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Everyone is looking for the easy button. “How do we scale this?” is a common concern; “How do we spend the least amount of money possible?” everyone asks. These are the wrong questions and the trappings of average entrepreneurship. If you want to be the best, you can’t simply copy your competitors. You have to do things that make you stand out from the pack, and direct mail is one of those things. It also has the added benefit of being very profitable when done correctly. I talk more about this concept in my Page 4 article about Taylor Swift’s marketing. Make sure you check it out. I want to make one last point. I hear this all the time from people who are simply misinformed. They say, “But I sell to millennials, and they don’t read direct mail,” or “I don’t like getting mail, so this doesn’t work,” etc. I’ll start with the latter. Who cares what you like or don’t like? It is unlikely that you are your target market, and, even if you are, your personal feelings about a form of media are irrelevant. I don’t love social media, but I’m happy to make money on it. I rarely buy anything from it, but, once in a blue moon, I still do. Just because it isn’t my preference to buy from Facebook ads doesn’t mean it isn’t yours. Currently, the generation that purchases the highest number of products from print catalogs is millennials — not baby boomers, not Gen X — it’s millennials … It may seem crazy, but they learn of a product in the catalog and go online and buy it. People trust direct mail far more than they trust online marketing or email marketing. Of course, that doesn’t mean those items don’t work; we all know they do when executed properly. But you may be overlooking the “new” disruptor of online marketing by not including direct mail in your bag of tricks.


Text “TNP” to 208.269.9111, and you’ll get to see firsthand how the marketing works. As an added bonus, I will send you a short document that details how we use this service and what technology we use to make it work, so you can shortcut the process of adding this lead-capture method into your own business. The reason direct mail is disrupting online marketing is because today, it takes many more touches to get someone to buy. As you know, we’re inundated with marketing messages all day, every day. You have much less competition in the mail than you do online, which means you can get more qualified eyeballs on your message, in many cases, via direct mail. Finally, it is working because so few people are doing it. In a world where going wide is the norm, the person who goes deep stands above the rest.

Let me share some examples. When I speak at an event, we’re doing offline marketing. At nearly all of my speaking engagements, I end with a lead- generation call to action with the reward of a free book. Participants get the free book by texting in. When they text in, we have an automated system that captures the person’s data and puts it directly into our CRM system. This allows us to get full contact details and instantly brings the customer from offline to online since one of the first pieces of data we capture is their email address. We also get a physical mailing address because I’m willing to spend $17 to mail out our “shock and awe” package for each person who fills out the form. By delivering high-value presentations and following up with text opt-in, we’re able to capture 70% of the audience members whom I speak to. It is, typically, much easier to see this in action than to just read about it.


P.S. If you’re looking to add direct mail, we can help. We obviously offer custom and semi-custom newsletters, but did you know we send hundreds of thousands of other pieces of direct mail as well? We can help with postcards, letters, and many other forms of media. We even publish a few magazines and catalogs for our clients. If you need help adding more media into your mix, call a Pro at 208.297.5700 or schedule a meeting by visiting





like many entrepreneurs, they began to realize they were missing an even bigger market.

business I bought, I also spend countless hours every week helping entrepreneurs across the country discover what empowers them. I’ve been the business owner who hated my business and was losing sales and struggling to get by. Through mastermind programs and my Scale Your Business Bootcamp, I offer my expertise and lessons to those who will listen. I’m by no means perfect, but I’ve been in the game long enough to know a few things. One of the biggest lessons of all has been the need to have passion for what I do every day. My buddy, Andy Macksenson, and his partner, Sean Kelly, were similarly catapulted into success when their compassion for others changed the landscape of office snacking. I’ve always known Andy as someone who is driven to help people. He moved up the ranks to become a United States Naval Officer, eventually leading a special forces boat team in the Iraq War. When his stint in the Navy ended, Andy earned his MBA from Stanford University. Meanwhile, Sean’s drive led him to Columbia University, where his ultimate goal was to save lives as a cardiothoracic surgeon. But, of course, Sean wanted to prevent his patients from even making it to the operating table. Sean and Andy met through a mutual friend who recognized similar traits in the pair. Both of them wanted to help others, and Together, Andy and Sean launched Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition (HUMAN), which became America’s first healthy vending company and quickly grew in popularity. Andy and Sean were destined for something special with HUMAN, but, both were a little lost and looking for a funnel for the passion that fueled them. SnackNation feeds the U.S. with passion.

