Incremental charge – A charge that can be layered on top of other associated demand and commodity charges. Like other rates, incremental charges have maximum and minimum tariff levels and demand and commodity components. Interconnect – A physical delivery or receipt point (physical location) where the pipeline connects with another TSP’s pipeline. Intraday – An intra-day nomination is a nomination submitted after the nomination deadline whose effective time is no earlier than the beginning of the gas day and runs through the end of that gas day. (Nomination Related Standards, 1.2.4). Nominations submitted during the Evening, Intraday 1, or Intraday 2 are all considered intraday. Imb Trade ID – Unique identifier for Trades

K K – Contract Number KMDQ – Contract MDQ K UOM – Contract Unit of Measure

L Late nomination – Nominations submitted and processed after either of the intraday cycle deadlines, or the evening cycle deadline, show a status of ‘Late’. The pipeline has the ability to process these ‘late’ nominations at their discretion. LDC – Local Distribution Company LONG (due shipper) – From Operational perspective: On a contract, if shipper puts in more than shipper takes out, shipper has a long position (positive number). From Accounting perspective: Definitions are inverse of above Lump Sum Charge – A charge that is calculated manually (outside of the system), but the result of the calculation can be entered in the system as a Rate.

M Max AD Inj Qty – Maximum available injection quantity

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