Evan Money Nov/Dec 2018

Once we found the value of intentionally watching the same positivity-based shows together, we discovered that we were on separate planets when it came to reading. My bride has much less bandwidth and time for reading as she is the primary educator of our children and runs a convalescent home ministry. I’m also leaving out all the normal mom duties she takes on. We started to notice that for every 10 books I read, she was able to read one. We needed to figure out a way she could catch up. So on our date nights, we would talk about the latest books I was reading and what I got out of them. My bride would then share her insights and we would have glorious discussions. It sure beats going to a restaurant and watching the TV or, worse, looking at your phone. Lastly, when something really resonates with me that I have read, I share it with our family at our normal nightly dinners. It sparks all kinds of great conversation and builds stronger relationships with our kids and my bride. The ultimate WIN-WIN.

too appealing either. So I decided to step up and try one of my bride’s shows. It was a reality show called “What Not to Wear” that starred Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed watching it. As a highly sought- after Life Coach, I discovered so much about self-esteem and identity watching that show that I even passed on some key insights to my clients, with great success. I also realized that I enjoy fashion. Slowly but surely, my bride and I began to spruce up our wardrobes, be it casual or business attire. We realized that what we chose to wear communicated many things to the world and each other. We were both empowered by the show. Who knew? The co-host Stacy London has her famous rules of dressing. In each outfit, the goal is to have something with a pop of color, something with texture, something with a pattern, and finally some shine. Thanks to Stacy, I purchased my first set of gold shoes a few years ago and, lo and behold, the world of fashion is catching up to my trend-setting ways. What this show also did for us was that it gave us a common hobby and something to always discuss, be it our own wardrobe or what we saw other people wearing. This also opened the door to other shows that we could both enjoy, and we have found many along the way. One of our current favorites is “American Ninja Warrior.” What I love best about this show is that we can actually watch it as a family. It’s all about a positive community whose common goals are to overcome adversity and be your unique self. It’s very inspirational. Wisdomource From the PROVERBS 16:3 “Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.” God has the solution to the biggest challenge your business is facing. All that is required is for you to commit your works to the Lord. The Hebrew translation for commit is to roll over, as you would a giant stone or to turn over, as in turn it over to God. If you keep trying to figure it out using your own power, the results will be sorely lacking. Why not tap into the divine? Let the creator of the universe be your No. 1 consultant, and watch what happens.

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At last the conductor stepped to the podium and lifted his little white “magic” wand, and one second later, the Walt Disney Concert Hall erupted in the most harmonious sounds my ears have had the pleasure of listing to. That’s when it hit me: You don’t get harmony from having everything perfectly balanced; you create harmony by being your own composer and your own conductor. This is key — my harmony looks and sounds very different from yours. I run multiple companies from a home office, and we home-school our children, now ages 15 and 12. There is a lot going on, but because I’m the composer of the music and the conductor, my bride and I can create a life of harmony. So can you! Some notes are really high, some are really low, and others are in the middle, but this jumble of notes, when arranged properly, creates a glorious and harmonious sound. Each stage and chapter of life has different music. Start writing your music today.




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