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The Balance Lie

Susan Money over Pikes Peak

learning at school, only to top it off with homework. It’s totally unbalanced. Now let’s move on to college; I’m sure you had a perfect balance of sleep, partying, and studying, right? Let’s move to the next phase of life and look at a regular job, for those who were not born into entrepreneurship. Once again we see 80–90 percent of our waking hours consumed by getting ready for work, commuting to work, working, and finally coming home from work. Where is this so-called balance? Now we can finally address our lives as entrepreneurs. It’s very similar to the job routine previously mentioned, except we can add in the joys of payroll, hiring and firing, scheduling, managing cash flow, paying vendors — or should I say asking for another 15–30 days — accounting, etc. I won’t even count the time we spend thinking about our business late at night. Just like the atmosphere on planet Mercury cannot sustain life, neither can the entrepreneur environment have any kind of balance. But it can have and sustain harmony, the same kind of harmony you find in an orchestra. I discovered this when my bride and I were feeling adventurous one day and decided to take our young children to the LA Philharmonics Orchestra, just to see how long they would last. As we were “patiently” waiting for the music to start, I began counting all the instruments. I noticed how unbalanced the symphony was. There were 12 violin players and only two trombone players, one xylophone, one cymbal player (best gig ever), three French horns, and four instruments that I had no idea what they were. It was totally unbalanced, and adding to that were the unbalanced sounds each individual instrument was making during warm ups. The sounds and notes were all over the place and all jumbled up. Continued on page 3 ...

Does work-life balance exist for an entrepreneur? No! Work-life balance is a lie; don’t fall for it. Entrepreneurs who seek the elusive work-life balance only find frustration and pain! Let’s avoid this pain and explore something better, shall we? First we need to look at the lie and recognize it for what it is. For anyone who has ever had a newborn in their house, tell me about all the sleep you’re getting. Talk about unbalance — every moment of every day revolves around the baby and its mood. Our son is 15 and we are still catching up on sleep from his first two years. Next let’s look at our first 12 years of school or even your kids’ first 12 years. The majority of the day is eaten up by getting ready for school, getting to school, and a full day of




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