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The Balance Lie

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learning at school, only to top it off with homework. It’s totally unbalanced. Now let’s move on to college; I’m sure you had a perfect balance of sleep, partying, and studying, right? Let’s move to the next phase of life and look at a regular job, for those who were not born into entrepreneurship. Once again we see 80–90 percent of our waking hours consumed by getting ready for work, commuting to work, working, and finally coming home from work. Where is this so-called balance? Now we can finally address our lives as entrepreneurs. It’s very similar to the job routine previously mentioned, except we can add in the joys of payroll, hiring and firing, scheduling, managing cash flow, paying vendors — or should I say asking for another 15–30 days — accounting, etc. I won’t even count the time we spend thinking about our business late at night. Just like the atmosphere on planet Mercury cannot sustain life, neither can the entrepreneur environment have any kind of balance. But it can have and sustain harmony, the same kind of harmony you find in an orchestra. I discovered this when my bride and I were feeling adventurous one day and decided to take our young children to the LA Philharmonics Orchestra, just to see how long they would last. As we were “patiently” waiting for the music to start, I began counting all the instruments. I noticed how unbalanced the symphony was. There were 12 violin players and only two trombone players, one xylophone, one cymbal player (best gig ever), three French horns, and four instruments that I had no idea what they were. It was totally unbalanced, and adding to that were the unbalanced sounds each individual instrument was making during warm ups. The sounds and notes were all over the place and all jumbled up. Continued on page 3 ...

Does work-life balance exist for an entrepreneur? No! Work-life balance is a lie; don’t fall for it. Entrepreneurs who seek the elusive work-life balance only find frustration and pain! Let’s avoid this pain and explore something better, shall we? First we need to look at the lie and recognize it for what it is. For anyone who has ever had a newborn in their house, tell me about all the sleep you’re getting. Talk about unbalance — every moment of every day revolves around the baby and its mood. Our son is 15 and we are still catching up on sleep from his first two years. Next let’s look at our first 12 years of school or even your kids’ first 12 years. The majority of the day is eaten up by getting ready for school, getting to school, and a full day of



Don’t Drift Apart — Paddle Together.

Life in general — kids, work, traffic, friends, hobbies, etc. — will naturally pull you and your spouse apart. You have to intentionally fight the current by staying together and staying on the same page, sometimes through literature. The easiest way (we all love easy) to stay on the same page is to watch the same programs and movies and read the same books. Let me explain. I’m a huge NFL football fan, because growing up without a father, I was searching for male role models. Pro football filled that void for me in a way. Even today I really enjoy watching football on TV, yet my bride does not. Early in our marriage, I came to realize that spending all those hours glued to the TV, away from her, after we had been separated all week by our jobs and businesses, was not a great decision. So within the first few years of our marriage, we just ditched the TV. We have since brought one screen back into the house as technology has advanced. Getting a DVR and recording a game to watch after the kids go to bed has worked out well. No more commercials, and the watching time is cut in half. This also opened the opportunity to record other shows that my bride would enjoy. However, sitting alone while one person watches their show and the other watches another wasn’t SODA and ENERGY DRINKS Some people still don’t know that energy drinks and soda are toxic. They are, so simply avoid them and help your body help itself. Ben Franklin said it the best: “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.” These are wise words from a wise man. The cleaner the foods are that you put into your body, the better it runs. It’s as simple as that. At one time, the famed Mayo Clinic had on its website dietary recommendations for cancer survivors. Here they are, word for word. “Eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day, chose healthy fats instead of trans fats, select proteins that are low in saturated fat such as fish, lean meats, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes, opt for healthy sources of carbohydrates, such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. This combination of foods will ensure that you’re eating plenty of the vitamins and nutrients you need to help make your body strong.” Why wait till you have cancer? Do it now. If the world-famous Mayo Clinic is keeping it this simple, shouldn’t you? protein. Plant-based protein is so much easier for your body to assimilate and turn into lean muscle. WHITE CARBOHYDRATES If it’s white, don’t bite. Enough said.


Stop eating foods that kill you. That is pretty direct, but it’s true, and the truth will set you free. Best of all, it’s so simple! Really, I promise. Here is a quick list of foods that are literally killing you. Steer clear and your sex life, happiness, and energy levels will skyrocket! Best of all, you will be able to keep up with your grandkids and even great-grand kids!


FAST FOOD If it has a drive-thru window, do not eat there.

The best way to avoid fast food is to plan ahead. Just apply the same mindset to your eating as you do your business. Plan to succeed, or you will automatically fail. It really is a simple process. Once you make the decision, your body will thank you.

RED MEAT You have eaten enough cows already.

