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“ Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better. ” –Jim Rohn

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dissuade Ford from making cars and wanted him to work for one of his companies instead. The Wright Brothers didn’t care what people thought; I’m so glad they pursued their dreams. Let’s step into modern times. J.K. Rowling, the author of the “Harry Potter” series, didn’t care what others thought when 12 publishers rejected her book and she was told by the 13th publisher that her book would never make money. Caring about what other people think is a liability to your dreams. The only real limitations are the limitations we put on ourselves by caring what other people think. The reason other people, including dear loved ones, cannot see the dreams and visions in our hearts is because God gave the vision to us — not to them. He gave us the vision so we can bring it to pass, not by our own power, but with His help. However, the only way He can help us is if we listen to His still, small voice. The better we listen, the more help and more success we will see. The best way to listen louder to Him is to unplug, put the phone away, and turn off the screens. One of the most productive actions you can take is to listen for his still, small voice.

Caring about other people is an asset, that’s for sure. Caring about what other people think, however, is a liability. I’m sure glad Columbus didn’t care what other people thought when he dreamed of a new world. What do you think the world can be? What is the vision that you see? A million dreams is all it’s going to take, a million dreams for the world you are going to make. I’m sure glad Henry Ford didn’t care about what people thought, and in fact, the great Thomas Edison tried to

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