Curtailment – the process of reducing scheduled volumes (a.k.a. allocating reduced capacity) when the TSP determines that scheduled volumes exceed the operationally available capacity of a scheduling group after the scheduled volumes have been scheduled (following the confirmation deadline of the cycle) For example, curtailment will apply if capacity is reduced following the beginning of gas flow and if capacity is reduced following the scheduling of the gas. If capacity is reduced following the confirmation deadline for the Evening Cycle (9 PM) then Curtailment Rules would apply to any required reductions which may be made before gas begins to flow at 9 AM on the flow day. The lowest priority type of service is reduced first.

D Def End Gas Day – Default End Gas Day Delivery Location ID – Delivery meter number. Del Loc (Prop) – Delivery meter number Down K – Upstream contract Down ID – Upstream Business Party mnemonic Down ID Prop – Upstream Business Party number E EPSQ – Elapsed Pro-rata Scheduled Quantity Err – Error indicator Evergreen – Renewal rights associated with your contract.

F Facility – A physical asset (pipeline or storage TSP) that the operator administrates; in the Pipeline System, the TSP is represented by the Facility. I Inclusive Rate – A rate which is made up of multiple components, e.g. Demand, Commodity, Fuel, and Gathering all lumped together as one rate.

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