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Page | November, 2022

Team Orange,

I'm excited to be entering that time of year that we call "the holiday season." It's a chance to celebrate so many family and community traditions like the Christmas

Parade, Thanksgiving gatherings, and charitable acts of kindness for others. Taken collectively, these activities create a holiday mood or spirit. Over time, they become holiday traditions, and become rooted into our community and family culture.

If you take a look at page 9 of this month's Orange County Insight, you will read about two activities that are taking place to help shape a positive work culture. Traditions and activities that help us learn and grow as employees, that help us make things work better, and that strengthen connections across our organization help establish a positive work culture, just like holiday traditions impact our family and community culture. I am excited to see the early results of our work together. If you know anyone in your department who has participated in our cultural initiative, please ask them to tell you about it. In next month's edition, we will have the results of our work to translate employee feedback from our recent survey and listening meetings into a prioritized plan of action. I invite you to look for this feedback next month and consider how you can be a part of helping to create a workplace culture to be proud of.

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Page | November, 2022 Page 1 | November, 2022

Veterans Day Honoring All Who Served Thank you to our employees who have served our Country. We are grateful for your service and sacrifice for this Country. Happy Veterans Day!


Sheriff ’ s Office

Eric Smith, USCG

Sheriff Mark Amos, USAF

Paul Weber, USMC

Deputy Jacob Ganoe, USMC (currently serving in USA Reserves)

Board of Supervisors

Deputy Larry Griffith, USN

Lee Frame, USN

Deputy Shawn Helton, USMC

Fire & EMS

Robert Kelly, USAF

Matthew Blankenship, USA

Major Michael LaCasse, USA

Noah Madden, USMC

Investigator Abe Lasco, USMC

Chief Nathan Mort, USMC

Deputy Logan Lohr, USA

Samir Stetler, USMC

Sergeant Bryan McFarlane, USN

Asst. Chief Roger Wilson, USANG

Corporal Adam Schienschang, USA


Deputy Kage Smith, USA

Michelle Pursel, USMC

Investigator Christopher Votaw, USAF

Office on Youth

Deputy Christopher Williams, USA

Social Services

Jennifer Detwiler, USA

Parks and Recreation

Nimibia Derrick, USA

Nicole Fleschute, USA

Shepherd Parrish, USMC

Shelia Morrisseay, USA

Public Works

William Alley, USA

Randy Clatterbuck, USA

USAF – United States Air Force

Peyton Fincham, USN

USA – United States Army

Louis Gipson, USAF

USCG – United States Coast Guard

Edward James, USAF

USMC – United States Marine Corps

Raymond Offer, USA

USANG – United States National Guard

Mark Salyers, USMC

USN – United States Navy

Raymond Wareham, USA

Martin Williams, USMC

Page 2 | November, 2022

Halloween Costume Contest

By Joe Falin, Program and Facilities Supervisor, Orange County Parks and Recreation

Since 2014, the OCPR Office Costume Contest has been a well received, heavily participated in event in Orange County, and this year was no exception. This year ’ s contest featured fifteen (15) entries with more than one hundred (100) participants total and was sponsored by Faye ’ s Office Supply (donated $150 worth of office supplies) and Café Charm (donated two (2) dozen donuts). The final standings for the competition proved to be one the closest races we have seen. The difference between first and second place was only half a point, and the difference between third and fourth place was only one and a half points.

First Place Orange County Administration, Human Resources, and Treasurer ’ s office

The final standings were determined using a

combination of Judge ’ s scores, Facebook reactions, and participation numbers. There were three (3) judges, and each judge ranked each entry from first to fifteenth in Creativity, Group Theme, and Quality. Based off their ranking in each category, each entry received an overall ranking from each judge with first place receiving fifteen (15) points, and last place receiving one (1) point. The Facebook and participation numbers each counted as one (1) whole judge (2 judges total), and each entry was ranked based on how many reactions their picture had on Facebook, and

Second Place Orange County Public Safety Building

and Public Works

how many people they had participating in their picture. With all of that combined, the maximum number of points any one entry could receive this was seventy five (75) points. This year the first place entry (Orange County Administration, Human Recourses, and Treasurer ’ s Office) received sixty eight and a half (68.5) points,

second place entry (Orange County Public Safety Building and Public Works) received sixty eight 68 points, and the third place entry (Hale Family Dentistry) received fifty two and a half (52.5) points. The prize for first place was a $75 gift card to Faye ’ s Office Supply, two (2) dozen donuts at Café Charm, and a trophy. Second place received a $50 gift card to Faye ’ s Office Supply, one (1) dozen donuts at Café Charm, and a trophy. And third place received a $25 gift card to Faye ’ s Office Supply, one (1) dozen donuts at Café Charm, and a trophy. The top three finishers

