IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

Appendix 5: The Interview Questions Scheme


Date of Interview:






Online, Teams

OBJECTIVES • To understand what their future work environment will look like. • To understand what they want their future environment to look like. • To understand what type of services they expect from IACC. • To get a better understanding of the changed customer expectations. • To get a better understanding of the company preferences regarding the work style.

RESEARCH QUESTION What are the needs and wants of the clients of IACC’s venues regarding business events?

INTRODUCTION Hello …. Thank you so much for meeting us today.

We appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us to go over some questions we prepared. To give you a bit of background information, we are five fourth-year students at Hotel Management School Maastricht, currently doing our graduation project in collaboration with IACC. We are researching the needs and wants of the clients of IACC's venues regarding business events. After the pandemic and the current decentralised work environment, we are investigating the (future) demand for external meeting rooms. And that is why we need your help! To thank you for participating, we are planting a tree for each interview conducted. In that way, we contribute to a more sustainable world together! The interview will take approximately 45 minutes. These interviews will be kept anonymous and therefore the recording and notes will be used solely for the purpose of this project and will not be shared with outside sources. Are you comfortable with us using the name of your organisation/company during the writing of our reports? If you do not feel comfortable answering a question or a question might not apply to your area of knowledge, please let us know and we will simply skip to the next question. How long have you been making use of IACC services? • How frequently do you make use of IACC services? • For what occasions do you make use of IACC services? IMPACT OF COVID-19 Work environment • What is your current work environment? • How has your current work environment changed compared to pre COVID-19? • Compared to working at the office , which work environment you prefer in the future? • What is the policy of the company considering the current work environment? • Does the company you work for plan to implement a flexible or remote work option in the future? • How has COVID-19 affected your office processes or occupancy? PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES •

Meeting environment • Since COVID-19, do you hold and/or attend more or less meetings? • What is the purpose of organising meetings?



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