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For more information or to register for this training, visit the CAHELP OMS Calendar: Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Non-Violent Crisis Intervention for Admins & Out-of-the Classroom Service Providers BEHAVIORAL SUPPORTS

The Non-Violent Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Flex Blended Learning for Administrators and Out-of-The-Classroom Service Providers, is a two-part course focusing on crisis prevention and intervention. With a core philosophy of care, welfare, safety, and security for all and aligned with positive behavioral supports principles, it gives administrators the skills to prevent, disengage, and physically withhold (as a last resort) dangerous situations safely and effectively. Part/Day 1: The required 2 to 4 hour-long self-paced online modules will have to be completed three days before attending the part 2 training. The focus will be on the learning of non-verbal and verbal prevention and intervention of challenging behavior. A workbook will be provided to the participants to supplement the learning. Part/Day 2: For the in-person training (joined by classroom personnel), participants will have to dress safely. Upon successfully demonstrating competency of disengagement skills, physical interventions, and passing of a written evaluation, participants will receive CPI certification which will be valid for 2 years.

Intended Audience

Administrators, school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, behavior analysts, coaches, teachers-on-assignments, and nurses.

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Cultural Responsiveness: A Compilation of Classroom Strategies BEHAVIORAL SUPPORTS

For more information or to register for this training, visit the CAHELP OMS Calendar:

Understanding student’s lives and experiences can support teachers with ensuring a sense of belonging and shared respect in their classrooms. This session provides participants the opportunity to work together to create and identify strategies that showcase their individual teaching style through cultural responsiveness. Participants will be able to describe strategies to increase one’s awareness of their own culture and personal reasons for engaging in equity work and will learn strategies to include student voice within the classroom using music. Participants will also walk away with activities they can include in their everyday lessons.

Intended Audience

Paraprofessionals, general and special education teachers, site administrators, and district administrators.

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