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Are you already part of the LIM family as a current or past patient? Join the Health Mentor Program! By becoming a health mentor, you help guide your friends, loved ones, co-workers, and others to an environment that can help them heal more naturally. It will also help LIM grow so that we can provide more services to our community! For every person that you refer to LIM that completes an initial evaluation, you will receive a $10 gift card or a surprise LIM goody! Your name will also be listed in the next month’s newsletter! Pick up your Health Mentor Referral Cards at the LIM front desk!

In the beginning, the silence was almost deafening… as bizarre as that sounds. I had almost unknowingly become desensitized to the phone ringing, the emails pinging as they arrived in my inbox, the radio, and people talking to and around me. With all of that removed, the silence alone had my immediate attention. After a bit, though, I began to notice thesoundof thewindblowingby, the crunching of the leaves and sticks underour feet, thewarmthof thesun on my face and the rhythmic sound of our footsteps as we all set out to do the same thing - individually and collectively conquer the first 21 miles of the AT. Over the next few days and nights, I absorbed the peace and tranquility around me. I sat at the edge of a waterfall and wrote in my travel journal. I stood at the mountain peaks and watched as the fog lazily billowed through the mountains that surrounded me. I enjoyed the company of my family with the strange conversations and hilarious bonding times that occurred in the middle of the woods. On the other hand, I watched myself and my family struggle with the hikes up and down as the elevation changed. The temperature switched from “I can’t take anymore of my clothes off” to “I wish I’d brought another jacket.” Some of the time we were dry, some of the time we were wet from rain or dew. A few times, we ran low on water and had to find a source that we could filter. With all of the exertion, we found ourselves constantly hungry, but had to remember that we’d planned our food specifically to last the whole 3 days. We learned not to camp on

the mountain top unless you just love turning into a popsicle. We collectively learned not to sleep on a slope, not even a gentle one - even if it is cleared and looks welcoming. Some of us even learned not to use our water bladder as a pillow. As we were in the home stretch on Sunday afternoon, it is likely that none of us were thinking of anything else but a shower and a burger and a bed - in thatorder.Wehadnever,ever been so excited to see our SUV when we broke through that tree line. I’m pretty sure there were actual tears of relief from some of our group. We dropped our heavy packs in the dirt, hugged each other and sat for a few minutes to take it all in. We had made it. Lookingbackon that journey through the woods, my mind goes back again and again to the same thing - teamwork. Where one struggled to climb, the other lifted them up. Where one’s body ached from the constant elevation changes, another made them a walking stick. When one needed help crossing the water, another extended a hand. When one was out of water, another shared from the last bit of theirs. When one camp stove no longer worked, we all shared one. That weekend, in the woods, we again learned one of life’s greatest lessons - together… we were stronger. We may have come out of those woods a little banged up and maybe everything had not gone according to our plan, but we’d accomplished what we’d really set out to do - we made lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime, together.

Spotlight on Giving

Diapers and Pull Ups Drive Congratulations to Patricia Upson! She was the winner of our Diapers and Pull Ups Drive back in July that benefitted the Children’s Home Network! We want to extend the most sincere thank you to her and to all of our LIM family - together, we raised OVER 1200 diapers and pull ups! To put this in perspective, if the average baby uses about 8 diapers per day, that will cover 150 days! That’s about 5 months worth! Thanks again to our LIM family!

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