CAHELP Guide of Professional Learning Courses

Supporting Your Child’s Well-Being FAMILY ENGAGEMENT

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In this workshops parents and caretakers will discover taking care of the whole child during times of uncertainty. It is important to support the whole child by taking care of their emotional, physical, and mental health needs. We will go over the why of mental health and what are some signs and symptoms. There will also be discussion about how to provide support for the social needs of parents and caretakers. Families will walk away with activities to support their whole child.

Intended Audience

Parents, caregivers, and guardians.

# CARYN DE LA TORRE OUTREACH SPECIALIST ¨ (442) 292-5094 x216 2 2:00 Hours

LCAP Priorities

Ɔ Parent Involvement

Training Your Wiggles and Jiggles Through Sensory Strategies FAMILY ENGAGEMENT

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Participants will develop an awareness and understanding of sensory processing, learn about the function of sensory input, and how sensory challenges affect children day to day. This training will explore why senses are important for children’s learning, how they affect children’s behaviors, what sensory processing difficulties might look like, and ideas on how to help children who experience sensory issues. Participants will learn fun interactive strategies that assist with self-regulation and ways to meet their child’s sensory needs.

Intended Audience

Parents, guardians, and caregivers.


LCAP Priorities

Ɔ Pupil Achievement, Parent Involvement

¨ (442) 292-5094 x203 2 2:00 Hours

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