Anyone who’s heard a snippet of my back story knows I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Whether it was selling pagers in high school or running the dry-cleaning business that led me to newsletters, I have always thrived in situations where I am my own boss, running my own company and managing my career — until I didn’t. Early in my tenure as an entrepreneur, I bought an alcohol inventory auditing company. My main motivation was the money I thought I could make from the bar scene, but from day one, I knew I had made a mistake. That gut-wrenching feeling of regret didn’t leave for 10 months, at which point I sold the business for a loss. That was the resolve I needed to never do anything purely for the money again. After a few more bumps — albeit successful bumps — between a hot dog cart and a dry-cleaning business, I eventually found what fueled my desire: helping other small business owners through newsletter production. Today, The Newsletter Pro is a multimillion-dollar company that employs nearly 70 Idaho residents and continues to grow. I found my niche after years of running through entrepreneurship, celebrating my successes, and learning from my failures. It’s been a wonderful eight years, and I know we’re destined to continue growing.

The pair shifted their focus and, in 2014, launched SnackNation, a “tech-enabled snack delivery service and CPG insights platform” that delivered healthy snacks to medium- and small-sized businesses across the U.S. It was a decision that had their fellow entrepreneurs shaking their heads. I mean, I like a gutsy move, but even I would have been skeptical. SnackNation’s revenue grew tenfold in the first year, and today, they serve more than 6,000 offices and half a million consumers every month. Despite their success, Andy and Sean’s original desire to actually help people still hadn’t diminished. They also saw a need to help businesses grow and expand, and they knew their compassion for helping others could drive that aid. of their success to other food and nutrition businesses across the nation. Featuring case studies for research and guides to help brands grow and expand their original visions, SnackNation Insights gets healthy, prepackaged snacks into the hands of thousands of customers each day and offers data and research for dozens of corporations, including Hershey’s, Clif Bar, and Welch’s. Sure, helping the big companies was never the focus of SnackNation, but, by offering real consumer-focused data, SnackNation gives these companies a chance to change the scope of the food industry for the better. If they have proven anything, it’s that you can accomplish even more than you imagined when your passion and drive fuel your business. Finding your passion can be the difference between a 10-month loss and a rapid expansion that propels nationwide innovation across corporations. Bouncing off their success, the duo created SnackNation Insights as a way to offer samplings Everyone else was wrong.

But rather than bask in the success of the niche I stumbled into as a requirement of the laundromat







“It’s hard to believe that it’s now been a full year since we first started putting out our newsletter. When we first started publishing, our goal was to reconnect with the people we’ve helped over the years, mostly because we rarely hear back from the people whose lives and freedoms we’ve protected. “On the one hand, that’s a good thing; it means that the people we helped truly were having a bump in their road, and, after we helped them correct their course, they were able to move on just like we promised. On the other hand, it’s nice to hear the success stories from people we’ve helped along the way. “Our newsletter has had an unexpected side effect, though. In addition to reconnecting with people we’ve helped, those people have referred their friends and others needing our help to our doors. “Whether it was expunging a criminal history, becoming a Platinum Defense Member to always have legal advice available, or even getting help with new cases, this newsletter has helped us to reach even more people and continue our goal of providing help to the hopeless. Thank you to everyone who’s trusted


us in the past year.” –John Razumich Razumich & Delamater, P.C.

Many entrepreneurs aspire to found the next Facebook, Uber, or LinkedIn. That being said, what differentiates start-ups that fade into oblivion from those that wind up in Forbes? “Blitzscaling” sets out to define these parameters and share techniques you can use to scale at any level. This page-turner comes from the minds of Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh. Hoffman is well-known for his crucial role in building the leading consumer tech businesses PayPal and LinkedIn. Yeh is the co-founder of Wasabi ventures and has been working with tech start-ups for over 20 years.