Third Place Hale Family Dentistry

were not the only entries to receive awards as four (4) of the entries received superlatives with an accompanying certificate. The Arts Center in Orange received the Scariest Superlative, Grymes Memorial School (Specials) received the Funniest Superlative, Virginia Cooperative Extension Office received the Happiest Superlative, and the Town of Gordonsville Town Office received the Cutest Superlative. Thank you to everyone that participated in this year ’ s Office Costume Contest and for making it such a big success! We hope to have even more entries next year. Be on the lookout for more new programs offered by Orange County Parks and Recreation at

Page 3 | November, 2022

Happiest Virginia Cooperative Extension - Orange Unit

Scariest Orange County Arts Center

Orange County Finance Department

Funniest Grymes Memorial School (Specials)

Cutest Town of Gordonsville - Town Office

Orange County Commissioner of the Revenue

Paint It Orange & Spelled Ink Bookshop

Orange County Development Services

Grymes Memorial School (Upper School)

Grymes Memorial School (Lower School)

Bright Side at Dogwood

Page 4 | November, 2022

Grymes Memorial School (Administration)

By: Orange County Communications Department

Orange County ’ s Barboursville Vineyards, worked in conjunction with the Virginia Wine Board, the Agriculture and Forestry Secretariat, and the Office of the First Lady of Virginia to craft a limited release of Cornus Virginicus, a new wine honoring Virginia ’ s vibrant agriculture and agribusiness scenes. Cornus Virginicus was presented during the 34th annual Virginia Wine Month, and was limited to 199 cases of product. First Lady Suzanne S. Youngkin unveiled the limited spirit, a collaboration between Barboursville Vineyards and the First Lady of Virginia. Luca Paschina of Barboursville Vineyards created the wine composed of a blend of 57% Merlot, 28.5% Cabernet Franc and 14.5% Petit Verdot. Cornus Virginicus is the first of four (4) planned volumes to be crafted by a Virginia vineyard in collaboration with the First Lady of Virginia. The second volume is expected to be released in the autumn of 2023. Cornus Virginicus is Latin for “ flowering tree of Virginia, ” honoring the dogwood, the Commonwealth's state flower and tree. The First Lady ’ s Office says she chose the dogwood for her official seal and as the emblem of this project because it represents tradition, strength, family, and growth.

The special edition wine may be purchased at Barboursville Vineyards on - site or via their website, and at local Virginia ABC retail locations throughout the state.

For more information visit, Barboursville Vineyards at, and the Office of the First Lady of Virginia at Interested in planning a wine tour of Orange County Virginia? Visit to learn more and plan your trip! Contact the Visitor ’ s Center with any questions at (540) 672 - 1653 or visit us at 122 East Main Street, Orange, Virginia 22960.

Pictured from left to right: Renee Honaker, Ellen Pitera, Luca Paschina, Kaci Daniel, and Ted Voorhees.

Page 5 | November, 2022

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

By: Michelle Williams, Litter Control Committee Coordinator

The Orange County Landfill, with the help of the Litter Control Committee, hosted a Household Hazardous Waste Collection event on October 8 2022. This event provided the community with the opportunity to properly dispose of household hazardous wastes such as acids, fertilizers, antifreeze, paint, oil, pesticides, etc. Cars began lining up at the entrance to the Landfill at 7:30 a.m. At 8:00 a.m., volunteers and Landfill staff began directing traffic to allow not only the 158 cars there specifically to dispose of their hazardous waste materials, but for the rest that were there simply for the disposal of regular household trash. Clean Harbors collected 17,035 lbs. of materials in four (4) hours. This event would not be possible without the allocation of funds by the Board of Supervisors; Randy Clatterbuck, Landfill Manager, and the Landfill staff, by opening up their facility to Clean Harbors; and the volunteers, especially from the Orange County High School ’ s FFA (Future Farmers of America).

Thank You!

Considering an end of year donation? We make it easy! Visit to donate online.

