IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

Possible increase in demand in virtual meetings

Table 13: Demand for in-person and virtual meetings.

In the survey, the respondents were able to identify if they would expect an increase or decrease in demand for in-person and virtual meetings. In the pie chart on the left, a balanced result can be seen, 36.4 % of respondents think that there will be an increase while 37.7 % think there will be a decrease. This might also depend on the industry the company is in or indicate that employees are still unsure what the future will hold. Table 12 indicated that more than half of the respondents anticipate a significant increase in virtual meetings post COVID-19. 4.2 Analysis of the Interviews This paragraph provides the results of the interviews with the clients of IACC’s venues. The qualitative interviews were conducted entirely according to the method described in Chapter 3: Methodology. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Project Group was able to conduct six interviews instead of 10. The interviews with the members give more insight into the research question (RQ2 ) “ What are the needs and wants of the clients of IACC’s venues regarding business events?”. The research question can be answered with the information provided by the clients of IACC’s venues . After conducting the interviews, several categories about the wants and needs of the clients of IACC’s venues were found. These categories can be divided into seven main topics: Decentralisation of work environment, changing motives to meet, strategic decisions, usage of the external venues, face-to-face vs. virtual meetings, decision-making factors, and trends in the meeting industry. From the interviews conducted a thorough analysis was made and formed the basis of the findings.

An overview of all the relevant categories derived from the interviews can be found in Appendix 4: Structure of the Categories.



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