“My favorite thing about working with you has been how friendly, helpful, and professional your staff is. I was concerned about how much work this would be for me, but your team makes it easy.” –Amanda Olson Olson’s Martial Arts




READ A PAGE FROM TAYLOR SWIFT’SDIARY And Your Business Will Grow Like Crazy

One of the reasons Taylor is so successful is that she has hacked our culture. She does crazy, random things like sing at someone’s wedding, send personalized videos to fans, and take a teen to his senior prom. Why does she do these things? They aren’t exactly scalable. Taylor has figured out that, to rise above all the noise, you have to scale the unscalable. Let me explain. We live in a world where people are aware of automation. They understand your emails aren’t personal just because you put “Hi, Shaun” at the start of the email. They know most of the interactions you have with them aren’t real.

section. How many people do you think did the same? It really is genius when you think about it.

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for any period of time, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a Taylor Swift fan. She is one of the smartest marketers on the planet. Recently, Taylor put out a new album, and, while I was walking through a store, I saw a display for the new album and noticed there are four versions. Inside each version, there are sections of Taylor’s diary as bonus content. If you’re a huge Swiftie, you have to buy the album four times to read the whole diary. Later that same week, I saw a former employee’s Instagram post, and, sure enough, she had bought all four albums to get each diary

People have access to all the surfacy stuff they could possibly want via the internet.

It’s great to have a gimmick, but will the masses really buy into the idea of buying the album four separate times? The only way to tell is to look at the numbers. Her new album, “Lover,” sold more in two days (500,000 copies) than the previous top-selling album of the year. Of course, Taylor enjoys incredible fame. The rest of us don’t have that luxury, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from her campaigns.

But going deep with people makes a difference.

Building relationships makes a difference.

Doing what your competition won’t do makes a difference.

Continued on Page 6 ...

‘BLITZSCALING’ How to Scale Your Business

Have You Heard the Good News?

Philippians 4:13 — “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

In addition to offering guidance for growing your business quickly, “Blitzscaling” does an excellent job of giving you a sense of where your business currently is and how you can choose your ventures wisely. From that point, you can decide how to fuel your growth at your current level while negating the risk of falling fast, a common concern for many entrepreneurs. So, if you want to scale your business at the right rate for you, grab your copy today. Whether you find techniques for immediate results or an awareness of the modern business landscape, “Blitzscaling” has a takeaway for every entrepreneur.

“Blitzscaling” shares insights that have shaped the business world, as well as techniques to keep your business relevant in the modern market. The business landscape is continuously shifting, and this book outlines how to maintain your footing. If you want to remain relevant, you have to move fast and take the leaps required to stay ahead of your competition. This book shows you how through the examples of established companies like IBM and Nokia, plus start-up success stories. If you have a driven team ready to execute plans, the backing to take risks, or a vision you want to bring to fruition, this book is for you.

Matthew 7:7 — “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Romans 8:28 — “And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

2 Timothy 1:7 — “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.”




You have to rise above the noise of the world; you have to stand out. You have to be different if you want anyone to pay attention. YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM, WHY WOULD THEY CARE ABOUT YOU? AT THE END OF THE DAY, IF YOU CONSISTENTLY SHOW MARKETING HOW-TO CONTINUED ...

just leave. If they leave and you don’t even notice, how can you expect them to care about you, be loyal, not price shop, and recognize your skill in the services you provide? That’s simply not how it works. You have to lead. You have to care first. You have to give them stories to tell, and you have to share your stories with them. Unless you can get free media access like Taylor Swift whenever you want, you have to create your own media. You have to put out your own message and beat your own drum. Otherwise, you’ll just be a commodity like all of your competitors. P.S. Want to have your own media? Want to build relationships with prospects and customers so you can get more referrals, lower customer churn, and turn more prospects into paying customers? Jump on a call with my team, and they will help. Visit or call 208.297.5700 to make an appointment. –Shaun