Page 6 | November, 2022

Page 7 | November, 2022

Stay Food Safe this Thanksgiving Holiday

By: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Keep your stomach full of turkey and free from foodborne illness this Thanksgiving holiday. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reminds us all that it ’ s important to remember the steps to food safety during America ’ s biggest meal. “ While the four steps to food safety — clean, separate, cook and chill — are important every day and at every meal, they are particularly significant on Thanksgiving, ” said USDA Deputy Under Secretary Sandra Eskin. “ There will likely be many guests and many delicious dishes at your holiday table, but you don ’ t want to invite any foodborne pathogens. Follow those four steps — in particular remember to use a food thermometer — and your Thanksgiving dinner will be a safe one. ”

Stuffing your Turkey

USDA recommends against stuffing your turkey since this often leads to bacteria growth. However, if you plan to stuff your turkey, follow these steps:

• Prepare the wet and dry ingredients for the stuffing separately from each other and refrigerate until ready to use. Mix wet and dry ingredients just before filling the bird ’ s cavity.

• Do not stuff whole poultry and leave in the refrigerator before cooking.

• Stuff the turkey loosely — about 3/4 cup of stuffing per pound.

• Immediately place the stuffed, raw turkey in an oven set no lower than 325 F.

• A stuffed turkey will take longer to cook. Once it has finished cooking, place a food thermometer in the center of the stuffing to ensure it has reached a safe internal temperature of 165 F.

Let the cooked turkey stand 20 minutes before removing the stuffing.

The Two - Hour Rule

Don ’ t leave your food sitting out too long! Refrigerate all perishable foods sitting out at room temperature within two hours of being cooked, or one hour if the temperature is 90 F or above. After two hours, perishable food will enter the “ Danger Zone ” (between 40 F and 140 F), which is where bacteria can multiply quickly and cause the food to become unsafe. Discard all foods that have been left out for more than two hours. Remember the rule — keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

• Transporting hot foods — Wrap dishes in insulated containers to keep their temperature above 140 F.

• Transporting cold foods — Place items in a cooler with ice or gel packs to keep them at or below 40 F.

When serving food to groups, keep hot food hot and keep cold food cold by using chafing dishes or crock pots and ice trays. Hot items should remain above 140 F and cold items should remain below 40 F.


Store leftovers in small shallow containers and put them in the refrigerator. Thanksgiving leftovers are safe to eat up to four days in the refrigerator. In the freezer, leftovers are safely frozen indefinitely but will keep best quality from two to six months.

Page 8 | November, 2022

Orange County Cultural Initiative

By: Orange County Communications Department

On November 2, November 9, and November 15, 2022 members of the Senior Leadership and Cultural Initiative teams came together to create the mission, vision, and values of our Organization. Orange County is on a cultural initiative journey to create a more inclusive, empowering, and exciting culture. This work will help to improve the culture for all employees throughout the organization. Look for more information to come in the coming months.

Do you have team members that exemplify the JUICE mentality and are going above and beyond? Remember you can nominate them! Submissions are open and we will be doing a quarterly drawing to choose a winner for that quarter. They will receive a fun jackpot prize! Visit the JUICE Employee Recognition Form, or simply use the QR code to recognize another employee!

Orange County Public Works Team Building By: Orange County Communications Department On November 7, 2022 the Orange County Public Works Maintenance staff participated in a team building activity at Path Recreation and Fitness in Culpeper. This was a great opportunity for members of the maintenance crew to work together and have some fun! Please remember to utilize the Public Works Order System for all maintenance and facility repair requests. If you need to be added to the workticket system please contact Joey Freeze, Building and Grounds Supervisor, at

Pictured: Corey Seay

Pictured Left to Right: Ryan Dewyea, Corey Seay, Joey Freeze, Brian Keys, and Austin Haney

Page 9 | November, 2022

Page 10 | November, 2022


By: Orange County IT Department


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day is an annual holiday celebrated every year by GIS professionals and enthusiasts alike! Since 1999, Geography lovers have celebrated this Holiday to bring awareness to the constantly evolving technology which is GIS and foster a sense of community among its users. Sponsored by serval originations such as the National Geographic Society (NatGeo), Association of American Geographers (AAG), and Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute), GIS Day is now celebrated in countless countries across the globe! GIS is used by every person every day! Your weather app that updates forecasts based on your current location, Google Maps, and Find My Friends all use the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is a GIS! On the county level, our GIS Analyst and GIS Technician are responsible for making sure that mailing addresses and property information, such as boundaries and pending permits, are accounted for and up to date. Additionally, they act as the liaison for the County of Orange and FiberLync to determine where fiber has already been run and where it will be run next. The GIS specialists also work closely with other members of the Information Technology Department, as well as members of Development Services, Fire and EMS, and the Office of Commerce.