Eat chicken, turkey, or fish instead. Your great-grandkids will thank you.

DAIRY PRODUCTS Cow’s milk is for cows!

Additionally, if anything says whey protein on the ingredients, say NO way. Look for plant-based protein instead, like pea



Once we found the value of intentionally watching the same positivity-based shows together, we discovered that we were on separate planets when it came to reading. My bride has much less bandwidth and time for reading as she is the primary educator of our children and runs a convalescent home ministry. I’m also leaving out all the normal mom duties she takes on. We started to notice that for every 10 books I read, she was able to read one. We needed to figure out a way she could catch up. So on our date nights, we would talk about the latest books I was reading and what I got out of them. My bride would then share her insights and we would have glorious discussions. It sure beats going to a restaurant and watching the TV or, worse, looking at your phone. Lastly, when something really resonates with me that I have read, I share it with our family at our normal nightly dinners. It sparks all kinds of great conversation and builds stronger relationships with our kids and my bride. The ultimate WIN-WIN.

too appealing either. So I decided to step up and try one of my bride’s shows. It was a reality show called “What Not to Wear” that starred Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed watching it. As a highly sought- after Life Coach, I discovered so much about self-esteem and identity watching that show that I even passed on some key insights to my clients, with great success. I also realized that I enjoy fashion. Slowly but surely, my bride and I began to spruce up our wardrobes, be it casual or business attire. We realized that what we chose to wear communicated many things to the world and each other. We were both empowered by the show. Who knew? The co-host Stacy London has her famous rules of dressing. In each outfit, the goal is to have something with a pop of color, something with texture, something with a pattern, and finally some shine. Thanks to Stacy, I purchased my first set of gold shoes a few years ago and, lo and behold, the world of fashion is catching up to my trend-setting ways. What this show also did for us was that it gave us a common hobby and something to always discuss, be it our own wardrobe or what we saw other people wearing. This also opened the door to other shows that we could both enjoy, and we have found many along the way. One of our current favorites is “American Ninja Warrior.” What I love best about this show is that we can actually watch it as a family. It’s all about a positive community whose common goals are to overcome adversity and be your unique self. It’s very inspirational. Wisdomource From the PROVERBS 16:3 “Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.” God has the solution to the biggest challenge your business is facing. All that is required is for you to commit your works to the Lord. The Hebrew translation for commit is to roll over, as you would a giant stone or to turn over, as in turn it over to God. If you keep trying to figure it out using your own power, the results will be sorely lacking. Why not tap into the divine? Let the creator of the universe be your No. 1 consultant, and watch what happens.

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At last the conductor stepped to the podium and lifted his little white “magic” wand, and one second later, the Walt Disney Concert Hall erupted in the most harmonious sounds my ears have had the pleasure of listing to. That’s when it hit me: You don’t get harmony from having everything perfectly balanced; you create harmony by being your own composer and your own conductor. This is key — my harmony looks and sounds very different from yours. I run multiple companies from a home office, and we home-school our children, now ages 15 and 12. There is a lot going on, but because I’m the composer of the music and the conductor, my bride and I can create a life of harmony. So can you! Some notes are really high, some are really low, and others are in the middle, but this jumble of notes, when arranged properly, creates a glorious and harmonious sound. Each stage and chapter of life has different music. Start writing your music today.




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“ Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better. ” –Jim Rohn

The Balance Lie

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dissuade Ford from making cars and wanted him to work for one of his companies instead. The Wright Brothers didn’t care what people thought; I’m so glad they pursued their dreams. Let’s step into modern times. J.K. Rowling, the author of the “Harry Potter” series, didn’t care what others thought when 12 publishers rejected her book and she was told by the 13th publisher that her book would never make money. Caring about what other people think is a liability to your dreams. The only real limitations are the limitations we put on ourselves by caring what other people think. The reason other people, including dear loved ones, cannot see the dreams and visions in our hearts is because God gave the vision to us — not to them. He gave us the vision so we can bring it to pass, not by our own power, but with His help. However, the only way He can help us is if we listen to His still, small voice. The better we listen, the more help and more success we will see. The best way to listen louder to Him is to unplug, put the phone away, and turn off the screens. One of the most productive actions you can take is to listen for his still, small voice.

Caring about other people is an asset, that’s for sure. Caring about what other people think, however, is a liability. I’m sure glad Columbus didn’t care what other people thought when he dreamed of a new world. What do you think the world can be? What is the vision that you see? A million dreams is all it’s going to take, a million dreams for the world you are going to make. I’m sure glad Henry Ford didn’t care about what people thought, and in fact, the great Thomas Edison tried to

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