YOUR HOROSCOPE for the week of July 24 to 30, 2016


ARIES You may be worried about your financial situation, but you’re motivated to improve your lot in life. You can raise the neces- sary funds to achieve one of your biggest dreams. TAURUS You have a flash of inspiration, which allows you to make significant headway. You are determined to make some big changes and you dream of making a new start. GEMINI You need to rest after being surrounded by a large crowd. If you’re on vacation, you may prefer to relax by doing activities that don’t require much energy. CANCER You want to see your friends and gather your loved ones around you. You organize a big event that surprises a lot of people. You also broaden your circle of friends. LEO You leave for an intriguing destination on the spur of the moment. You may also think about going back to school so you can embark on a new career. VIRGO You need to make a few changes in order to attain an inner peace. It wouldn’t be surprising if you decided to adopt a more spiritual lifestyle. A pilgrimage is quickly organized. LIBRA Credit cards tend to get overloaded during vacations. You worry about your financial situation, but you much prefer to keep on partying for a little longer. SCORPIO Wait until your vacation is over before making an important decision. Weigh all the pros and cons, otherwise you may become overwhelmed by stress. SAGITTARIUS This week you have a lot of details to consider, both at the office and at home. You need to do a thorough clean-out in order to clear your mind. CAPRICORN You enjoy shows and other artistic events this week. You’re the centre of attention for one reason or another. You might even get some applause. AQUARIUS You give your full attention to a family matter. You particularly appreciate the comfort of your home or spending time with your family if you’re on vacation. PISCES You are a real chatterbox. Even if you live alone, you talk with lots of people and your phone never stops ringing. You also have lots of running around to do.


ACROSS 1. Frolic 5. ____ jockey 9. Your, once 12.Kaput 13.District 14.Opposite of nay 15.Lady’s title 16.Wooer 17.Golf norm 18.Run away to wed 20.Saber 22.Frillier 26.Glittered 30.Tad 34.Operatic highlight 35.Sickly 36.Couples 37.As good as one’s ____ 38.After tenth 40.Pay no attention to 42.Seat 45.“Dinner at ____” 50.Science room 51.Healthy grains 55.Anchor

56.Had a cupcake 57.Small bottle 58.Mama’s spouse 59.Come what ____ 60.Fidgety 61.Stair unit DOWN 1. Motored 2. Racetrack shape 3. Short note 4. Make ready 5. Tap 6. Hot temper 7. Coral or Yellow 8. Motive 9. Mistake in print 10.Find out 11.Measure of length 19.Broad-antlered beast 21.Compose 23.Stranger 24.Stringed instru- ment 25.Loafer 26.Cut wood

27.Major-leaguer 28.Walking on ____ 29.Wireless 31.Have title to 32.Tyke 33.Bat wood 39.Flying formation 41.Mitt 42.Bang 43.So long, in London: 2 wds. 44.Abide by 46.Naughty kids 47.Mountain animal 48.Expect 49.Cage 52.Give help to 53.Chasing game 54.Sneaky



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HOW TO PLAY : Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3x3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: You must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column, or 3x3 box.

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