1.The earth ’ s shape is not a perfect sphere. It is a ______ which means an “ earth - like shape ”

2. The _______ ________ divides the Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres

4. The element that denotes direction on a map is the _________

5. Maps that communicate elevation data are referred to as ___________ maps

7. Unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used to collect data. They are best known to be used by ground - based controllers to steer the vehicle in real time

8. __________ are the backbone of the GPS

9. Who is credited as the first person in written history to use spatial analysis to make geographic connections to determine the source of a cholera epidemic in London during 1854?

11. The feature used to explain the symbols used on a map

12. There are 2 main disciples in geography: 1) Human Geography and 2) _______ Geography

13. A collection of maps


2. The 3 types of vector feature classes used in ArcGIS to represent data are 1) points, 2) lines and 3) ______

3. How many counties share a boarder with Orange County?

6. The art and science of map making

10. GIS housed in the ___________ __________ department

14. The two types of GIS data are 1) Raster and 2) _______

15. An _________ is a piece of non - spatial data about an object

Interactive Maps and Open Data that detail information about the County are available for public consumption on the County ’ s website.

16. The GIS Map located on the County ’ s website is most used to locate and validate Tax _____

Page 11 | November, 2022

GIS Day Crossword Puzzle!

Want to test your GIS knowledge or learn something new? Take a crack at the GIS Crossword! First 15 people to complete the puzzle and return it or the answers to will receive a fun Geography themed prize!

Page 12 | November, 2022

Farm Credit Contributes to Construct Building at Orange County Fairgrounds to Benefit Orange 4 - H

By: Farm Credit of the Virginias

Farm Credit of the Virginias (FCV), a lending cooperative that serves Virginia, West Virginia, and western Maryland, declared the association would contribute $95,000 to support the construction of a new livestock facility at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The sponsorship was announced and celebrated at the Orange County Fair Association ’ s Denim & Pearls Barn Dance at the Orange County Fairgrounds on October 8, 2022. The new facility, which will be named the “ Farm Credit Pavilion, ” will be used primarily to host 4 - H programming and youth livestock competitions at the fairgrounds. The facility will also be leveraged for additional community and educational offerings. Construction of the Farm Credit Pavilion is set to begin in 2023 with the intention to finalize the build prior to the Orange County Fair in June 2023. Kaci Daniel, Unit Coordinator for the Orange County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension, said, "We are thrilled about the expansion of permanent facilities at the fairgrounds and are grateful for Farm Credit's long - standing support of Orange County 4 - H. The Farm Credit Pavilion will enable us to provide more youth development programming throughout the year and in safe and secure facilities."

Brad Cornelius, CEO of Farm Credit of the Virginias, said, “ We are pleased to support the Orange County Fair and fund the construction of a new livestock facility. The Farm Credit Pavilion is sure to encourage and enrich youth agricultural participation in Orange County, both at the county fair and at various events throughout the year. ”

Pictured Left to Right: Teresa Harris, Stephanie Hensley, E.L. Harlow, Albert Lohman, Bob Chambers, Kaci Daniel.

Page 13 | November, 2022

Go to and click "Payment Options"

To pay Real Estate, click to view Real Estate Bills. Search by Name or Parcel Number. To pay Personal Property, click to view Personal Property. Search by Last Name, First Name.


Page 14 | November, 2022

Page 15 | November, 2022

Every year, the Commissioner of the Revenue ’ s Office obtains new and used vehicle values from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Guides to value Orange County citizens ’ vehicles. With vehicle and supply chain shortages, values have increased. To help combat the high valuations, the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted twice to lower the Personal Property tax rates to benefit citizens. For information regarding the tax rate table please visit: - Rates By: Orange County Communications Department Personal Property Tax Reminder

For questions regarding your tax bills, please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue ’ s Office at (540) 672 - 4441, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

As a reminder, tax bills are due Monday, December 5, 2022.

2022 Personal Property and Second Half Real Estate Bills are due

Monday, December 5, 2022.

Bills were mailed on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. If you have not received your bill or need to discuss payment options, please contact the Orange County Treasurer's Office at (540) 672 - 2656. Contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office at (540) 672 - 4441 for billing questions regarding assessment (valuation), items on your bill, items missing, or address change.

Gordon Building - 112 W. Main Street, Orange, VA 22960

In– Person

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Except holidays.

After - hours drop box available outside.

Orange County Treasurer - P.O. Box 469, Orange, VA 22960

Mailed payments must be postmarked no later than December 5, 2022.

By Mail

If mailing close to the due date, hand deliver to the post office and request a postmark.

