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Supporting Students with Autism: Improving Student Outcomes with Evidence-Based Practices PROFESSIONAL LEARNING PATHWAY

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Whether you’re new to autism or a veteran having worked with students with autism for years, this pathway is meant for you. The Supporting Students with Autism pathway has been designed to take what we know about autism and put it into practice helping students as well as staff feel more successful in day to day interactions as well as help improve long term student outcomes. Through the use of online modules and virtual sessions, participates will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and awareness of evidence-based practices (EBPs), their uses within our programs and how we can modify and adapt their presentation to meet individual student needs. Virtual sessions will include opportunities to ask questions, problem solve, view and access various examples and resources as well as connect with others in the field. Information regarding online modules will be shared at time of registration. Participants who participate in each course will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the series.

Required Courses

• Autism Introduction & Connection to Our Practices (8/16/23 or 1/17/24) 3-Hour Sessions (2:30-5:30pm)

• Putting EBPs into Practice: Reinforcement (8/30/23 or 1/31/24) • Putting EBPs into Practice: Prompting (9/13/23 or 2/14/24) • Putting EBPs into Practice: Time Delay (9/27/23 or 2/28/24) • Putting EBPs into Practice: Visual Supports (10/18/23 or 3/13/24) • Putting EBPs into Practice: Antecedent-Based Interventions (11/1/23 or 3/27/24) • It’s a Wrap! Autism and EBPs in Practice (11/15/23 or 4/10/24)

Intended Audience

General and Special Educators, Paraprofessionals, and Service Providers

LCAP Priorities

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