Gems Publishing - April 2019

By Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent

I mentioned in Part I that my team and I can see a vivid difference in the actions taken by the most successful dentists and dental teammembers versus those who continue to struggle year in and year out. Below is a self-assessment quiz on the 20 things you must do if you are serious about maximizing professional success and profit from your practice. Of course, there are way more than 20. However, ensuring that you are doing these 20 things will go a long way toward helping you blow away your goals, build the practice, and live the life of your dreams. Some of these hold (much) more weight than others. However, for simplicity’s sake, give yourself five points for each one you’re already doing. Don’t cheat; e.g., if you only set aside 60 minutes per week for your weekly team meeting or if you do 90 minutes but miss one or more per month, don’t give yourself five points for No. 1. On the other hand, if 48 out of 50 work weeks you do meet with your team, and 95% of the time you adhere to the full 90-minute meeting, then BRAVO! You get five points for No. 1! "I promise if you work toward achieving 100 on this self- assessment, you’ll have happier, healthier patients and a robust, financially healthy practice and income as a result!" In this article, for each of the 20 commonalities of the most successful practices, I will share why you should do it and where to find the resources that will show you exactly how to best deploy. I urge you to write down which ones you already do and which you don’t yet do. Put today’s date on the quiz. Make a note in your calendar to revisit this quiz at least once per quarter. Your score today is not

nearly as important as your progress tomorrow! Frankly, if it takes you two or three years to get to 100 on this quiz, that’s fine. The journey will be fun and the results are more than worth the effort along the way. I promise, if you work toward achieving 100 on this self-assessment, you’ll have happier, healthier patients and a robust, financially healthy practice and income as a result! Send an email to and let me know how you scored on this quiz, both now and in the future. I’m confident that long before you achieve 100 on this quiz, any significant increase in your score (indicating that you have deployed more of the essential-to-your- success Gems below) will correlate to measurable increases in your practice revenue!



This is probably the single most-contested Gem we require of our GG12 Coaching program members. Many tell us they’re simply too big, too busy, have too many teammembers, etc. Then … after they’ve deployed this Gem, their profits increase, stress decreases, and the majority tell us they can’t imagine how they ran a business without at least one 90-minute all-team weekly meeting.

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Yep. I realize you’re already doing them. Not my point. More important than the fact that you have morning huddles is how you prepare for them the night before. I’ve developed an extensive downloadable checklist that is explained in the video.

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