Go to and click "Payment Options"

To pay Real Estate, click to view Real Estate Bills. Search by Name or Parcel Number. To pay Personal Property, click to view Personal Property. Search by Last Name, First Name.


Page 16 | November, 2022

MPS Expanding in Orange County

Orange County is pleased to announce that MPS, a division of Macmillan Publishers, will invest $26+ million over the next three (3) years to expand its distribution operation in Orange County. Macmillan Publishers, based in New York, NY, is a global trade and higher education publishing company operating in over 70 countries, with imprints in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and India. Macmillan Publishers is a division of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, a large family - owned media company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. MPS first opened its ’ doors in Orange County in 1997 and then expanded in 2000 to add their Returns Facility, located in the Thomas E. Lee Industrial Park. The Orange County distribution facility handles all distribution for the United States and Canada, and some international customers. This expansion is anticipated to create 10 new jobs over the next three (3) years. The Economic Development Authority incentivized MPS to expand its operations in the County by offering a $250,000 real estate and machinery and tools

performance tax grant, in exchange for their $26+ million investment. “ This is wonderful news for Orange County. MPS has been a valued corporate citizen for the past 25 years and we are so excited that they have chosen to invest in the community once again, ” noted Rose Deal, Economic Development Director. “ We could not be more appreciative of the Economic Development Authority ’ s generosity and support of our business efforts. This is an exciting opportunity for MPS to continue expanding our operations here in Orange County. We ’ ve enjoyed a strong relationship with this community and its leaders for the past 25 years and this project solidifies many more years of growth and partnership. ” noted a representative from MPS.

Orange County Announces New Airport Operations Manager

Orange County is pleased to announce that the role of Airport Manager will be filled by Paul Weber. Paul Weber is originally from Portland, Oregon. Mr. Weber started his career in the United States Marine Corps in 1983. During his tenure in the Marine Corps, Mr. Weber held many roles including running an airfield in Okinawa, Japan, preparing students as an Officer Instructor, and recruiting candidates for the Marine Corps. After serving twenty - three (23) years in the Marine Corps, Mr. Weber then began working as a Federal Government Employee and has worked with technology in various leadership roles. Mr. Weber received his Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University as well as Master of Arts in History from Miami University.

In his free time, Mr. Weber works on projects around his house including restoring a 1940 LaSalle. Mr. Weber and his wife of twenty - nine (29) years love to travel and visit his six (6) kids who are staggered around the country. For more information, contact Stephanie Straub, Assistant County Administrator for Operations, at

Page 17 | November, 2022

Bad Bug The invasive insect, the Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) has recently been confirmed to be present in Orange County by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). This confirmation was initiated by a sample submission from the public to the local Virginia Cooperative Extension Office in Orange. From there, the specimen was then formally submitted to the Insect Identification Lab at Virginia Tech, where Virginia Tech then forwarded the specimen on to VDACS. VDACS officially confirmed the submitted specimen to be that of an adult Spotted Lanternfly (SLF). This marks the first, formally identified specimen of the pest in the County of Orange. Based on VDACS surveys it appears that the populations of the insects found in Orange County are an extension of existing populations that have already been confirmed in the Town of Culpeper. VDACS plans to begin work in our area, communicating with businesses and homeowners to find populations and to provide information and outreach. The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive species native to China that was first detected in the United States in Pennsylvania in September of 2014. SLF was first discovered in Virginia in 2018 and has since been expanding its territory through both natural and human assisted movement. The pest prefers Tree of Heaven as its host, but will feed on over 100 other plants including apple, peach, and cherry trees, grape vines, and many more. Spotted Lanternflies are invasive and can be spread long distances by the movement of infested material or other items containing egg masses. If allowed to spread in the United States, this pest could seriously impact the country ’ s grape, orchard, and logging industries. By: Courtney Wesner, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension

What can you do at this time?

• First, educate yourself. Know what you are looking for and be able to successfully identify “ look - alike ” egg masses and insects. - industry - services - spotted - lanternfly.shtml - horticulture/spotted - lanternfly.html

• Kill any SLF you find! Stomp, squash, squish, squeeze, slap, spray, scrape, smash. They all work. This invasive pest is a much larger problem than any one (1) or two (2) agencies alone can tackle. It is going to take all of us! Join the effort and kill SLF when you find them. • Continue to report sightings to Orange County VCE by taking a picture or submitting a sample of SLF , only after you have killed them and whenever possible . • Orange County is currently not a part of the quarantine area established by VDACS at this time. With that being said, continue to educate yourself and look for updates as they are passed down by VDACS on the matter of SLF in our area.