This is how a newsletter can help you. It can enable you to build relationships with your customers without spending your invaluable time because your story will be told by my team of ghostwriters. Sharing your story will help you stand out. Most of your competitors won’t do it, as they don’t feel that building relationships with their customers is a worthy investment. That thought process always baffles me because these customers are the very people putting food on their tables. The flawed logic of most small businesses is “Let’s do nothing to make sure we have a good relationship with the people who put food on our table.” Alternatively, they simply do the cheapest thing possible and hope no one notices they don’t really care. At the end of the day, if you consistently show your customers that you don’t care about them, why would they care about you? Guess what: They won’t. They’ll only care about the cheapest offer. The next time you make a mistake, they will find someone else. Most people don’t complain; they




Today, attention spans last for about 7–8 seconds. Everyone can agree that’s not a lot of time to catch someone’s eye! If a person isn’t drawn into a video within those first few crucial seconds, then they’re going to move on to something else and not give your content the attention it deserves. The message you’re presenting can be easily swept under the rug if you’re not careful, but, if you can make it past those eight seconds successfully and really wow your watchers, you’ll have them hook, line, and sinker. Creating content that stops people from aimlessly scrolling down their social media for a few minutes has never been harder, but it’s not impossible. You can use and adapt a variety of tools to not only catch the eye of your targeted audience but to also get them to stick around to watch the entire video. Splasheo is one such tool that boosts the allure of your videos. By sending your content through Splasheo, you’re giving it the “pop” everyone is after. Every video you publish will have an eye-grabbing

professional, provide accessibility for all, and are 100% accurate.

and appealing look; people will be interested from the moment they hit that play button.

In addition to giving your videos the aesthetic they need, Splasheo also provides a number of different formats. Whether you’re planning to publish your videos on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, you’ll be able to post and share with ease. The process to get started is simple: Record your video, upload it to, and, within 24 hours, receive a video complete with your desired intrigue.

This tool frames the message of your video into a direct and intriguing headline. Your audience will get the gist of what it’s about, but it will also create enough mystery to pull them in for the next few minutes. In addition to the catchy headline, Splasheo adds accurate and visible captions, which are essential to any video you publish.

Without captions, videos lose their appeal. Splasheo’s captions help your videos look





Wisconsin. In 2018, Sam and her fiancé, Joe, decided they were done living in the Midwest and were ready for a change. “We were looking for a different environment with different opportunities. I applied for The Newsletter Pro because it was different than what I’d been doing before. We took the plunge, and here we are today.” It’s hard to believe Sam has been part of the TNP team for just one year. From her first day, Sam seamlessly became part of her team. She tells her clients’ stories with great success and elevates the writing team with her presence alone. When it was time to name a new lead writer, she was the obvious choice. “Being the writing lead is exhausting but really fun,” Sam says. “It’s a different change of pace. When I was a news editor on my college paper, I worked one-on-one with writers to help them improve. I

When Sam Stetzer first joined the writing team at The Newsletter Pro, she kept her musical past under wraps. The first thing Sam ever wrote was a song called “Listen to My Radio” when she was 4 years old. She sang it all the time, and her mother was convinced that Sam was destined to become a songwriter. So, why aren’t we hearing her lyrical genius on every radio station today? “I don’t like that kind of attention,” Sam explains, revealing why she never followed the path to pop stardom. “I wasn’t going to be a singer. But through elementary school, writing was always the thing I loved doing the most. In high school, I took a newspaper class on a whim, and I fell in love with it. I got to write a column about things I enjoyed. It was so cool to have an experience like that.” The newspaper class laid the foundation for Sam’s future career. She pursued her passion for journalism in college, and shortly after graduating, she was the star reporter at a local paper in KEEP UP With Our If you’re looking for more great content — like what you’re reading in this newsletter — to drive your business forward, take a look at these articles on our blog. Key Lessons From ‘Good to Great’ That Will Propel Your Business Forward Are You Leaving Money on the Table With Prospects? Never Doubt Your Creativity 3 Steps to Put the Fun Back in Your Branding branding BEST POSTS

really enjoy being able to do that again and help my fellow writers in this way. The role comes with a lot of extra work, but, even when I leave knowing that I have tons to do the next day, I’m excited to come in and do it. I never became a singer — sorry, Mom — but I love my job today.” When Sam’s not helping the writing team be the best they can be, she enjoys spending time at local breweries with Joe, who works as an accountant for nonprofits. They have a dog named Tripp, a lovable rescue they are training to be a therapy dog for nursing homes and schools. Tripp will be escorting Sam and Joe down the aisle when they tie the knot next May.




