Crest Ink - Volume 29 - Number 01

Crest Ink Volume 29 • Number 01 January, February & March 2017

Ashton, IL 61006

Making it a Career by Jeff Meiners

Cheri Kemp & Ed Baylor celebrated their 30th anniversary with Crest Foods this year.

Not many walk through the doors of Crest Foods as an employee for the first day and think to themselves that this is the place that I will work at until I retire…and understandably so. It is simply not the way it works in today’s society – people just don’t stay at one place for a long time. Besides, nobody really knows what they are getting into in a work situation until they have put some time in and developed a feel for the company and the people they are working with. We’re probably not the place that creates the impression that employees would describe as love at first sight. The truth of the matter is that many new employees don’t last very long. The work is physical, it can be hard to find one’s niche as a new employee and expectations from the employee and Crest aren’t always a match. However, for those that get past the getting started hurdles…Crest has become a long term home for a very large number of people. Much thought and effort has been put into creating a culture at Crest that is unique and different than what most have to offer in today’s business world. The employees who have chosen to make Crest their work home have be-

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