Evan Money Nov/Dec 2018

Don’t Drift Apart — Paddle Together.

Life in general — kids, work, traffic, friends, hobbies, etc. — will naturally pull you and your spouse apart. You have to intentionally fight the current by staying together and staying on the same page, sometimes through literature. The easiest way (we all love easy) to stay on the same page is to watch the same programs and movies and read the same books. Let me explain. I’m a huge NFL football fan, because growing up without a father, I was searching for male role models. Pro football filled that void for me in a way. Even today I really enjoy watching football on TV, yet my bride does not. Early in our marriage, I came to realize that spending all those hours glued to the TV, away from her, after we had been separated all week by our jobs and businesses, was not a great decision. So within the first few years of our marriage, we just ditched the TV. We have since brought one screen back into the house as technology has advanced. Getting a DVR and recording a game to watch after the kids go to bed has worked out well. No more commercials, and the watching time is cut in half. This also opened the opportunity to record other shows that my bride would enjoy. However, sitting alone while one person watches their show and the other watches another wasn’t SODA and ENERGY DRINKS Some people still don’t know that energy drinks and soda are toxic. They are, so simply avoid them and help your body help itself. Ben Franklin said it the best: “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.” These are wise words from a wise man. The cleaner the foods are that you put into your body, the better it runs. It’s as simple as that. At one time, the famed Mayo Clinic had on its website dietary recommendations for cancer survivors. Here they are, word for word. “Eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day, chose healthy fats instead of trans fats, select proteins that are low in saturated fat such as fish, lean meats, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes, opt for healthy sources of carbohydrates, such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. This combination of foods will ensure that you’re eating plenty of the vitamins and nutrients you need to help make your body strong.” Why wait till you have cancer? Do it now. If the world-famous Mayo Clinic is keeping it this simple, shouldn’t you? protein. Plant-based protein is so much easier for your body to assimilate and turn into lean muscle. WHITE CARBOHYDRATES If it’s white, don’t bite. Enough said.


Stop eating foods that kill you. That is pretty direct, but it’s true, and the truth will set you free. Best of all, it’s so simple! Really, I promise. Here is a quick list of foods that are literally killing you. Steer clear and your sex life, happiness, and energy levels will skyrocket! Best of all, you will be able to keep up with your grandkids and even great-grand kids!


FAST FOOD If it has a drive-thru window, do not eat there.

The best way to avoid fast food is to plan ahead. Just apply the same mindset to your eating as you do your business. Plan to succeed, or you will automatically fail. It really is a simple process. Once you make the decision, your body will thank you.

RED MEAT You have eaten enough cows already.

Eat chicken, turkey, or fish instead. Your great-grandkids will thank you.

DAIRY PRODUCTS Cow’s milk is for cows!

Additionally, if anything says whey protein on the ingredients, say NO way. Look for plant-based protein instead, like pea



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