Prearranged Bid – The bid side of a capacity release where the assignee is pre-arranged and predetermined by the assignee. Prep Name – Business Party preparing the PDA (Predetermined Allocations) PGP – Pretty Good Privacy. Encryption scheme used for EDI transactions. PKG ID – Can be used as a comments section for shippers to enter additional information. PNT Nominations – Pathed Non Threaded - The Pathed Non-Threaded Nomination Model is the NAESB nomination model used. It allows a shipper to separate commercial counterparty transactions at specific locations from transportation transactions between locations. The result is that shippers have full control of their business via ranks. Prop – Business party number Process Q ID – unique identifier attached to every process that is run. PPA – Prior Period Adjustment. A new or revised invoice line item for a gas day that is not the current production month. Primary Term – The initial term on a RFS. POV – Position of valve. May be receipt, delivery or both. Public information – Information that any user may see, customer or non-customer. R Ratchet – Contract quantity calculation determined based on currently effective items (e.g. storage inventory). Receiving party – An entity having a nomination for a particular nomination and tier that may receive a confirmation response quantity. (Nomination Related Standard 1.4.4) Rec Loc (Prop) – Receipt Meter number Rec Loc Name – Meter name Receipt Location ID – Receipt Meter number Release Prop – Assignor Business Party number Restricted Volume – The suggested volume for a nomination at a point within a capacity constraint scheduling group.

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