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Council rejects commercial rezoning request

is rezoned. “I have not decided yet,” Gauthier said, regarding an OMB appeal. “But it is my in- tention to do so.”

has a three-week period starting from Oct. 31 to file an appeal and said he plans to first talk with his own consultant and clients who are interested in acquiring the property if it

Le boulevard Chenail, àHawkesbury, a été le théâtre d’une bagarre entre les propriétaires du quartier riverain de la rue et un promoteur local qui voulait un rezonage commercial de sa propriété pour permettre un projet de développement à petite échelle. Le conseil a maintenant rejeté la demande de rezonage, mais le promoteur a la possibilité d’en appeler de la décision du conseil auprès de la Commission des affaires municipales de l’Ontario. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

Drug Offences On September 20, as a result of an investiga- tion in a residence in The Nation Municipality, John Douglas Dancey, aged 26, was arrested and charged with possession of a substance in Schedule 1 substance, for the purpose of traf- ficking - other Drugs, two counts of Produce a Schedule II substance - cannabis/ marihuana, as well as possession of a prohibited weapon -brass knuckles. Dancey was released on a promise to appear in court in L’Orignal on No- vember 1 st , 2017. – Vicky Charbonneau In her report, Belle-Isle noted that the rezoning request does meet provincial stan- dards for commercial planning and also meets the guidelines of the United Counties of Prescott-Russell’s own Official Plan for commercial zoning within the Hawkesbury area. There is also a supporting document for the development proposal from an Ot- tawa consultant retained by Gauthier, which also notes that any rezoning approval would still require the developer to accept a site plan for the project and that council can attach conditions to the site plan to deal with neighbourhood concerns about noise, traffic, and viewscape. Gauthier can appeal council’s decision to the OntarioMunicipal Board (OMB). He Québec. Gauthier owns the property through his company, Gestions Vitrico Ltd. The re- zoning request first came before council in March through Gauthier and an agent for an outside investor interested in buying the site for the particular type of development that an SSCCC zoning would allow. The request then became a source of con- troversy with homeowners in a residential neighbourhood adjacent to the property op- posing the request.The rezoning application was later dropped after the outside investor pulled out of the arrangement. Gauthier resubmitted the request on July 31 2017 with the goal of still having the site zoned for that particular type of development. Neighbour- hood residents again opposed the request and council referred thematter for planning department review.

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Hawkesbury town council has decided not to approve a rezoning request from a lo- cal developer that would allow him to go ahead with a small-scale commercial de- velopment project on property bordering Chenail Boulevard. The question now is whether or not Gilles Gauthier will appeal council’s decision to the OntarioMunicipal Board. Council voted 5-2 in a registered vote during its Oct. 30 session to accept the re- commendation of Town Planner Manon Belle-Isle to refuse the rezoning request. Councillors Michel Thibodeau and Daniel Lalonde voted to reject the recommendation and support the rezoning request. “I’m very disappointed,” said Gauthier during a Tuesdaymorning phone interview. “I did speak individually to everymember of the council (prior to vote) and they (council) did not seem to support it.” The main objection in Belle-Isle’s final report to council was that Gauthier’s plan to include a gas service station as one of four businesses proposed for the development was not suitable for current downtown de- velopment policy goals to “use the existing downtown core, to allow people to live, work and play in the downtown core.” The rezoning request has been a focus of controversy for the past year.The site is locat- ed on the river side of Chenail Boulevard and is already zoned as Community Core Com- mercial District (CCCD). Gauthier’s request would have redesignated it as Site-Specific Community Core Commercial (SSCCC), which would allow development of a gas station for sales of gasoline, oil and similar products but no mechanical repair work, along with a small grocery store, a car wash, and a small restaurant or fast-food outlet. Chenail Boulevard is a provincial munici- pal connector route to the Long Sault Bridge, allowing heavy trucks and commuter traffic to bypass Main Street and the main part of the downtown core on their way to and from

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