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Signs YouMay Be Suffering FromTendonitis

Hello, Do you experience pain with normal everyday tasks like taking milk out of the fridge, lifting something overhead, bending, or simply walking a distance? Having pain with movement, especially if it goes on for more than a few days, may be indicative of tendonitis. We can help resolve this condition.

Cheryl Howard PT, Cert. MDT, Owner

Innovative Newsletter

“Can I Find Relief for My Knee Pain?”

Signs You May Be Suffering From Tendonitis The tendons are what connect your muscles to the bones. Under normal circumstances, your tendons can handle a lot of work and force, but when they are over-worked, they become inflamed, causing you pain.


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Tendonitis can occur practically anywhere in the body, but is most common in the hips, knees, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.The reasonfor this isquitesimple:poorposture overaperiodoftime. Ifyouareatacomputerorsittingfora goodpartof theday,yourshoulders tend toslouchforward and your back muscles weaken. How’s Your Posture? Poor posture weakens your back muscles, affecting your abilitytodonormaleverydaytasks.Theweakenedmuscles and poor posture place abnormal strain on the shoulders, elbows, knees, and hip tendons. Therefore, depending on where the greatest strain is placed, you will most likely experience tendonitis. Tendonitis can be short-lived, but can also become chronic innatureand lastfora longtime.Chronictendonitisactually disintegrates the quality of your tendons over time and can lead to tearing. Most people experience tendonitis on a gradualbasis.Atfirst itmaybesoreness,but ifthe irritation continues, it can become excruciating pain, affecting your abilitytodomanysimpleactivities.Tendonitiscanalsocome from injuriesthatstrainthetendons.Thiscanbefromadirect blow likeafalloranoverstretching injury inasportsactivity. Treatment Tendonitis is very treatable with the right kind of physical therapy. Our specialists helped thousands of people with tendonitis get back to doing the things they love. Whether yourproblem isneworold,havingagoodunderstandingof the mechanics of your body and identifying the source of the problem leads to a quick recovery. Call today to learn more how our specialty programs can quickly relieve your pain and get you back to the activities you love!

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“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” —Jenny Han Quote of The Month:


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Don’t let pain sideline you! Don’t let pain sideline you!

elasticand infacta little“drier”.Whenyourmuscle,tendonand ligament tissues have enough water, they are supple and stretchy, allowing you to do a lot of activities. Keep yourself hydrated and stretch often to maintain elasticity in your muscles. Preparing your body… It is importanttodosportsactivities,fitnessandahostofotherphysical activities to keep you healthy and happy. With a little bit of preparation, you can easily do these activities and decrease your risk for injury. Before and after: Knowing the right exercises to prepare for fitness activities is key. Our physical therapy experts have years of experience rehabilitating people after injuries and returning them pain-free to the activities they enjoy. Whatsomepeoplemightnotknow isthatphysicaltherapistsputspecific exerciseplanstogetherbasedonyourneedstoprevent injury.Calltoday to learn more how our programs can help you feel great! • Do stretch often • Do strength training • Do coordination training • Do endurance training

There is nothing more exciting than taking on a new challenge, sport or activity. For most of us, the thrill of accomplishing a physical goal is what we live for. However, are you prepared for it? The term “weekend warrior”meansapersonwhodoesn’treallytrainforwhattheyaredoing; they just go out and do it on the weekend. How do most injuries occur? Most sports injuries occur from ill-prepared individuals who just jump into the activity without first increasing their strength, endurance and flexibility. Your muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues need to be warmed up to work properly. They take enormous strain during running and sports activities.Therefore, if they are not in top condition, they are more prone to injury. Injuries increase as you age… If you think back to when you were in your late teens, you could go into afullsprintnoproblem, takeaflying leapanddoawhole lotwithout the slightest thought about it. As you get older, your tissues become less

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“I can turnmy head a lot better..” “I can turn my head a lot better without much pain. Can look down without any pain!!- Would recommend this place to anyone. Very kind and courteous staff! Loved everyone that helped me!!” Kathy P.

“I can do normal activities!” “Before I began physical therapy I was always scared of when my leg might freeze up. After physical therapy I’m no longer scared that I might get stuck. I’m able to do my normal activities and not worry.” Kendra W.

“Staff here were awesome!” “It has been very successful for me being here. I can do everyday duties without pain. All the staff here were awesome.” Penny B.

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Exercise To Help With Pain:


While lying on your back, hold your knee with your opposite hand and draw your knee up and over towards your opposite shoulder. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving! What could be more appropriate than the gift of wellness and better function for your spouse or loved one? Back pain affects 80percentofthepopulationatsomepoint intheir lives. Isback pain limitingyourhubby’sgolfgame?Givehimthegiftofapain- freeswing! Isyournewbundleof joy increasingyourwife’sback and neck pain? Let us provide her withmore comfort and relief.


Always consultyourphysical therapistorphysicianbefore startingexercisesyouare unsureofdoing.


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We are sponsoring the Lyme Sprint Triathlon Sunday, August 6, 2017 Chaumont Fire Hall • NYS Rte 12E Chaumont, New York,13622

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Thank you for joining us July 29th! As a bronze sponsor of the Run for the River™ 5K/10K and also participating in this event, we were pleased to be part of this great community event that helps preserve the St. Lawrence River for future generations! It was great to see all the runners and walkers participating in this event. Proceeds directly support Save The River ® / Upper St. Lawrence RIVERKEEPER ® advocacy, education and research programs.

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