Page 18 | November, 2022

Page 19 | November, 2022

Livability Magazine

We are pleased to share the new Livability magazine, featuring Orange County and the Central Virginia Region. Give it a read today at Thank you to the Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development for helping to coordinate bringing this publication to life!

Backpack Drive for Foster Care Youth

By: Crystal Hale, Director of Orange County Social Services

In September, the Orange County Treasurer ’ s Office started a backpack drive to collect backpacks for foster children.

Many times, children placed into foster care only have a paper or plastic bag to carry their belongings in. Historically, Orange County Social Services has had an abundance of backpacks to ensure foster children did not experience this scenario, but unfortunately foster care numbers have been on the upswing over the past year and the surplus of backpacks were almost gone. The Treasurer's Office not only gathered 30 brand new backpacks but they also stuffed them full of necessities (to help meet physical and emotional needs) for children of various genders and ages.

While the Treasurer's Office primarily fulfilled the need, they did enlist the help from other County offices and citizens. This is a great example of how Orange County comes together to help each other and serve those who are in need. A big thank you to Krystle Dickson and Dawn Herndon for leading this effort and to everyone else involved behind the scenes.

Page 20 | November, 2022

Orange County Staff Stay Informed

By Michelle Williams, FOIA Officer

On November 4, 2022, members of Orange County Senior Leadership, Key Leadership, and other staff attended a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) training. This training was taught by the Virginia Freedom of Information Council ’ s very own legal counsel, Alan Gernhardt, where he reviewed a PowerPoint presentation that described requirements for local elected officials, public records, public meetings, and remedies and penalties related to the Freedom of Information Act. The Code of Virginia states that, “ the General Assembly ensures the people of the Commonwealth ready access to public records in custody of a public body or its officers and employees, and free entry to meetings of public bodies wherein the business of the people is being conducted. ” However, there are exemptions and prohibitions to these, specifically, to documents or public records. Exemptions include personnel records, attorney - client privilege, legal memoranda and other work product, contract negotiations, procurement exemptions, and account & routing numbers. Gernhardt advised his pupils that there are five (5) suitable responses to a FOIA request: (1) provide the requested records; (2) requested records are being entirely withheld; (3) requested records are being provided in part and withheld in part; (4) requested records could not be found or do not exist; and (5) additional time is needed to search for or produce records. The Freedom of Information Act allows for five (5) working days to provide a response to the requestor. These days do not include Saturday and Sunday or County holidays where offices are closed for business, nor do they include the day the request is received. For completing the training with Mr. Gernhardt, employees will receive an official certificate acknowledging their completion of FOIA training. FOIA Officers and elected officials are required to complete the training every two (2) years. FOIA Officer Michelle Williams followed Mr. Gernhardt ’ s training with a brief overview of the process she has for acknowledging, processing, and responding to FOIA requests. By teaching staff about the key components to the Freedom of Information Act, the County can ensure a smooth and thorough process is completed and they are providing transparency to the citizens of the Commonwealth in accordance with the law. As a citizen, if you ’ re not sure who your FOIA request goes to, the County has seven (7) FOIA Officers: one (1) who provides records for many of the departments under the County Administrator ’ s purview, one (1) for

each of the five (5) Constitutional Officers (Sherriff, Commissioner of the Revenue, Treasurer, Circuit Court Clerk, and Commonwealth ’ s Attorney), and one (1) for Voter Registration & Elections. Their contact information can be found on the County ’ s website. For more information about the Freedom of Information Act, please visit the Virginia FOIA Council ’ s website.

Page 21 | November, 2022

Citizens Do Their Part to Recycle Extinguishers

By Michelle Williams, Litter Control Committee Coordinator

As of October 19, 2022, the County has already requested a pickup of old and outdated fire extinguishers from the Public Safety Building. Fire and EMS staff had received lots of questions about how and where to recycle fire extinguishers. So, with the help of the Orange County Litter Control

Committee (OCLCC), Fire and EMS now has the means to do so! For more information, contact Michelle Williams, Litter Control Coordinator at (540) 661 - 5405.

