Retroactive nomination – A nomination that is submitted for a gas day preceding the current gas day. RFS – Request for Service – The application to request a contract. Execution considered customer signature. RPP – Regional Production Pricing S Saving – The temporary storage of data without submitting the information to the database. Schedule – A report for gas control of the scheduled flows at points. SHORT (due pipeline) – From Operational perspective: On a contract, if shipper takes out more than shipper puts in, shipper has a short position (negative number). From Accounting perspective: Definitions are inverse of above SR – Service Requester. Submitting – The committing of “Saved” values to the database. Once a user submits a transaction, the Pipeline System will validate and process the transaction and make it a “live” transaction for use by other users and processes in the system. System Constraints – Constraints based upon deviations from normal operating conditions that impact the ability to schedule and flow volumes. SVC Req K – Business Party Contract number

SVC Req – Business Party mnemonic SVC Req Prop – Business Party number SVC Req Prop – Business Party Name T TBO – Transportation by others.

Tie-in – Where two pipe segments with different diameters connect. There may be a check/equipment meter at the tie, that is not treated as a custody meter (it has called

a check meter). Measures loss at gathering field/tie in. Tier – level of detail at which one is requesting information. TOC – Type of Charge

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