Max ID W/D Qty – Maximum available withdrawal quantity MDIQ – Maximum Daily Injection Quantity. MDC – Maximum Daily Capacity MDQ – Maximum Daily Quantity. May be assigned at a contract level, path level or point level. MDWQ – Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity. MSQ – Maximum Storage Quantity. A number typically assigned at the contract level. This number, in conjunction with other storage quantities, may be used to determine MDIQ and MDWQ. The MSQ, MDIQ and MDWQ may be assigned on a seasonal basis. MTM – Evergreen Month to Month. N NAESB – North American Energy Standards Board. NOE – No evergreening O OBA – Operational Balance Agreement. Refers to a prior agreement between pipelines concerning volume balancing at segment junctions. (Flowing Gas Definition 2.2.1) Operator – The business party who manages the pipeline or storage facility’s day to day transactions. Operational Flow Order (OFO) – An OFO is an order issued by the TSP to alleviate any conditions that threaten or could threaten the safe operations or system integrity of the pipeline system or to maintain operations required to provide efficient and reliable firm service. OPV – Operator Provided Value i.e. CSO allocation. P PDA – Pre-determined allocation. An agreement on the factors that should be used to drive the determination of entitlement rights of flowing gas at a location. (Flowing Gas Standards, Executive Summary) Persona – different types of roles on system – eg/Scheduler or Operator

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