Page 22 | November, 2022

Orange County Economic Development is pleased to announce a Revolving Loan Fund program, aimed to provide a flexible source of supplemental financing for businesses expanding or locating to Orange County. The fund, created to assist businesses respond to impacts from the COVID - 19 pandemic, was funded using American Rescue Plan Act monies. Community Investment Collaborative (CIC) will administer the Fund and only Orange County businesses will be eligible to receive loans from the fund. Eligible uses for loan proceeds include operating capital, land or building acquisition, new construction, property rehabilitation or improvements, the purchase of equipment, supplies and material, and inventory for resale. The revolving loan fund is the first of its kind available to Orange County businesses and will offer individual loans up to $20,000. Rose Deal, Economic Development Director, noted, “ The Orange County Revolving Loan Fund will provide affordable loans to the business community and help get additional support to more Orange County businesses as the community continues to recover from impacts associated with the coronavirus pandemic. ” As a certified Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI) and a focus on under resourced entrepreneurs, CIC is an ideal partner for this initiative. Since launching in 2012, it has made nearly $2 million in microloans to businesses throughout the region, displaying its commitment to the continued evolution of the business community and the entrepreneurial spirit of its members. "We're excited to launch this new partnership with Orange County and to assist Orange County entrepreneurs access the capital they need to launch and grow their businesses," said Stephen Davis, President of CIC.

For more information regarding the program, please visit our website at - orange/financing or contact Rose Deal at (540) 672 - 1238.

Page 23 | November, 2022

Orange County Parks and Recreation Receives Awards at VRPS State Conference

By: Orange County Communications Department

Over 400 delegates, exhibitors, speakers, and volunteers from around the state gathered at the 68th Annual Conference of the Virginia Recreation and Park Society held in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The conference is a learning exchange and provides an opportunity for recreation and park professionals to discuss areas of common interest. Highlighting each year ’ s conference is a formal presentation of awards. This state - wide program honors individuals, departments, and organizations throughout Virginia who have demonstrated excellence in any of several areas during the previous year. Sixty - nine (69) applications were received vying for awards in fifteen (15) different categories. Judged by a jury of its peers, Orange County Parks and

Recreation received an award in the Snapshot Moment: 25,001 - 50,000 category, for the Michael ’ s Mile Color Powder Cloud photo as well as in the Best New Program: 25,001 - 50,000 category, for the Would Chuck Disc Golf League.

The Orange County Parks and Recreation Department (OCPR) is primarily responsible for the development of leisure activities for the citizens of Orange County. To see upcoming Parks and Recreation programs and events, visit ocpr.

Page 24 | November, 2022

Page 25 | November, 2022

Civic Rec

By Joe Falin, Program and Facilities Supervisor, Orange County Parks and Recreation

In October, Orange County Parks and Recreation (OCPR) launched our new online registration platform powered by CivicRec. This platform will allow anyone interested in registering for one of our programs to browse our catalog of available activities, register, and pay for the activity all without being redirected to another website. To register for an activity, all you need to do is go to - county - va/ and create an account. You can add all your household members to a single account and make edits to your account anytime you wish. Once your account is created, registering for an activity takes just a few minutes, and you can register at any time (even when Parks and Recreation is closed for business). The future is very bright for OCPR as we work to incorporate more and more processes into our online platform. Beginning in 2023, OCPR will allow online reservations for both our Barboursville and Unionville shelters. Gone will be the days of wondering if a shelter is available when making plans for a birthday party or company picnic. Everyone will be able to look at the availability of each of the shelters, select any available dates they wish to reserve a shelter, sign all the appropriate waivers, and pay for the shelter all in just a matter of minutes.

Another advantage of moving to CivicRec for our online platform, is the functionality it provides for any future leagues OCPR may offer. CivicRec will allow OCPR to create a league and give each team access to their own team website. On each team website, you will be able to view your team ’ s record, league standing, and schedule (including game/match location). Coaches will be able to view their team ’ s roster online and communicate with their team all within the platform.

Communication will be another advantage, as OCPR will be able to provide up - to - date information regarding programs and shelter availability, as well as providing our instructors with the tools they need to

communicate with their participants/parents. Instructors will be able to access their own instructor portal where they will be able to view all their class rosters during registration and for the duration of their program. Instructors will also be able to message all their students through the instructor portal and let them know any important information as it pertains to their class.

Be on the lookout for new and exciting programs on our website, and if you are interested in offering a program through OCPR, please contact us at (540) 672 - 5435 or at

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Good Times Ahead! Mark Your Calendar for these Upcoming Community Events!

Small Business Saturday: Saturday, November 26, 2022

Shop at your favorite local small businesses. Don ’ t forget your Enjoy Orange Passport. Just six (6) signatures can get you into a fun drawing.

For additional details, visit: - here/enjoy - orange.