208.297.5700 391 N. Ancestor Pl., Boise, ID 83704 Keep up with our latest office news, blogs, and promos at!



Love Your Melon Fights Pediatric Cancer, One Beanie at a Time

pediatric hospitals across the country each year on National Superhero Day.

Love Your Melon is a prime example of how a charitable mission can help a for-profit company grow. Since its founding, the company has rocketed up the Inc. 5000 list, ranking 106 in 2018. In 2017, it had 32 employees and brought in $31.5 million in revenue, and in 2019, Brian and Zachary landed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of social entrepreneurs, projecting Love Your Melon’s annual revenue to jump to $40 million. Today, Love Your Melon has gone beyond the melon, selling T-shirts, tank tops, pullovers, and other apparel in addition to beanies, ball caps, and headbands on its website, LoveYourMelon. com. Customers can even shop for dog sweaters and leashes, blankets, and sorority gear. The company’s new brick-and-mortar location in Minneapolis, the Love Your Melon Studio, takes the online shopping experience a step up with a creative lab, an influencer studio, and access to exclusive product drops. In 2016, Zachary told CNBC that he attributes Love Your Melon’s success to its authenticity and to the power of social media. Facebook considers the company one of its success stories, pointing to one 2017 ad campaign on Messenger where Love Your Melon announced a new line of caps and earned a 14-fold return on its ad spending. That’s perhaps no surprise, considering the college-aged demographic — formerly made up of millennials, now made of the even more tech-savvy Generation Z — that the company sells to. “A millennial generation has come up with this beautiful thing called social media,” Zachary told CNBC. “We wouldn’t be able to exist otherwise.” To learn more about Love Your Melon’s mission and check out its expansive line of American-made products, visit

he had six months to live. He was an amazing musician; a song he wrote hit No. 1 on iTunes around the time he died. When I looked at him, I saw myself. That could have been me.” Powered by its charitable ideal, Love Your Melon’s sales skyrocketed. The company quickly met its goal of putting a hat on the head of every pediatric cancer patient in America — more than 45,000 children in all. Instead of converting to a purely profit-driven model after that success, Brian and Zachary refocused on their mission, announcing Love Your Melon would aim to raise $1 million for pediatric cancer research and families dealing with the illness. To do that, the company started donating 50% of its profits to organizations around the world that shared its mission, like the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, the Boston Children’s Hospital, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, the Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania, and Designing Dreams. Mafia” ambassadors, the company crushed that goal, as well. According to its website, Love Your Melon has now donated more than 170,000 hats and $6.2 million dollars to kids with cancer and those who fight for them. It has also expanded its reach, funding “therapeutic adventures” for kids with cancer, including zoo trips, helicopter rides, and access to professional sporting events. The company also gives away beanies at Fueled by more than 12,000 college volunteers across the country and an army of “Melon

According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, nearly 16,000 kids under the age of 19 are diagnosed with cancer every year, meaning life-changing bad news is delivered to 1 in every 285 children in the U.S. before they turn 20. Those statistics weren’t yet on the minds of Brian Keller and Zachary Quinn when they founded Love Your Melon in 2012 as a project for their college entrepreneurship class. At the time, they decided to make and sell knit cotton beanies simply because their college town of St. Paul, Minnesota, has ice- cold winters. But it wasn’t long before childhood cancer was on the pair’s radar, and battling it became their company’s mission. In 2018, Zachary told Forbes that he credits Toms Shoes Founder Blake Mycoskie’s book, “Start Something That Matters,” for planting the idea of the “buy-one-product, donate-one-product” model in his head. Inspired by Mycoskie, Zachary and Brian delivered 200 beanies to oncology patients at a nearby children’s hospital after selling their first 200, and Love Your Melon’s goal of putting a hat on the head of every American child fighting cancer was born. Talking about that initial delivery, Zachary told Forbes, “One of the first kids we gave a hat to was Zach Sobiech, who was battling bone cancer. He was 18 years old and had grown up in my neighborhood. By the time we met him, he knew




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