Board Converting News, April 6, 2020

BoardConverting Serving the North American Corrugated and Folding Carton Industries for 36 years April 6, 2020 VOL. 36, NO. 14

Founding Principles Guide General Converting, Inc. BY JACKIE SCHULTZ

FBA: The Industry Must Continue To Function

The Fibre Box Association (FBA) has issued a statement addressing the need for the corru- gated industry to keep functioning during the coronavirus pandemic. “Manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes are working to keep transport packag- ing flowing to makers of essential products, including packaging for food and other con- sumer products, medical and pharmaceutical products, tissue and hygiene products and more amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dennis Colley, FBA’s President and CEO. “Corrugated and cardboard packaging is the backbone of the American supply chain. As COVID-19 changes our daily lives, we want to assure consumers that the box industry is continuing to operate and to deliver needed packaging to our customers who supply gro- cery stores, pharmacies, doctor’s offices and hospitals with food and medical supplies to keep us all healthy and safe.” The association says it has joined with the Washington, DC, based American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) in encouraging federal, state and local governments to rec- ognize the corrugated packaging industry as

General Converting Inc. (GCI) adheres to a business philosophy that has fostered nearly four decades of steady growth. Located in the Chi- cago suburb of Bolingbrook, Illinois, the independent folding carton manufacturer specializes in the candy and confections market, serving many recognizable household names. It also serves the food, electron- ics, cosmetics, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Customers are located throughout the U.S.

When Robert and Shirley Ruebenson founded GCI in 1982 they es- tablished core values that continue to this day. The business model ad- vocates a culture of people first. No one has an official title, at least not on their business cards, and a real live person answers the telephone. Employees have a voice and their viewpoints matter, especially when it comes to producing a quality product. “We empower people to make decisions and we make it so that people look forward to coming to work,” Bob Ruebenson, President, says. “If someone has a good idea we implement it.” “It’s a different business model,” adds John Barry, General Manager. “Everyone is treated with a tremendous amount of respect, autonomy and authority. That’s the atmosphere that’s fostered here. Bob always makes sure the environment is positive.” Bob Ruebenson is the second generation owner. He joined GCI From left, GCI President Bob Ruebenson, Karina Fernandez, Braulio Her- rera, Dave Mickiewicz and John Barry in front of the new Bobst Mastercut.


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