TOS – Type of Service Total Delivery MDQ – Total Delivery Maximum Daily Quantity (Demand) Total Receipt MDQ – Total Receipt Maximum Daily Quantity (Demand) Transfer Meter – Logical accounting meter that records receipt and delivery contract information. Other characteristics are: net to zero, no physical flow, title transfer at the hub, hub doesn’t know about it. TSP (Transportation (or Storage) Service Provider) – The business party (legal entity) that provides the transportation (or storage) service. This business party typically owns the physical asset. In the Pipeline Management software the TSP is represented as a Facility. The TSP also acts as the counter party to service contracts / agreements. For the purposes of the Pipeline Management software, the TSP receives and processes transactions such as nominations, allocations, and ultimately invoices. TT – Transaction Type

U Up K – Upstream contract

Up ID – Upstream Business Party mnemonic Up ID Prop – Upstream Business Party number

V Var – Variance

Y YTY – Evergreen year to year.

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