IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

responsibility is expected from companies and venues, “I think the industry, consumers, stakeholders , and companies that work with you or want to engage with you expect it if that makes sense” (Informant #5). Others mention the importance of being able to access an outdoor environment , “ That people can go out, that's really important and we encourage people to be healthy and sportive. What we see is that people really spend a lot of time outside jogging ” (Informant #3). It is the responsibility of the venue to give the opportunity to their clients to release the stress in an appropriate setting, after spending a day inside, an outdoor environment is preferred.

Safety & Security

With the ongoing pandemic, safety regulations and precautions are a must, it is also the responsibility of the venue to put in place measures to make sure their guests are safe. It also depends on the restrictions given by the government of a certain country. In one of the interviews conducted, it was mentioned that food options and the Food and Beverage facilities can be a moment of contamination, therefore pre-packaged food was given as a recommendation. Making people feel safe currently is a very important aspect which can be seen through this quot e, “So, I think now you get a safe feeling, feeling of safety, you get the feeling that it is under control ” (Informant #3), when booking for an external venue, guests want to feel like the venue is in control of the situation and can welcome people in a stable and safe environment.


With the Decentralisation of the work environment and the beginning of remote working, the digitalisation of learning was a requirement for every company, thus, reliable technology is a crucial aspect of a successful work environment. Meeting participants now expect the same level of technology in the venues they use, the requirements are now higher than they used to, as mentioned by one of the interviewees: And this may be something that hotels need to be aware of if we're going to try and follow this. You've got to get the connectivity. You've got together audio-visual equipment, first class. So, they'll need first-class AV, they'll need big-screen functionality. (Informant #4) Other companies make use of outsourcing suppliers which can ensure reliable technologies, as this interviewee quotes : “ When we have really big seminars in the plenaries, we use as well, there, of course, outsourced suppliers, facilities, for video conferencing and these kinds of things, audio, separate audio services, additional ones ” (Informant #3).


Welcoming guests in venues usually includes food & beverage options. During the interviews, employees mention how important it is to be inclusive, this also appears through food options. Many observe an increase in the demand for vegan options, as an interviewee quotes “ what we see is that more and more they are exceptions, we have vegan, so many requirements on foods... ” (Informant #3). Being inclusive of dietary requirements and beliefs is important, as the same interviewee mentioned “ we need to have a broad, a really wide range of food offering, Hallal for example, and we have everything really, for our guests that come over... ” (Informant #3). Respecting those requirements also demonstrates the shared values between the company and the venue.



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