Chateau Merrillanne Bonfire: Saturday, November 26, 2022

The tasting room will open at 11:00 a.m., Zippy ’ s Smokeshack BBQ will be set up and serving at 3:00 p.m. and the bonfire will be lit as soon as it gets dark. This end of season bonfire has become a holiday tradition for so many.

For additional details, visit:

Town of Gordonsville Memorial Tree Lighting: November 27, 2022

5:45 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Santa will be here this year to visit with the children after the tree lighting!

For additional details, visit:

Paint it Orange - Ugly Sweater Benefit for Children ’ s Toy Box: December 2, 2022

Come show off your ugly sweater and bring at least a $20 donation.

For additional details, visit:

Orange Rotary Christmas Parade: Saturday, December 3, 2022

Come see floats, performances, vehicles, and animals from all over the County - and beyond - in the annual Orange Christmas Parade. Starts at 4:30 p.m.

For additional details, visit:

Main Street Holiday Market: Saturday, December 10, 2022

The annual Holiday Market will feature Carriage Rides by Shenandoah Carriage Company Santa – Arts & Crafts – Food & Fun - Merchant Events!

For additional details, visit:

Learn more about these and other events at:

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Starting January 10, 2023 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. via Zoom Contact Clare Lillard, for questions and to register.

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Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Business Systems Analyst Customer Service Coordinator– Development Services Deputy Sheriff - Animal Control Deputy Sheriff - Court Security Deputy Sheriff - School Resource Officer Emergency Communications Center Supervisor Emergency Communications Officer Firefighter / Medic Senior Maintenance Technician Veterinary Technician

Child Care Teacher - LES Child Care Teacher - LGPS

Child Care Teacher Assistant - LGPS Child Care Teacher Assistant - OES Custodian Landfill Scale Operator

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Orange County Public Schools Calendar 2022 - 2023

Link to Calendar

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Let your voice be heard... Orange County Public Hearings

Board of Supervisors

Planning Commission

• Tuesday, December 20, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. Board of Supervisors ’ Meeting Room Orange County Public Safety Building 11282 Government Center Drive, Orange

No public hearings scheduled at this time.

This information is for reference only. Specific information about hearing topics and schedules will be available in that meeting ’ s agenda packet when published. Agendas can be accessed in the online Agenda Center. Please note that due to the monthly publication schedule of this newsletter, it is possible that some upcoming public hearings may not be listed. Pursuant to the applicable section of the Code of Virginia, notices for all public hearings will be posted in our newspaper of circulation (The Orange County Review) at least seven days prior to the hearing date, or as required by code.

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Citizens Ask...

Q: Is hunting allowed on County property?

A: No. The County does not allow hunting on any County Property.

Q: Do you need to have a conceal carry permit to carry a gun on your hip or in your car?

A: You do not need a conceal carry permit to carry on your hip as long as it is not covered by a shirt or article of clothing. You also do not need a permit if the gun is in a locked box in your vehicle or in a locked glove compartment.

Q: Do my dogs have to have a rabies vaccine?

A: Yes. The rabies vaccination is mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Gina Pilsucki

Get to know Orange County staff... The Personnel File:

Kennel Coordinator

Gina Pilsucki has been with the Orange County Animal Shelter since 2018. She is a very dedicated and important staff member. Gina enjoys all of the animals, but especially the ones that need a little more help whether that be an injury or a positive case of heartworms. Gina loves teaching new and younger people about animal rescue and the mission and practices of the Animal Shelter. When Gina is not at working, you can find her enjoying her own animals, reading a book, gardening, or cooking. Thank you for your dedication to the Animal Shelter Gina!

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Orange County Communications Department 112 W. Main Street P.O. Box 111 Orange, VA 22960


Meet Poseiden Poseiden is a very sweet and affectionate boy. He can be selective with other dogs so he may be best as the only dog. He can not live with cats or in a home that has outdoor cats. He previously lived with younger kids and did well with them. He keeps his kennel clean and loves his treats! Poseiden is a nine (9) year old Pitbull looking for a family that enjoys leisurely walks and spending time with him!!! Poseiden was previously neutered and microchipped. He is current on all vaccines, heartworm tested and monthly preventatives started.

Poseiden ’ s full bio is available on Petfinder.

If interested, please go to the Orange County website and fill out the preadoption application and submit it by email to the Director at

Page 39 | November, 2022 Find your new best friend at The Orange County Animal Shelter

Visit us on Facebook Find Adoptable Pets (540) 672 - 1124 Directions: 11362 Porter Road Orange VA 22960

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