issues (scrolls are also cleaned during this process). · Re-apply anti-tracking varnish to maintain correct electrical ratings.


· Re-balance slip rings · Strip, clean and rebuild

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:



BGB had previously been split into 3 divisions - BGB Innovation (UK Head Office), BGB Technology (USA) and BGB Discovery (R&D), and then further still with Engineering, Marine, Telemetry and SILS. We have now merged all BGB brands to form one BGB. This means whenever you see the BGB brand anywhere in the world you will have the same experience whether in terms of look, style and presence at shows, through to customer service, solution offering or high level of expectation.

What Do We Do?:

“We develop, design and manufacture total engineering solutions for service companies, distributors and OEMs”

Why Do We Exist?:

“To connect, inspire and work closely together so that we are proud of our achievements, community and shared success.”



North & South America

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Twitter: @bgb_innovation



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